Jan. 8th, 2010

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Because I know you all love it when I rant, here's my opinion about the goings on with Conan O'Brien.

In case you haven't heard, apparently NBC has decided to move Jay Leno back to 11:30. Why? Because his ratings are in the toilet (which, according to NBC "is exactly what we were expecting," which, according to me, "is total BS."), which are causing the local news ratings to be low, which, in turn, causes the ratings for the Tonight Show to be low. Maybe it's just me, but the obvious solution here seems to be to remove the blood sucking leech, but apparently NBC thinks it's better to move it closer to the heart.

Now then, you should've been able to deduce my opinion about the situation by now, but just in case you can't: it pisses me off. Conan is really funny, and his comedy is smart. Leno, on the other hand, has been doing the same shtick for the last 17 years, and frankly it's getting old. Conan keeps his jokes contemporary, whereas Leno is still hawking headlines. With the internet, we get our fair share of news fails (failblog.org and probablybadnews.com jump immediately to the forefront of my mind).

Anyway, as it stands now, NBC is giving Conan the choice of moving to midnight, thus giving Leno only a half hour, or allowing him to jump ship. Again, this seems foolish, because it would make a whole lot more sense to truncate Leno's show and keep him in the same time slot rather than shuffling his dopey, big-headed, flat-falling jokes, thus inconveniencing the rest of NBC's employees. That way, when his show inevitably fails, nobody else is affected. As the tabloids tell us, Conan is really pissed about all this, and frankly I don't blame him. He's being completely jerked around.

What's my opinion? I think Conan should move to another station. Seriously. I think the only reason NBC is doing this is because they're currently 5th, and they're trying to find somebody to blame for their crappy ratings. Maybe it's things like this that are making people think twice about their choice in television. Fox apparently already has stated they would be interested in bringing him over there, but there's a whole mess of red tape they would have to slog through.

Links below if you're interested. Apparently Conan will be discussing the rumors on tonight's program, so hopefully we'll find out once and for all where he stands.



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