Feb. 15th, 2010

leujin: (Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?))
Dear Game Developers across the world,

We need to have a serious discussion. Let me start of by saying I'm not mad, I'm just a little disappointed in you. I thought better of you. However, you need to understand that 99.99% of you are not Rockstar Games, and as such are not the progenitors of the Grand Theft Auto series, so for the love of GOD, stop trying to replicate it. I don't enjoy sitting down to play a new game enjoying great reviews only to find out, oh, look, there's crappy tacked on sandbox game play. I understand that it's a great series and you're only trying to piggyback on its success, and it's nice that you want to be included. But, really, just rely on your own creativity.

If I'm sitting down to play a game in which I play a bad-ass assassin with a beam sword who wants to kill the other assassins to become the top assassin, I want to be killing things with my beam sword and enjoying the cheesy dialog that seems like it was poorly translated from Japanese, but in reality is just poorly written. Not driving around a city in a crap-bag motor bike that steers like a sausage with wheels. I really don't enjoy what would otherwise be a pleasant gaming experience being sullied by game mechanics you don't need and don't fully comprehend. If you're having trouble padding out the game play to give it that cherry-zone of 20-40 hours of game play, just add in more senseless killing. Enough with the driving, already.


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