Feb. 20th, 2010

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Remember when life was simple? Man, college was good times, before I had to worry about, like, debt.

It's not all bad. We're having a baby. I was just getting all nostalgia face, because I went back and started reading old entries from around the time I was graduating college/Liz and I were first engaged. Good times. Back when I felt it was neccessary to keep people posted on my goings on, because there was more going on than just "I went to work. Then I was not at work. We cleaned the house this weekend." Rinse and repeat. I also noticed that I was a much more clever word smith back then. Granted, I've grown and matured, so there are far less f-bombs dropped all throughout (in fact, almost none at all. Not that I don't still curse like a sailor in normal conversation, but even that has been curtailed due to working at a Christian company).

I don't know, I didn't really have a point to all this. I'm just kind of rambling. Mostly I think I miss Denver, because in Oklahoma I feel weirdly alienated. Mostly because I don't actually know anybody here, but because the few people I DO know are the polar oposite of Liz and I both politically and idealistically. I miss hanging out with people with no real intent on what. Just... watching cartoons or crappy movies all day was totally enough, because it wasn't even really about the movies or the cartoons.

Feeeeck. I don't know. Mostly I think we just need to move, which we totally are going to be doing in like... 5 years. Because I don't really want our daughter growing up in this bass-ackwards state.

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