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I bet we were all looking forward to this entry, weren't we? Back in old form, I would say!
Today, I woke up at around 8:30. Maybe closer to 9, not really sure (Liz now informs me it was "promptly at 8:15"). I got up, peed, went downstairs and put on pants. The dog was whining, so I let her out of the bathroom (we have to lock her up at night, otherwise she gets into the garbage/cat box/everything else that gives dogs diarrhea) and took her outside for her morning potty. To my chagrin, it was raining. She led me to her grassy spot, stood around for awhile, and finally decided to go.

I returned home and sat down on the couch with Liz, and discussed our options for breakfast. Eventually we decided on McDonald's. We ate it, I got indigestion, and Liz had a few contractions (a continuing theme throughout the day. Infrequent and inconsistent, but increasing in intensity. [that's a whole lot of unintentional alliteriation]). Durring breakfast, we watched Frank Caliendo's newish special. His new jokes were funny, but about 80% of it was jokes from his half-hour comedy central special. After that, we watched Clerks, exchanged ribbings, Liz had more contractions, and I frequently asked the question "are you having another apostrophe?" (see what I did there?)

After that, we watched the rest of Weeds, season 5. We had watched up to about episode four before we turned our cable of at the old apartment. The season definitely picked up from season 4, and the show is coming back in my favor. Makes me wish we had showtime again, but not really since it's like... $15 a month for that one show. Durring that we ate lunch at some point. I'm pretty sure we had pizza.

I also ate some gummies, drank some mountain dew, and played with a funny pink thing that Mallory sent me.

Just now, we got back from doing brief grocery shopping. Nothing really exciting happened there. Now we're watching Jamie Kennedy.

As you can see, my life hasn't changed a whole lot from high school, except there's less drugs.

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