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2010-04-22 09:55 pm
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Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy


As the caption would suggest, this is Mallory's cat, Opie. I drew him for her, because she kept asking me to give her a cat. The look on his face suggests to me that he was dropped on his head a few times durring kittenhood.
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2010-04-21 09:50 pm
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Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Biggest hopes and dreams: A happy, healthy, sane baby. I also plan to buy shoes in the next couple days, I just have to decide what kind I'm getting. We also plan on going across the southwest once the baby is born to show her off to the family. It's going to be quite a fun week where we stay in one place for two days and attempt to not lose our collective minds.
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2010-04-20 11:57 pm
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Day 28: This year, in great detail

Much like my month in detail, the specifics of the past year are kind of lost in the ether. There are some obviously very large points to cover.

-Liz got pregnant
-We moved
-We went to Los Alamos twice (once in the summer, once in the winter)
-We went to Sayre a few times. Probably on average of once a month. At least once every other month
-We susbcribed to Netflix. As a result, we started spending a LOT less money on DVDs
-We bought a few video games over the course of the year. No More Heroes, Red Steel, and some others that I can't recall
-In that same vein, I got back into SNES games and bought a few super cheap
-Prepared the baby room over the course of... basically since we moved her, but at an increased pace in the last month

That's all I can really recall.
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2010-04-19 09:27 pm
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Day 27: This month, in great detail

Again, a very difficult task. As was discussed in my previous entry, much of the days blend together since I don't really do much that's different on a day to day basis. To the best of my recolection, here are the significant events of the past month:

-We met our pediatrician, who reminds me of if my mom had been a kindergarten teacher
-Liz quit her job in order to prepare the house for the upcoming baby.
-We bought New Super Mario Bros Wii
-We beat New Super Mario Bros Wii
-Netflix sent out the instant streaming disc for the Wii
-We watch a metric crapload of instant movies on the Wii
-Liz's doctor informed her that the baby would be born any time now
-Liz was miserable and no longer trusted the word of her doctor
-Neither did I

That's about all I have to say about that.
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2010-04-18 09:12 pm
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Day 26: Your week, in great detail

Honestly, it's hard to give a detailed account of my week, because the day todays are all very much the same: I get up between 7:30 and 8:00, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. Usually the only variations are the weekends, where I wake up at the whims of Liz, and Thursdays, when Liz has her doctor appointment. Also different because we watch Bones. Tuesdays tend to be different just because we go to Liz's mom's house to watch LOST (ABC does this awesome thing here where it doesn't come in very well on antanae. The reason seems to be that one of their towers were damaged and they just haven't gotten around to fixing it, or some such thing). Sometimes Liz makes breakfast. I'm pretty sure she made breakfast on Tuesday. Sometimes I stop by the post office to drop off the Netflix before work. That was also Tuesday. I was also almost late because of it.

Work, on a day to day, is much the same. I have authors who are angry for some stupid reason, don't like my designs for some stupid reason, DO like my designs for some stupid reason, don't understand the process, don't understand why their books are delayed, don't understand why this is all their fault, rinse and repeat. This week has been slightly different from normal because everyone keeps asking if Liz has had the baby yet. I explained to Mallory and Liz that I should just get a white board that I can change every day with Liz's current symptoms and feelings.

Every day when I come home I take the dog out, and Liz steals my phone to play solitaire until the battery is almost dead. I plug it in, and she plays again for an hour or so before she goes to sleep and I plug my phone back in.

That's about it.
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2010-04-17 07:01 pm

Day 25: Your day, in great detail

I bet we were all looking forward to this entry, weren't we? Back in old form, I would say!
Today, I woke up at around 8:30. Maybe closer to 9, not really sure (Liz now informs me it was "promptly at 8:15"). I got up, peed, went downstairs and put on pants. The dog was whining, so I let her out of the bathroom (we have to lock her up at night, otherwise she gets into the garbage/cat box/everything else that gives dogs diarrhea) and took her outside for her morning potty. To my chagrin, it was raining. She led me to her grassy spot, stood around for awhile, and finally decided to go.

I returned home and sat down on the couch with Liz, and discussed our options for breakfast. Eventually we decided on McDonald's. We ate it, I got indigestion, and Liz had a few contractions (a continuing theme throughout the day. Infrequent and inconsistent, but increasing in intensity. [that's a whole lot of unintentional alliteriation]). Durring breakfast, we watched Frank Caliendo's newish special. His new jokes were funny, but about 80% of it was jokes from his half-hour comedy central special. After that, we watched Clerks, exchanged ribbings, Liz had more contractions, and I frequently asked the question "are you having another apostrophe?" (see what I did there?)

After that, we watched the rest of Weeds, season 5. We had watched up to about episode four before we turned our cable of at the old apartment. The season definitely picked up from season 4, and the show is coming back in my favor. Makes me wish we had showtime again, but not really since it's like... $15 a month for that one show. Durring that we ate lunch at some point. I'm pretty sure we had pizza.

I also ate some gummies, drank some mountain dew, and played with a funny pink thing that Mallory sent me.

Just now, we got back from doing brief grocery shopping. Nothing really exciting happened there. Now we're watching Jamie Kennedy.

As you can see, my life hasn't changed a whole lot from high school, except there's less drugs.
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2010-04-16 06:08 pm
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2010-04-16 06:07 pm
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Day 23: A YouTube video

It's entirely [livejournal.com profile] boombashpow's fault that this song gets stuck in my head every day.

Speaking of whom, she sent us the most epic package. Liz described it as "drunken christmas."
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2010-04-14 06:06 pm
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Day 22: A website


I have recently discovered this webcomic. It is hilarious, and drawn entirely with the artists non-dominant hands (i.e.: left-handed toons).

Learn it, love it.
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2010-04-14 08:24 am
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Day 21: A recipe

I keep missing days! Argh! But at least I only miss them one at a time.

Also, I don't know any recipes. This is the only one I know.

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2010-04-12 06:50 pm
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Day 20: A hobby of yours

I like sayin' "Yo, Bear."
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2010-04-11 07:51 pm
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Day 19: A talent of yours

Of my every day talents (design and illustration) there's not a lot to talk about, considering that's what I do for a living. One awesome thing I can do that just about everybody knows (or should know, considering there's a picture of me doing it in my senior year book) is that I can touch my tongue to my nose.

I also like to tell people I play guitar, but at this point I probably can't play any better than I could play the piano. I could probably fake my way through a song, but it would take me a LONG time. But really that's my fault for not having practiced for like... upwards of 4 years.
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2010-04-10 09:34 pm
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Day 18: Whatever tickles your fancy

I'm running out of things that tickle my fancy. However, I did write a rather clever entry in [livejournal.com profile] 100_words that I'm darn proud of. That, I suppose, does indeed "tickle my fancy."

The bedroom door burst open with a deafening bang, followed quickly by a frantic woman hurling herself onto the bed, "No please!" She cried desperately.

He promptly followed, gun raised and a glint in his eye. She knew he meant trouble, "Stay still!" he bellowed, "I promise it's not going to hurt!"

She cried out, her body convulsing with each tear that slid down her cheek.

He pointed the gun at her face, grinning impishly the whole time.

"Aack!" She exclaimed, water pelting her face, "You're going to get it now, mister!" She jumped up as he ran away giggling.
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2010-04-08 06:44 pm
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Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

I have to go with the ol' standby of Ben Folds, again. I've never listened to another artist that encompasses so much emotion in all of his music.

The one song that almost always brings me to bawling is Evaporated.

Here I stand
Sad and free
I can't cry
and I can't see
What I've done.
Oh God, what have I done?

That really sums it up, doesn't it? Seriously, give it a listen. You'll see what I mean.
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2010-04-07 09:34 pm
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Day 15: A fanfic

I am not an avid fanfic reader. As a general rule, I subscribe to the "if it didn't happen in the original source material, it didn't happen" line of fiction enjoyment. I know there are some good fics out there, but I just haven't bothered to try to find them, because in general the focus is slash/yaoi/yuri/other things that break my brain, and are 99% terribly written. Suffice it to say, I'm not an aficionado. However, one fic stands out above the rest in sheer, unbearable, literary (using the term VERY loosely here) torture.

Chocobo Nights. *thunder crash*

To call this fic criminally insane is an insult to the criminally insane. Unfortunately (possibly fortunately, depending on how you feel) the only copy of this fic is pasted on a review board that gives a rather accurate summary before the fic proper actually begins, and has commentary sprinkled throughout. It's screwball, vulgar, poorly written, doesn't follow the original story-arc AT ALL, and overall extremely vexing. And, best of all, bestiality!

Fair warning: If you read this, and your brain melts out of your head, you only have yourself to blame. I did warn you. Although the commentary herein does make it a LOT more tolerable.

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2010-04-06 06:02 pm
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Day 14: A non-fictional book

I honestly don't read a lot of non-fiction books, and of the ones I do read, they're usually written by comedians. I think the last non-fiction book I read was probably Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way, by Bruce Campbell (which, much of it is of arguable veracity, humorous though the annecdotes may be). It's definitely a worth-while read, if you haven't read it yet. And, if you're a Bruce Campbell fan, you probably already have.

So... yeah.
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2010-04-05 10:31 pm
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Day 13:A fictional book

Between the Bridge and the River, by Craig Ferguson.

I initially picked this book up because I had previous interest in Craig Ferguson, the actor. This was before I knew he had a late night show, but after I had enjoyed his performance as Mr. Wick, Drew's boss on The Drew Carey Show. I found him funny in a weird, disquieting way, so I figured this book would be right up my alley. It was. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't quite as laugh out loud funny as I thought it would be, but still pretty funny.

Here's the review from Publishers Weekly, by way of amazon.com if you're interested:

A gallery of grotesques slogs through the sewers of the entertainment industry toward redemption in this exhilarating debut novel from the host of The Late Late Show. Leading the pack are Fraser, a Scottish "phony TV evangelist... drunken, selfish media prick... gossip and sot" who has been disgraced in a sex scandal; his cancer-stricken boyhood pal, George; vapid sit-com star Leon; and Leon's 300-pound, sexually perverted Svengali brother, Saul. They make their separate but linked ways through a world populated by snake handlers, serial killers, dead-eyed whores and hack studio executives pushing formulaic action films, while they take hallucinatory side trips. The sprawling tale, with plenty of Scottish backstory, casts a jaundiced eye on media debaucheries and petty vanities, throwing in miscellaneous riffs on everything from Starbuck's to escort ads, but Ferguson is particularly sharp—and funny—on Hollywood proper. For every satire of organized religion or a Vegas that's "as glitzy as a trailer park at Christmas," however, he delivers an injunction to "help others" or an ode to Paris in springtime that somehow sounds fresh. The result is a tour de force of cynical humor and poignant reverie, a caustic yet ebullient picaresque that approaches the sacred by way of the profane.
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2010-04-04 11:11 pm
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Day 12: Whatever tickles your fancy


Please accept this drawing of a spider as payment.
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2010-04-03 10:03 pm
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Day 11: A photo of you taken recently

You wish you were this cool.
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2010-04-02 05:27 pm
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Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago

Quick post while the internet's still up. It works for about a half hour, and then it goes down for like... 10 hours.


Sorry, Kathy, this is the only picture of me from more than ten years ago that I have access to. All the rest exist in my mom's photo albums. Not that this is really even that great a photo of me. Oh well.