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Typical fashion for me these days is to just give short bursts of information on facebook or twitter, but I felt the need to put all this up here on LJ since... well, there's kind of a lot to cover, and I just felt like updating.

long post is long )

tl;dr - Christmas was rad with lots of rad gifts and awesome people, our car is borked, we're happy to be home.


Apr. 3rd, 2010 10:48 am
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Cox came out to fix our internet, and I couldn't be more pleased. Basically what happened is that our internet was hooked up to a bad tap, so it was causing problems. I'm fairly certain that it was hooked up to a bad tap from the get go, because ever since we moved into this apartment we've been having to cycle our modem 2 or 3 times a day. Liz thinks that the ice storm we had recently might have made it worse, because in the past couple weeks we've been having to cycle it 5 times in a row before it gets hooked up. Even still we would have to refresh just about every single page we visited. We thought it was just our crappy modem, which may very well have been a contributing factor, but now we're in the gold.

The Cox guy said he put us on a new outlet, and was going to have somebody come out and replace the bad one and put us back on the one we were on. At least that's what I understood from his explanation.

I feel like we should get a discount for all our crappy internet happenings, but that's not really realistic since we should've complained about this like... 6 months ago. Oh well.
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Because I know you all love it when I rant, here's my opinion about the goings on with Conan O'Brien.

In case you haven't heard, apparently NBC has decided to move Jay Leno back to 11:30. Why? Because his ratings are in the toilet (which, according to NBC "is exactly what we were expecting," which, according to me, "is total BS."), which are causing the local news ratings to be low, which, in turn, causes the ratings for the Tonight Show to be low. Maybe it's just me, but the obvious solution here seems to be to remove the blood sucking leech, but apparently NBC thinks it's better to move it closer to the heart.

Now then, you should've been able to deduce my opinion about the situation by now, but just in case you can't: it pisses me off. Conan is really funny, and his comedy is smart. Leno, on the other hand, has been doing the same shtick for the last 17 years, and frankly it's getting old. Conan keeps his jokes contemporary, whereas Leno is still hawking headlines. With the internet, we get our fair share of news fails (failblog.org and probablybadnews.com jump immediately to the forefront of my mind).

Anyway, as it stands now, NBC is giving Conan the choice of moving to midnight, thus giving Leno only a half hour, or allowing him to jump ship. Again, this seems foolish, because it would make a whole lot more sense to truncate Leno's show and keep him in the same time slot rather than shuffling his dopey, big-headed, flat-falling jokes, thus inconveniencing the rest of NBC's employees. That way, when his show inevitably fails, nobody else is affected. As the tabloids tell us, Conan is really pissed about all this, and frankly I don't blame him. He's being completely jerked around.

What's my opinion? I think Conan should move to another station. Seriously. I think the only reason NBC is doing this is because they're currently 5th, and they're trying to find somebody to blame for their crappy ratings. Maybe it's things like this that are making people think twice about their choice in television. Fox apparently already has stated they would be interested in bringing him over there, but there's a whole mess of red tape they would have to slog through.

Links below if you're interested. Apparently Conan will be discussing the rumors on tonight's program, so hopefully we'll find out once and for all where he stands.


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Funny story: I came home from work on Monday, and there was a note on our door. It reads as follows:

"_______ Pest Control [name removed to protect the stupid] will be out to spray your apartment on 9-30-09. 100% resident cooperation is needed for an effective cleanout. Please be prepared by having things removed from the KITCHEN & BATHROOM CABINETS, AS WELL AS COUNTER TOPS, AND/OR ANY OTHER PROBLEM AREAS. Pick up any loose items off of the floor such as laundry, shoes, toys, books, etc. and also clear away from the walls and corners of rooms. All pets must be locked in a bedroom with a note on the door stating which room the pest are in."

I give the full transcript just so you can get a scope of the rage I was feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with people coming out for pest control. It's a great idea, because it prevents fruit flies, bed bugs, and other creepy crawlies from invading our home because we have gross neighbors that let their dogs crap on the floor (I don't know for a fact that this is actually happening, but if you saw our apartment complex you'd get where the conclusion jumping comes from). What bothers me is that we were given 1.5 days notice to basically repack everything we had just finished unpacking. That in and of itself is only mildly irritating, but what really torques me is that we were told to do this durring the week. If they'd told us on Friday to get things ready by Monday, fine. We have a whole weekend. But we had to do all this schlepping in the course of two evenings, because Liz and I both have full time jobs with semi-normal hours. What ALSO bothers me is the fact that we have to move stuff out of the cabinets, but it can't be in the middle of the floor or against the walls. Where the hell else are we supposed to put it? The patio?!

Like most things in my life, this is just a petty gripe that isn't actually that upsetting or putting me out of my way a whole lot, it's just inconvenient and I would appreciate slightly less tool-bag practices from our management.

Oh yeah, and for those of you curious, Liz is still pregnant (This has been my stock response every time anybody asks "how's your wife?"). Further details: Nathan, Jr. (we still don't know the sex, this is just what I've been calling him/her/it since I've always thought it would be funny to name a child Nathan, Jr. because of Raising Arizona.) is growing healthy, roughly the size of a prune. Liz goes in for another OB appointment next Thursday. I think it'll still be too early to know the sex by then, but according to what I've read (and how far along I'm pretty sure Liz is. Have I mentioned that the conception date was roughly around my birthday? No more natal anniversary copulation for me!) we should be able to know by the following appointment. If it's a girl, I will still refer to her as Nathan, Jr. for my own amusement and because we still haven't really picked a name.
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I'm worried about my mother and my sister.

At the same time, I'm tired of them putting me in the middle of it.

To preface, my sister is 13, so she and my mother are having all the regular problems that people in this situation find themselves in. However, this is compounded by the fact that my mother isn't letting herself be sad about Adrian dying, and she's never around when my sister needs her. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, my mom chooses to instead ignore my sister. When she's not ignoring her, she's putting my sister on a pedastal and holding her up to these impossible standards and "why can't you be more like your brother?" She wants a best friend, which is what she had in Adrian--a wholy unusual relationship in and of itself--but what Chloe needs is a mother.

Chloe is acting out. She's apparently been stealing the car (or helping her friends steal it, I'm not clear because my mother isn't clear) and my mom found a used condom in the toilet, but rather than saying something about it, she chooses to ignore it. I don't know what kind of lazy ass parenting that is, but I certainly don't condone either sides of this. My sister needs to straighten up and fly right and my mom needs to be there to enforce this.

Another part of the problem is that my mom has a boyfriend. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but the fact that she has to have two jobs AND has a 13-year-old daughter at home means she doesn't really have time for that. Apparently she's down to only seeing him twice a night, but rather than going OUT with him she needs to stay IN with him.

This is just stressing me out, because I don't want to choose sides here, but they're basically forcing me to by pulling me into it, and I'm honestly skewing in favor of my sister. Not because I approve of her actions, but because she's so clearly crying out for attention and not getting it because my mom is too involved in her own shit to notice there's a problem. I've tried explaining to my mom that she needs to be around more and I've tried explaining to Chloe that she needs to cut Mom some slack, but both of them just say "Yeah, I guess..." and do nothing about it. They're both frustratingly passive-aggressive. When my mom found out that Liz and I were having sex pre-maritally do you know what she did? Waited until I went to college before sending me a lengthy e-mail expressing her disappointment. That doesn't discourage me, it just makes me think she doesn't care enough to enforce the rules!

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I'd like to preface this by saying that I hate the DMV. Hate hate hate. For those of you not on the up and up, I don't have my driver's license. Short version: I took the class, but because I missed one day, I never got the certificate of completion. I was too pissed about it at the time to retake the class (and I didn't want to spend another $200), so it just never happened. Then living in Denver I didn't really need a license since they have a great bus system.

So, fast forward to about a month ago, when Liz and I decided that it was high time to get this taken care of. I've been practicing on weekends and studying the manual like whoa. 2 weeks ago Liz called the DMV to ask if we needed to make an appointment. "Oh, no," said the man on the phone,"You just need to come in and you'll get taken care of." Great, hunky dory. I talk to HR and tell them I'm taking today off. I also got Friday off for fourth of July, so I figured we'd be in great shape.

Fast forward to Friday. We go to the DMV to take the test. They are closed. In observance of fourth of July. Am I mad at them for taking off? Not really, no. I'm mad at them for not a) telling Liz when she called and b) not having on the website stating "OUR OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED JULY 3RD!!" in big, bold, red letters, so we could avoid this. We go home, I'm torqued, but I figure "Oh well, it's been 8 years, what's another 3 days?"

Finally today arrives. We go to the DMV at 10 am, and there's a big sign on the front door stating "NO MORE DRIVING TESTS WILL BE OFFERED TODAY." What. The. Fuck. Yet ANOTHER thing they could have told Liz while she was on the phone: "Oh, yeah, we'll be closed on the 3rd, and we generally experience a lot of overflow on the following Monday after a holiday, so be sure to get here at 5:30 [this is actually what the guy told me as I was leaving the DMV today, despite them not opening until 7:00 am] so you can be sure to actually get a test." And yet you can't make an appointment. Stupid. I took off today specifically for taking DMV tests. I guess we just didn't ask them all the right questions.

So I'm mad, but I figure we can at least take the written test, so we wait around for 2 hours for me to take a test that takes all of 2 minutes, and then after that I have to wait in ANOTHER damn line (I hate lines) and wait for them to tell me I passed even though on the screen it says "Congratulations! You passed your Class D license test!"

Oh well. I have 90 days to take the driving test, and I already took the Monday two weeks from now off because we're going to Los Alamos, and at least now I have a legitimate permit instead of the old NM one that states my weight as 130. I'm also going to call a few other testing facilities to see if they have any driving tests available, but it's not bloody likely. I'm not really looking forward to having to wake up at 5 am.
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I'm so angry, I'm updating twice in a day.

So, we were planning on going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D tonight, because Liz and I are sick. Unfortunately there are only two theatres playing it in 3D: one in downtown, and one in Moore. The Moore theatre is newer, so it's more expensive, so we decided to go downtown.

What we didn't plan on, however, is that there is an Arenacross event this evening. We could not find parking. At all.

What follows is a list of the stupidity of downtown OKC:

1. Arenacross? REALLY? wtf is wrong with this state?
2. The theatre, which has about 30 screens, shares a parking lot with Toby Keith's bar and grill and Bass Pro Shop. You'd think this lot could acommodate like... 2000 cars. You'd be wrong. It only acommodates about 300. wtf, seriously.
3. Despite the "NO EVENT PARKING" signs, people were still parking there for the stupid event. Probably. I don't know this, but I assume it, because it's not like they can actually enforce that.
4. All the pay lots were full, so was valet, because of all the STUPID REDNECKS in this state.

God... we need to leave the South...


Okay, maybe it's not arenacross. It's for a basketball game. Still, the point remains that I'm mad and the parking lot for the theatre is moronic.
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Our server at work was horribly slow. I literally got nothing done today except the crap I took home with me last night. It was really frustrating, because all I was trying to do was work on some final proofs and load a cover so it would be printed at the beginning of next month. It was infurating. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that EVERYONE was trying to make deadlines today. It was annoying.

Does it make me a terrible person that the current ringtone for when my family calls is "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"?
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Our house got broken into. We got robbed. Our nice TV, our PS2, our Wii, our second DVD player, about 400 of our DVDs, 3 computers (one of which we just bought and another of which we hadn't even paid off yet), all stolen. This is seriously just not my year. All told, it's like $10,000 worth of stuff.

The door got kicked in, so now we have to get that replaced. Mostly I'm pissed about the Wii, because Adrian bought that for me. Y'know, we can buy a new Wii, but... we can't buy a new Adrian.

I really hope they catch the dirt bag that did this. If I ever find out who did this, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

Thankfully they didn't take any of our bank cards or identity stuff. Basically they just took stuff. It's just disgusting that we worked hard to earn all this stuff, and some random person can just come and clean us out in 5 minutes with no effort.

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I'm so mad at t-mobile/my phone right now.

My brother was driving through here on his way to Virginia. He was going to swing by my work to say hi/possibly hang out/give me some stuff. Apparently he tried to call at least twice and texted a couple times, too, but because of my crappy phone/phone service, I never got those messages. In fact, my phone never even rang. On a whim, I turned off my phone after I got off work and turned it back on. Missed calls, voice messages, texts out the wazoo.

I'm angry as hell, and I really want to write an angry letter to the company, but that really won't fix the problem at hand. Not only that, I feel really bad for my brother, because not only did we not get to hang out, but now he's going to have to ship this stuff to me at his expense.

Maybe I can make t-mobile pay for it since it's all their fault anyway.
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Things of note of the past week:

There was the ice storm, obviously, that apparently still has a number of people without power. But it's down considerably from 500,000, which is good.

The Christmas party on Wednesday, at which I won an ihome but also $415 just for sitting there. Okay, not really. Our team leader picked the key that freed Santa, so we split $2500 amongst 6 people.

I also got a fat (and phat) Christmas bonus of $300 on Wednesday.

Got paid on Friday.

Got my first set of covers approved for author review. Once they make that cut, I'm going to post them on my website and possibly deviantart.

Carla came into town yesterday. Have I mentioned lately that she's one of my least favorite people? She has a negative attitude about EVERYTHING. It didn't take her 24 hours to start cleaning our house and telling us what we're doing wrong and bitching at everybody for no good reason other than just to be bitchy. She has everybody walking on eggshells and is just this HUGE catalyst and ends up making us all yell at each other for stupid things like vacuuming at the wrong time or something. We're seriously considering getting a hotel just so we don't have to be around her anymore.

She's freaking out about the fact that we don't have any Christmas decorations, and she made us run around OKC looking for a tree, when we had one in the attic, we just couldn't find it. I knew it was in there, and I actually found it a bit ago, so maybe that will ease some tension.

Really, if it were up to us, she wouldn't be allowed to stay at our house, but since this is Liz's mom's house, too, we don't have a choice. However, once she moves out, Carla isn't allowed here. Ever.

That's all from this front. How's everything with you?
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I'm officially fed up with hotmail, because I haven't been receiving e-mail alerts for... well, basically anything. So I'm finally switching to g-mail.


Drop me a line or comment so I can have your e-mail.
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Lately Liz and I have been receiving mail that was addressed to our OLD old apartment. The one we moved out of last October. At first we just thought that these were really old credit offers and stuff, until Liz got a check today from verizon. It was the security deposit from my phone when she signed me up! And the date on the check is ... last October.

The postmark on the letter is November '06. I got something that is a thank you gift from some loan program that is a gift card that expires this month. WTF. That is SERIOUSLY the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard of a landlord doing.

So, chances are we're going to be getting a lot of mail in the next few weeks that should've been sent to us 11 FREAKING MONTHS AGO.

I'm going to go give that apartment a bad review on rent.com now. >.>
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Adrian's cancer is back.

I... I'm just...

I just can't even emote right now.

My mom called, and told me, and she cried. I held it together until I had to tell Liz.

This sucks, and it's unfair, and I really want somebody to be mad at, but the only thing coming to mind right now is God, and that's neither constructive nor is it fair to Him.

So I guess I'll just be mad at the doctors for not curing Adrian, despite the fact that the survival rate for this cancer is like... .001%.

wtf, everything.
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I'm sleepy and I've been waking up with a headache. At first I thought it might have been the new glasses and the fact that we don't have any more soda, but Liz is having the same problems I am, so it's decidedly because of the annoying dog in the yard behind us.

See, I like dogs. I have a dog. I don't mind dogs barking during the day, because, let's face it: dogs are prone to bark.

But when there's a dog that barks NON FREAKING STOP all night long? I draw the line. I'm baffled that the owners of the dog aren't bothered by this, because Liz and I are getting woken up by this dog, and it keeps us up for sometimes hours at a time. The only way I'm able to fall back asleep is because I'm so dead tired, and this has been going on since we moved in!

I'm confounded as to why this dog hasn't been reported by any of the neighbors. I think Angel is getting tired of it, too, because she started barking back last night, and she NEVER barks unless there's a person she doesn't recognize.

It's a good thing I don't have to get up in the morning, or I'd be REALLY peeved.
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Green Bay lost to the stupid Bears. I'm mad now. And they would've tied it up at the end, but NO, it had to be ANOTHER freaking turnover. IN THE ENDZONE.

Geeze. I'm so mad. They were undefeated until this game!

Stupid Bears.
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Boulder Students Protest 'Under God' In Pledge of Allegiance

Leave it to Boulder to do something outrageous like that.

I personally am of the opinion that if they really don't like the pledge of allegiance and the fact that it references God, then you don't bloody well have to say it. It even says in the article that it is an option, it is only presented as a choice. There's no law saying you have to recite the pledge of allegiance. There's no law that says you even have to stand up while it's being read.

Frankly, these students are just dicking themselves. They're the ones who are walking out on classes, and the only ones who are going to be negatively impacted by this are going to be them, because they're likely to miss the first minute of a lecture because they choose to leave class! It's idiotic to walk out of a class because you don't like the pledge. It's not about God, it's about allegiance to the country. The phrase 'Under God' is only even in there because everybody who founded this country believed in God!

Like it or not, our country was founded by Christianity. This is something that dates back 200+ years and it's not going to change because a group of uppity know-it-alls have nothing better do than to protest things for the sake of causing an uproar. It's not that big a deal. You can just plug your ears, or listen to your iPod while the pledge is going. Just because you personally don't believe in God or one God doesn't mean that the majority should have to change.

I'm sick and fucking tired of things being changed because the minority is upset, and we're trapped in an age where everybody has to be right and nobody can be offended. We're all too worried about stepping on toes to even worry about bigger problems!

So, I'd like to hear some feedback on this one. I want to know where the people who read this blog stand.

You, specifically, I want to hear your opinion.
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Wow, so after almost a week of head scratchingly baffling internet conundrums, I finally got our computers networked. I was able to get the computers to see each other, but for some reason I couldn't get my computer online at the same time as Liz's.

My first instinct was to use the router, because I knew last time we had cable we had to go out and buy a router, but with qwest we were using my switch. However, with the router plugged in, it wasn't working on either computer, but with the switch I got it to work on Liz's! Anyway, I ended up going through various ideas, such as manually configuring my IP and resetting my ethernet card, to no avail.

Long story short: Suddenly inspiration struck me, and I tried the router again.

Then I felt like an idiot. It's amazing how the simplest solutions are the often overlooked ones, which is why IT guys usually go to "is it plugged in?" Well, thankfully that wasn't the problem, but it was equally asinine: I needed to power cycle the modem with both computers plugged into the router.


I know I had power cycled the modem before, but I guess I hadn't done it with both computers plugged in. Needless to say, I feel really dumb.

Oh well. Mogget is now officially back online. Rejoice!
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So, we were cleaning out the hall closet today, and we came across my old Spawn comic books. Out of curiosity, I looked up the value of them, just to see what I could see. I'm not gonna give any figures, but if there ever comes a time when I can't pay rent I could just sell them, let's say.

Anyway, I'm really pissed, because Issue 100 (which is the issue when all SORTS of shit goes down) is worth about twice as much as all the others. And I would have had one, too, but I reserved it R Books, and for whatever gay ass reason they never gave it to me those many years ago. I realize now I should've raised hell about it, but I was like 14 at the time, and still had this crazy "respect your elders" attitude.

Also, apparently (not surprisingly, really) an Action Comics issue 1 even in poor condition (like pages missing, ink rubbed off, torn cover, etc) is still worth $5,200. Not like I would ever part with anything like that if I came across it, because, Jesus, it's the first fucking Superman comic ever. Your house would be a museum.

Yes I AM a nerd. Fuck you.
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I took like a 2 hour lunch today. It was really awesome. My supervisor, Brandon, asked if we wanted to go to lunch, but I was like "nah, I don't have any money." Then one of my coworkers chimed and was like "I'll pay for you!" So that was pretty cool. We went to... someone's Irish Pub. *looks it up* Darcy's, that's what it was. Genuine Irish cuisine. I thought about getting corned beef and cabbage, but I figured that my coworkers wouldn't appreciate that, so I went with some sort of chicken sandwich.

When we were getting drinks, everyone else ordered some sort of beer, and I was completely unprepared so I had the waitress rattle off some names. The only one I heard was Guinness, so I got one of those. I forgot that those are like... a glass of bread. So we ate, and I felt logy, then we were getting ready to leave, when Brandon was like "let's stay a bit longer. I'll buy us another round!"

So we had another round, and I drank another glass of bread. We basically just shot the shit exchanging stories about getting drunk and going to strip clubs (not necessarily at the same time). Good fun.

In other work related news, I neglected to mention what an ass the owner of the company is. Sometime yesterday he went into my boss, Richard's office, and was like, "So, we need to advertise. We have ad space in the Denver Post, and it needs to be ready by noon tomorrow." Fucking great. So Erin and I were conscripted to put that together. The hardest part was finding pictures and verbiage for all the properties listed. There was something like 45. It's a big pain in the ass when you don't know who the the designer was and the site is like... 3 years old.

In other news, I hate dealing with customer service. Because they almost always have thick Indian accents and/or speak very softly, so I have to ask them to repeat themselves thirty times and I end up looking like dumbass.

I also hate how lawers tend to get involved when you don't pay vet bills for your dead cat.

This is a long ass entry. Is anybody still reading?

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