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As promised, here's the full update of our Dallas/Ben Folds experience.

So, as always, the drive was uneventful until getting into greater Dallas. Dallas has probably the worst drivers I have EVER seen. They stressed me out and I wasn't even the one driving! Beyond that, it was great. We got into the city at like... 4 or so, and planning on getting lost at night, we found the concert venue before we had to be there. It was easy enough, but the traffic was hell and the interstates are just... gah. Getting back was really the issue, because there are NO signs for the interstate anywhere ever. It was stressful.

We finally found our way and got back to the hotel row to find a Comfort Inn I saw. This was yet ANOTHER stress factor, because we could see the hotel from the interstate, but it was impossible to get to. I thought we could just go around the block and go in the back way. We found a parking lot, even, and thought it would be super easy to just drive through! Not so much. There was a fence (?!) blocking the one parking lot from the hotel parking lot. So we ended up going further around and back to the frontage road (which was the one and ONLY entrance to this hotel. wtf) and checked in.

Doors were at 7:30. We planned on getting there at like 6:30, but were a little late because of traffic. We actually ended up getting there at about 7, and the line was wrapped around the building. Mostly we just wanted to get there early so Liz could be in the front so she could actually see, because well... let's face it, if there's one artist she would've wanted to actually be able to see, this was it.

That ended up not being too big a deal. This concert venue was actually pretty cool, because it had an upper area where we could stand, but it also had TV screens! So we could've stood pretty much anywhere and Liz would actually be able to see things going on.

The Actual Concert )

To summarize: it was pants-wettingly awesome. If you ever get a chance to see Ben Folds live, I highly suggest you do it. It was totally my best concert experience ever, not only just because he's so dorky and hilarious, but also because there was no moshing, so there was no need for me to elbow people in the spleen when they started stepping on me.

We stayed another day in Dallas so we could do some shopping at the Grapevine Mall for Christmas presents. We planned on doing this in the morning, but we were both so wiped out from the concert we didn't end up getting to that until afternoon. Mostly just gifts for family, and I also got new shoes because I desperately needed them. I've had the same pair of Etnies for about 4 years, so... yeah. It was confusing and our directions sucked for getting there, but it ended up not being too big a deal.

That was until the evening. We made plans to hang out with my cousin and her hubby, because it's ALWAYS fun to hang out with them, even if it's only briefly. We had gotten directions from the mall, because we thought we would be leaving from there to meet them (they happen to live in the same area as the mall, so it would've been super easy), but we got done quicker than expected, so we went back to the hotel. I tried to just follow the directions from the mall but cutting out a few steps, but that ended up blowing up in our faces. It was a combination of google maps being sucky and the piss-poor highways/street labeling that Dallas seems to be so fond of. We ended up pulling over and using Liz's phone to get directions. So we did get to hang out with them, however brief, but it was still good times.

Now we're home. We missed the cats and dog. I'm done, and I don't blame you if you didn't read one word of this entry.
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Ben Folds. Is SO amazing live. I really do think that this takes the place of my "best concert I've ever been to."

More later when I'm not so... overwhelmed and tired.

And probably back in my own home. o.O
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I (and by "I" I mean both Liz and myself) am going to be in Dallas on the 23rd and part of the two days surrounding. What for? Ben Folds, of course. I'm excited beyond all reason. I've been listening to Way to Normal obsessively since I bought it (As in it's the first album I listen to when I get to work). You should all listen to it and worship the awesomeness, even if you don't like Ben Folds (which, why would you not? That's just plain silly of you), because it is superior and amazing and other superlatives.

Side note: this keyboard sucks. The keys are all sunken in, and you pretty much have to smash them to make them work sometimes. This may also be because it's wireless, and wireless si teh suxxorz.

I swear I had something else substantial to add, but I may be fooling myself. Mostly I just have passing thoughts and random gripes.

-I'm tired of getting junk e-mail
-My sister wants guitar hero for Christmas
-I can't decide if I want a 360 or a Wii
-I've had to pee since like 4:45 (you're welcome)
-I want to go skiing. But I'm sure I'll suck and fall a lot since it's been like 7 years since I last went
-I'm making feeble attempts to branch out and make friends at work, because I'm tired of being boring and spending weekends at home. I kind of suck at making friends
-I'm hungry
-I keep remembering files that were on my computer that I'm mad about losing. Like the rest of my Venture Brothers icons
-This post kind of has no point
-Look at me, I'm fishing for comments!
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Dear Cox,

What the hell is the point of having a cable connection with a wireless network if I have to reset the modem every 15 minutes? Oh right, none at all. Thanks for being a sucky ISP.


In other news, yes, my job is way cooler than yours. You know why? Because everybody in the office, upon hearing our house was robbed, pooled together and donated over $2000 to our cause. I heard that they were going to pool together for us, but I was expecting like... a couple hundred, at most.

So, yeah. In case you're wondering, it helps to have a sense of humor about this. People keep saying "it's nice that you maintain such a positive attitude despite all the bad stuff." My attitude is you kind of have to leave your baggage at the door.

Oh, also also, yay for new Ben Folds album. It si teh sexxorz.
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This is why Ben Folds is way cooler than you are.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Ben Folds? Like... it's seriously borderline man-crush.

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