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Typical fashion for me these days is to just give short bursts of information on facebook or twitter, but I felt the need to put all this up here on LJ since... well, there's kind of a lot to cover, and I just felt like updating.

long post is long )

tl;dr - Christmas was rad with lots of rad gifts and awesome people, our car is borked, we're happy to be home.
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So, yeah. We're in Los Alamos. We came down for Christmas. We had our Christmas today. T'was handy.

Teh Lootz:

Sonic giftcard, IOU for Rock Band (my mom has like, no money), Ferris Bueller, and all the obligatory random stocking stuff from my mom, including an Indiana Jones action figure from Raiders. And from Liz, Nintendo Monopoly, Banana no slip pads for the shower, bacon bandaids, and, coolest gift ever, a first edition copy of Fight Club PERSONALLY SIGNED BY PALAHNIUK. Seriously, Liz wins Christmas. Oh, yeah, and there was also a beard trimmer in my stocking from Liz. Which I have desperately needed since... puberty. My aunt also gave us a pair of binoculars (which may well be used) and a picture of Adrian playing chess with Forrest (my other brother, whom is older than I), wherein Adrian is making one of those signature Adrian faces. It's in an old frame. The picture is nice, but... I think my aunt doesn't really care any more. Whatevsky.

We got a telescope for my mom and Guitar Hero for my sis, Sceneit and a WWII facts book for my brother.

So it was an ├╝ber materialistarific Christmas, as always. I've also gotten to see a large smattering of people, some of whom I haven't seen for, oh... 3 years, and some of whom were at the wedding, all of whom rock and stuff. Yeah.

I'm having insane brain atrophy or something, because I'm overstimulated and my family is kind of frustrating to be around, especially when my uncle drinks himself stupid.

We're going to Adrian's grave tomorrow, I think. I haven't actually seen the tombstone. I've heard about it. I think we're taking my sister with us. It's going to be weird. We were planning on going yesterday, but for some reason didn't. I think it was that everyone wanted to hang out with us yesterday.

So, like I said, my brain is sort of mush right now, so I'm going to post this while it's still marginally coherent.
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zomg, we finished our Beetles puzzle! You know why that's cool? Because it's a White Album poster. I know, right?

It wasn't as hard as it sounds, though, because it's actually two sided, where the back side shows the actual LPs, and we worked on that side. But it's still neat and a rather shiney accomplishment.

So... I really haven't a thing worth talking about. All that's really going on with me is work.

Well, I just remembered something kinda cool. Our Christmas party is on Tuesday, and we have to come up with skits departmentally. I think I may have mentioned this before. The theme is Disney, and I thought it would've been funny to do like a "Where are they now?" special, and all the characters would be drunkards or narcoleptic or a variety of other things. That idea got shot down. So what we ended up doing is turning everybody on staff (besides our department, of course) into various Disney characters. There were obviously a few people who put NO effort into it, but I think mine came out looking rather neat. I'll have to put up the finished results ... whenever I feel like caring.

That's really all. Christmas is soon. I got neat gifts for my family and Liz, and I think she's going to need a change of pants when she sees the things. Yay vagueness.
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Work: I got another ASA. For dealing with an obnoxious author who either a) didn't understand what I was telling him, b) sucked at communicating what he wanted, or c) was old and incompetant and couldn't figure out how to tell me "there's no attachment to this e-mail."

If you answered any of those, you're right. I really hate dealing with old people, especially when they're seemingly nice but just can't communicate properly and instead of trying to explain their problems just end up getting frustrated and taking it out on me even though I'm NOT the one who told them they could have color pictures wherever the crap they want.

So, yeah... There's that.

Also, we still have no money, and Sallie Mae is reaming us for monthly payments, but what's new? We're going to try consolidating with the government, and if that doesn't work we can always default. Like a need good credit, right?

Have I mentioned the PS2? I think I did. We've been playing Silent Hill: Origins. It's all... crazy and scary. We've also been replaying Kingdom Hearts II, because there's no longer any evidence of us completing that horrible horrible journal.

I'm ready for my vacation already.

What are you buying me for Christmas?
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Things of note of the past week:

There was the ice storm, obviously, that apparently still has a number of people without power. But it's down considerably from 500,000, which is good.

The Christmas party on Wednesday, at which I won an ihome but also $415 just for sitting there. Okay, not really. Our team leader picked the key that freed Santa, so we split $2500 amongst 6 people.

I also got a fat (and phat) Christmas bonus of $300 on Wednesday.

Got paid on Friday.

Got my first set of covers approved for author review. Once they make that cut, I'm going to post them on my website and possibly deviantart.

Carla came into town yesterday. Have I mentioned lately that she's one of my least favorite people? She has a negative attitude about EVERYTHING. It didn't take her 24 hours to start cleaning our house and telling us what we're doing wrong and bitching at everybody for no good reason other than just to be bitchy. She has everybody walking on eggshells and is just this HUGE catalyst and ends up making us all yell at each other for stupid things like vacuuming at the wrong time or something. We're seriously considering getting a hotel just so we don't have to be around her anymore.

She's freaking out about the fact that we don't have any Christmas decorations, and she made us run around OKC looking for a tree, when we had one in the attic, we just couldn't find it. I knew it was in there, and I actually found it a bit ago, so maybe that will ease some tension.

Really, if it were up to us, she wouldn't be allowed to stay at our house, but since this is Liz's mom's house, too, we don't have a choice. However, once she moves out, Carla isn't allowed here. Ever.

That's all from this front. How's everything with you?

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