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Gaffigan was awesome last weekend. I had every intention of actually updating about it, but... then I didn't. Pretty much his whole set was new jokes, with maybe 5 minutes of old stuff, but it all segued seemlessly into new stuff. Awesomely exciting. We also got him to sign our ticket stubs. We were going to have him sign a bag of bologna, but one of the cats stole it. Stupid cats.

Work is work. There's nothing new to report there. So far I've only had one author this month tell me she didn't like any of the covers, but all she wanted was red shoes, so I gave her red shoes and she was like "THIS IS AMAZING!!!11box"

We just got back from The Dark Knight. It was amazing, and it makes me sit back and wonder why all the cool people die young. I seriously forgot that it was Heath Ledger, because he was just perfectly insane.

Sara is getting married tomorrow. I suck for not being there, but I crovals you forever anyway. Plus the Bear will be there, and she's basically just me with boobs, so nobody will really miss me. Right?

My birthday is on Thursday. What are you getting me?
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zomg Jim Gaffigan tonight.

zomg we also finally finished our MC Escher puzzle. It only took three weeks, whereas last time we attempted to put it together it took like... three months to finally concede and say "this puzzle is never going to get done."

zomg I really don't have anything important to say at all.

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Okay, so I’ve had a bit of time to recoup from the ordeal that was Miami International Airport and I’m no longer riding the high of being on vacation. So, you know what that means: it’s time for Nathan’s update about the honeymoon (Don’t worry, it’s PG. PG-13 at worst)! Rather than actually having journaled about it ever day, I decided to just take notes so we would have more time to enjoy ourselves. But, it’s still conveniently broken up into what I’m dubbing “Day Chunks.”

Day 1 – departing Miami and sea day )

Day 2 – First full day at sea )

Day 3 – Cozumel! )

Day 4 – Another boring day at sea )

Day 5 – Grand Cayman )

Day 6 – Jamaica )

Day 7 – Yet another boring day at sea )

Day 8 – Debarking and heading home )

Day 9 – Damn, now we’re not on vacation )

That’s it. That was our grand adventure. I typed this up in a word document, and it’s about 6.5 pages, so I really don’t expect anybody to have read all of it. Just rest assured it was the best vacation I’ve ever had.
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Okay, so... I'm going to try to come up with something substantial to talk about, because I haven't had a good update in awhile.

Work is going really well. I've been there for six months, I still totally love working there, making book covers, doing something I really enjoy doing. It's awesome. Unfortunately one of my friends got fired (there are a few people who I've really connected with and consider to be "friends," and he was one of the few). Apparently he was wanting to do things his own way, he had been warned that there was a protocol, was on 30 day probation, but persisted. It's all good for him, though, because he was planning on getting out anyway. It sucks without him, but alas, life goes on.

I started car pooling, so we're saving on gas. We're trying to do everything we can, because we want to buy a home, but unfortunately my mountains of student loan debt pretty much prevents us from getting approved for a loan of more than 5 bucks, which sucks out loud.

Liz's sister is here for the summer. We're going to try not to kill each other.

J.P. asked me to do some freelance stuff, which I'm super stoked for. I'm going to be making an album cover. Progress shots will be due!

We got Jim Gaffigan tickets. I'm super excited for this, because he is one of my favorite comedians. It's in July, so it's a lot to wait for, but still, I'm stoked.

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