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Gleaned from a Heroes message board:

"This show sucks. Any one who likes this show must be a liberal."

And this is why I don't read forums any more.
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Today has been a downright interesting day. See, I had today off for Good Friday, so Liz decided to play hooky. Liz and I had all these big plans to work on our anniversary gifts for each other (can you believe it's only a week away? I know I sure can't... (my gift is going to be super awesome. I'll have to post pictures. Crappy cell phone pictures)), but we ended up... not. We did do a bit of thrift storing, which I haven't done in quite some time. Pretty decent finds, nothing to write home about. Then we went to Target where we were going to buy meat, but Liz said "If you're good, I'll let you buy a game!" so we made a detour to the DVDs/games. What should we find, but both seasons of Heroes for $20. On top of that, Liz found The first four seasons of Angel for about $10 each. Yes, seriously. They didn't have season 5, so we went to Best Buy for that, and it was only $20ish. So we got five season of Angel for $60. And the big box is like $125. Insane. It was a textbook day. I ended up getting GTA: Chinatown wars for the DS, because I've heard good things. We also bought a totally hilarious card that we're going to send to somebody special. He or she will just have to see, tee hee (That was just for the sake of the rhyme).

What else made today interesting? Well, we saw Dragonball. Once again, you can blame Liz. Her reasoning this time? It has James Marsters (I sense a theme in this day...). It wasn't... well, it wasn't Bratz level of bad. I mean, it wasn't REALLY that terrible. I didn't go in expecting the blockbuster cinema experience of the season, so that helped. It was cheesy-American-trying-to-be-Japanese level of badness. It's certainly not a movie that I wish I could unwatch, but it wasn't wholely memorable. I don't know. I'm honestly having a difficult time to accately describe it. It wasn't good, obviously, but it wasn't spit in your face terrible. It was just... meh.

This is the first LJ entry I've had in a long time that didn't mention work at great length. Let's keep it that way. It's time to watch Dollhouse now.
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I just pulled up part of my finger opening one of the tubs in the garage. It hurts like a mother.

So, I never really talked about thanksgiving. It was... different. Normally I spend it with my family.

Actually, on second thought, that's not really true. I did last year just because they were here for Adrian, but the year before we did make-shift thanksgiving with Sara and then Peter. Or the other way around... I don't really remember.

But I digress. This year we went to Liz's grandparents house. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but they own a farm where her grandfather raises cows and has oil. They're pretty much what you expect from older people who live in the country in the south: lewd and unintentionally racist, without really thinking about the fact that it might offend people.

It was cool, though. There was good food, and I met a few people in Liz's family who I'd never met or only met once and didn't really make a lasting impression. Her great aunt and uncle are cool, and so is her cousin, and they were the only ones I hadn't met before. I'd met her uncle and aunt once at a previous thanksgiving, but I didn't really remember them.

So pretty much the only person who I don't like in Liz's family is her sister. She came, and she actually seemed cool for like... a day. But then the bitch set in, and I started to remember why I don't like her. Apparently it's sort of a consensus. Nobody outright says "we don't like Carla," they mostly pussyfoot around it and say things like "she can be so disagreeable" and such. We were glad to see her leave. Everybody just walks around on eggshells when she's around, for fear that she'll fly off the handle for any stupid reason. She's just like her father, apparently.

Also, I fed cows. And by "fed cows" I mean I sat in the truck while Liz's grandpa drove us out into the pasture and we drove along with the cows as they raced to the feeding pen, then he got out and actually fed them, because they probably would've trampled Liz or I to get to the food.

That was my holiday. Now it's back to work, back to arranging things for the wedding, and Electric Six this weekend. Woo!

Oh yeah, also: HEREOS WTF BBQ?!! Next week better not happen what I think is going to happen...

and that's all I'll say about that for fear of spoilers.
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*squees about Heroes*

So many plot twists... so many questions... gegnivtshcpth >.<

the following contains me ranting and spoilers )

Can't wait for next week. I'm already on the edge of my seat.
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Life as usual:

We bought Hereos S1 FINALLY. We didn't get it the day it came out because we were like... in the process of moving at the time, so we kind of forgot. We then promptly proceeded to watch it over the next 3 days. It really does help piece certain things together when watching it back to back, because there was a lot of times I was like "wait, when did that happen?" during original airings. Anyway, I'm super excited for the new season on Monday. I can't wait to find out what happens to everyone's favorite Hiro!

We also went to Best Buy today and bought NHL 2k8, because Liz and I decided we needed to have a hockey game. I wanted to get Metroid Prime 3 because I STILL FUCKING NEED IT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, but since it's still $50, we decided I'm probably just going to wait until Christmas. Besides, I still haven't finished 2, so I would feel silly. Liz bought a couple of girl movies. Hairspray and... well, okay, I guess Howl's Moving Castle isn't a girl movie, because it's awesome.

In other news, I hooked up my computer. Not to the internet, just plugged it in and everything, because I found a job listing in the want ads and I needed to print out an updated resume to fax, and we don't have printer drivers on Liz's computer so this was easier. I also updated my website. Nothing terribly exciting, just the about me and posted my updated resume. I think my subscription dealy expires in like February, so hopefully I'll have a job. Even if I don't, I still plan on renewing it, because it was like... $75 for a year. Super cheap.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Cross your fingers and wish me luck with the job stuff!
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Dear Season Finale of Heroes:


Yours truly,

(feel free to discuss in comments, though I feel it necessary to now put up a spoiler tag, for anybody who missed it)
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It's new journal style and icons time!

I also made a desktop theme, because I have some kind of crazy Hiro obsession.

And why the hell shouldn't I?
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Heroes has incorrect anachronisms!

Stay with me on this one.

The explosion isn't supposed to happen until November 2, 2006, right?
In tonights episode, Nikki was playing with a PS3 with her son.
The explosion has not yet happened.
The PS3 wasn't released until November 17, 2006.


Except I'm sure people actually will be bitching about it. Silly nerds.

Like I'm not one >.>

(ps, yay an actual appropriate time to use this icon!)

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