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Our server at work was horribly slow. I literally got nothing done today except the crap I took home with me last night. It was really frustrating, because all I was trying to do was work on some final proofs and load a cover so it would be printed at the beginning of next month. It was infurating. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that EVERYONE was trying to make deadlines today. It was annoying.

Does it make me a terrible person that the current ringtone for when my family calls is "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"?
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For those of you that missed it because you're either too lame or don't have facebook, Liz and I pulled the most excellent prank yesterday.

You know how you can set your relationship status? Well, early in the morning Liz and I changed ours to single. I changed my status to ":(" and Liz did hers to "is crushed." Needless to say, chaos ensued. There was an ensuing onslaught of "What the heck?" and "Are you guys okay?" and "What happened?" comments. There were a few people, namely Jean and Hannah, who were clever enough to see past our ruse, because they are such clever girls and know how devious we two are.

It was slightly less funny (but still totally hilarious) when my coworkers said to me, "That is a terrible prank!" today. Apparently word travels fast. I have maybe 3 or 4 of my coworkers on facebook, and they clearly saw the status and spread the word. Some of them had apparently wanted to say something about it yesterday, but were too worried I was going to start crying or jump off the building (those are her words). My creative director even said, "That is so mean! We were thinking about throwing you guys a shower, and then we all freaked out!" As she was telling me all this I was giggling uncontrollably (it was in an IM. Because we're very lazy in our office). I'm still giggling as I think about just how panicked they were.

I feel a little bad about it, just because I know a few people probably went into cardiac arrest, but come on, it's all in good fun.

What's cool is that they're still actually going to be throwing this shower, which totally makes my coworkers way cooler than any of yours.
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Just kidding:

Sony's press conference where they eat their words

It's funny how they're now doing like... the exact opposite of what their original mission statement with the PS3 was. They originally said they had to take out rumble feature to put in motion sensitivity, yet, somehow, that doesn't seem to be a problem now, and, oh yes, it was never a problem with Nintendo. Then they said how they planned on PS3 being more than a gaming console, sort of like a home computer, but they seem to realize that nobody actually cared about anything but the games if they already HAD a home computer.

Silly Sony. How do your words taste? Bitter? Good. They should.

Although, honestly, it is nice to see them actually taking all of the complaints about the system to heart and not just being like "oh, don't worry, we'll have a turn around". Rumor has it the price is going to drop again, so it might actually get to a point where I'll reconsider buying it, especially with the pending release of MGS4 and DMC4. And the eventual KH3. Maybe they're realizing what a bad investment blu-ray was, and they'll go back to DVD-roms. Microsoft doesn't seem to be having a problem selling them.
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Apparently my eyes are really crap and my lenses are super out of date, because I was at work yesterday and Brandon was mocking me. He came in to talk to Jonathan, the other guy in my office, and he (Brandon) said something to the effect of "so, were you planning on buying dinner for that monitor first?" because I was like... 2 inches away from it. So I told him I had enough of his tomfoolery.

Although, honestly, I think the monitor is complete shit, too, because I can see just fine at my computer at home sitting at a normal distance away. Really it's a combination.

So, that's my pointlessly amusing story from work for this week. My work amuses me, and so do my anecdotes.

I haven't much else to talk about. I would talk about Harry Potter, but I fear certain people may destroy me. That and I haven't actually read it yet, because it's Liz's book. So I've just been playing video games all day, which doesn't happen often.

Oh yeah, I got like... $150 Amazon gift certificate from my aunt and uncle, which I promptly blew on a couple DVDs and games: Super Paper Mario, Lego Star Wars II, Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, a George Carlin thing who's name I can't remember, but is from the tour Liz and I saw for my birthday last year, and season 5 of Degrassi for Lizi.

It's hot.
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So, we're going to the midnight of Harry Potter tonight. Naturally, we're dorks, so we have to have costumes.

Get your geek on )
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We saw Aqua Teen... etc. last night. Liz and I went with her old co-worker Jeremy (who, might I add, had some awesome chronic for us to partake in before-hand).

Oh man. That movie was fucking awesome. Seriously, the first 5 minutes or so is something that EVERY movie needs to have at the beginning. It's something that I think will be funnier if I leave the surprise up to you to find out.

We were rolling on the floor the whole time. I know it can't have been just our altered states of mind, because we weren't the only ones.

Obviously if you regularly watch ATHF, you should know not to expect anything profound or terribly plot-heavy. But seriously. See it. It's fucking awesome.

And I want the sound track.
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Hilarious image time!

The blue is Nintendo stock, and the red is Sony. Translation: Sony is eating it hard, at the moment, while Nintendo FTW.

So, really it's only funny if you're a nerd.

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