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I'm feeling pretty smug right now:

Roughly a year ago, my mom found a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. She found this significant, because I used to have such a thing when I was young (3 or 4 years old). Something about it just didn't look right to me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but this just didn't feel like it was my childhood toy. Maybe it was the nose or the sweater, but something just felt odd. Regardless, she convinced me to take the toy as it would be a good thing to pass on to our daughter.

Cut to this evening, and Liz and I were rearranging furniture and going through boxes in the second bedroom. In the middle of the floor is a pile of stuffed animals. Atop that pile is old Pooh Bear. I picked up the doll and thought to myself, "I still don't think this was mine." I checked the tag looking for a copyright date. There is a copyright, but no date. I heaved a sigh of defeat. However, I spotted something amiss: at the bottom of the tag was printed "disneystore.com."

Let me reitterate: I had this toy when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I was born in 1985. The internet wasn't a household word until the mid-90s, first of all; that alone is enough evidence to refute my mother's claim. Further evidence, however, lies in the fact that disneystore.com wasn't launched until 2007. She says that it was in a pile of Adrian's stuffed animals, and she doesn't remember anybody giving him one. Somebody must have, because this is not my toy.

As an aside, I do still plan on keeping it, since there is mild nostalgia there, and it's a worthwhile toy to pass on to our daughter.

Case: closed. Mom: owned.
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Highlight of the day: Some nerdy guy was trying to hit on Liz (probably) because she was standing in the Anime section at Best Buy while I was browsing Horror. I let it go on for a little bit, because I wanted to see just how far he could get, but then I felt bad for Liz. After we were done giggling about it, I started to feel bad for the guy. He probably thought he had all kinds of game, but then he got to get shut down in front of his friend. I now feel we probably should've thrown him a bone and at least let Liz give him a fake number. As I have explained to Liz on many occassions, she's like a diamond in the rough. There aren't a lot of nerd girls, and most of them look like dudes anyway, so when a nerd sees a hot nerd girl, he's gotta take his chances. That, and she has boobs, so those are a little distracting from the wedding ring.

Also, I heard some pop singer died. I dunno, maybe they'll talk about it on the news at some point so I can figure it out. I think there was something about some actress and former sex-symbol dying, too. I wonder if the two deaths were related?
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Yesterday Liz and I somehow got on the subject of babies. She was being a jerk, probably, so I threatened to not give her babies and give them to Petunia (a small plastic bear). Liz said that Petunia's too sophisticated for babies, but I thought she said that Petunia is a sophisticated bag lady. We giggled about that for like an hour last night.

In other news, I'm going to go out driving today! Hooray! Because we're working on getting me a driver's license! Hooray! That way I can drive to work and we actually have more options when we move out of this crap shack in August! Hooray!

So, yeah, there's that. Work is still work. Nothing really new to report. There's not really anything new to report in our lives at all. We're a couple of very boring people.
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We saw the greatest (well, I thought it was the greatest) vanity plate today. It said "OMGEPIX." I was amused. I decided that if I get a vanity plate (not likely) it will be "CHZ FTW," because cheese wins.

We played Mario Kart Wii online for the first time. Holy crap, it's like discovering a whole new game. Rather than the AI waffleing between randomly punishing to not even caring that you exist, it's ALWAYS intense, and you actually feel good about getting like... 5th. Yeah. (P.S., Mallory, stop lolly-gagging already. Jerk).

As always, I really don't have anything interesting to say. Woo, boring pointless update!
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This is probably the funniest thing I've seen today.

That, and Google's whole CADIE thing. Priceless.

Frankly I'm apalled that none of my coworkers thought to get me back for my prank from last April Fool's Day. I would think they'd be out for blood, considering I made EVERYBODY worry and it even made it all the way to exec. Probably the most epic thing I've ever pulled off, and I didn't even do that much.

What else is in the news? By which I mean, what have I been doing lately? To answer your question, nothing but working. I just raked our front yard (yes, really), but it's kind of moot since we don't have any trashbags, so now rather than a few smatterings of leaves, there's one big pile next to our ugly bush that catches all the trash from three counties. Yay terrible landscaping!

This entry has been, on the whole, really pointless. My life is terribly unexciting. Why do you still read this journal, anyway?
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You know how MST3k has made things popular that otherwise would never have seen the light of day? You know how you sometimes see one of these things and think "This CAN'T be real..." but then you look into it more, and it just makes you sad to realize it IS real?

I give to you Diabolik, coming soon to a video game console near you.

There's a worthwhile trailer.

It actually looks like it might not be a terrible game, is the sad part.
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song chart memes
more music charts

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Liz has a new nicname (as if she didn't need more): Lotas.

See, we ordered a pizza from dominoes, and over the phone they ask for the name. Liz said "Liz" and José on the other line said "what?" to which Liz replied "Elizabeth Harmony."

Apparently that somehow sounds like "lotus" only José didn't know how to spell, so it's Lotas.

At least now maybe she'll be able to escape Lix. :D
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Vote for my lol!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

(Appologies to Liz and Kathy and... well, pretty much everyone on my f-list, but he does)
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These are some of the really curious recommendations Amazon.com has offered me... Sorry they're big, I'm lazy, and life is far more difficult without photoshop. Not that I couldn't just use my work computer. So mostly I'm just lazy.

Something strange this way comes... )
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Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

This just might be the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.
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This is a good day to take care of things around your home, Nathan. Maybe you will want to reorganize one of your rooms. You might want to move some furniture around and create a new layout. Or you could add more light to your space by installing new blinds in your windows. Don't be afraid to be a bit creative. You might need to change some of the colors and energy in your home now.

That just might be the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Normally these things are inaccurate as hell... but that's just too good.
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My new job doesn't suck! Hoorah! I survived the first two days, and apparently today was the real test. Probably because of the "fast cash" thingy at the end of the day, which is code for "make the newbies make asses of themselves via improv,"

I was Miss America '25, in a hurricane, singing America the Beautiful. For some reason I couldn't remember the words, so I was just like "... um... Ameerrrricaaa, the beauuutiful... IIII don't know the words!" It rocked.

What also rocks is that we use Macbook Pros in the office, and every evening we take them home. We don't have to work or anything it's just "in case something happens to building," so as long as I have this job I have a free computer.

Other than that, my first two days were utterly uneventful. I spent most of yesterday just learning the system and how we do things, and in the morning I went around meeting people. So far I only remember like... 4 people, because they all have distinctive characteristics or interviewed me. Rawk.

Today, apparently, was the annual designer meeting, or whatever, so we went over to the President of the Company's house (which, I now need to add, is frelling enormous) and watched presentations on the (frelling enormous) projection screen. And had pizza for lunch. And one of coworkers, Steven, made the President's daughter cry. He jokingly said he was going to take her chair, and she got this wide-eyed look and ran to the laundry room and bawled her eyes out. He felt bad, but it was really hilarious.

So, in short, this job rocks on various levels, and hopefully I'll stay here for a long time.
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It's so seriously bizarre to actually be able to see properly. Apparently the glasses I had (which were about three years old) were 1.5 points too weak in one eye and 2.5 points too weak in the other. No wonder I couldn't see shit.

In the words of Brian Regan, how could instantly improve vision not be at the top of your list?

By the way, my eyes are really awful. My left eye is like... 20/350 and my right is 20/500. Holy shit. It's a wonder I can see my own willie when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Which I can't.
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So, I just let Clarice wander out onto the balcony. I left her alone for awhile, just standing inside and watching her. I must say, cats who have never been outside, unattended, are really funny. She was just freaked the hell out. She was doing that cat thing where she sniffs everything around her, and then she sat in the corner. When I came up to pet her, she yelled at me.

Yes, I just made a journal entry just about my cat. Yes, I AM one of those people. Bite me.
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Yesterday at work was amusing. First of all there was the fact that Placebo came on the radio. I have never heard Placebo on the radio, so that was a bit of a treat for me.

The amusing part comes in where we started talking about this HUGE bitch of an agent we have. Basically she goes through assistants like Kleenex. The longest she's had a single assistant for was a month. So, we started taking bets on how long this new girl will last. Richard said 3 days and some odd hours. I said 2 weeks. Then Brandon Price is Right'd me and went with a 2 weeks and a day.

And THEN! There's this property that's been like... the bane of my existence. Basically I had to take it back a dozen different times. I thought it was the agent being a ho, but it was apparently the seller, and the agent was just as torqued about it as I was. The biggest thorn was this mural. The seller was obsessed with it and wanted to get a great picture of it, so like half the edits I got back were for that stupid thing. This is the property that made me say "If I see this property again, please tell them to go die in a fire."

So I got it back today. One more edit. A new picture. In which the agent convinced the seller to paint over the mural. So I was amused and pissed at the same time.

There was something about today, but I can't remember. Oh well.
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So, this just enters into a whole new level of wtf dreams:

Liz and I are watching the discovery channel, and I guess it was something about the arctic. Anyway, they start showing clips of polar bears sliding down a slippery slope. Every time one of them goes, one of us shouts "SEA BEAR!" It goes on like this until a bunch start, and we're just like "SEA BEAR! SEA B- SEA SEA SEA BE- SEA BEAR!!" until they're all done.

Finally one more comes and we're like "SEA BEAR!" but then the bear slips, starts flailing, and when it hits the pile of bears at the bottom it goes "OOF!"

I woke up giggling. I'm giggling now just thinking about it.

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