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This is probably the funniest thing I've seen today.

That, and Google's whole CADIE thing. Priceless.

Frankly I'm apalled that none of my coworkers thought to get me back for my prank from last April Fool's Day. I would think they'd be out for blood, considering I made EVERYBODY worry and it even made it all the way to exec. Probably the most epic thing I've ever pulled off, and I didn't even do that much.

What else is in the news? By which I mean, what have I been doing lately? To answer your question, nothing but working. I just raked our front yard (yes, really), but it's kind of moot since we don't have any trashbags, so now rather than a few smatterings of leaves, there's one big pile next to our ugly bush that catches all the trash from three counties. Yay terrible landscaping!

This entry has been, on the whole, really pointless. My life is terribly unexciting. Why do you still read this journal, anyway?
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song chart memes
more music charts

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This is the greatest music video ever.

I swear, my next update is going to be about the vacation.
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This is why Adam Sessler is my hero.

This is why Isabella Rossellini is my hero. (very VERY not work safe, but funny)

And this is why Trent Reznor is my hero.

My goodness, I have a lot of heroes today. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for a Hiro icon. Oh wait.
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This movie looks so awesome it hurts.

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