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Typical fashion for me these days is to just give short bursts of information on facebook or twitter, but I felt the need to put all this up here on LJ since... well, there's kind of a lot to cover, and I just felt like updating.

long post is long )

tl;dr - Christmas was rad with lots of rad gifts and awesome people, our car is borked, we're happy to be home.
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So I guess being pregnant is like the new, hip thing at my work. Last month the associate in charge of music design announced she was pregnant, and earlier this week the girl who is the associate in charge of layout design announced SHE is pregnant. They're both due around the same time (end of July). Weird. Liz said something about it earlier last year when a bunch of girls at her work got pregnant, and that's about when she found out she was preggo. I'm pretty sure there's something in the water, so if any of you come out to visit us, bring your own hydration.

So, hi. Happy 2010.

We went to New Mexico last week. Saw some folks, marveled at the fact that my sister is growing up, marveled even more at the fact that my mom still doesn't seem to grasp that fact. We watched LOST. We also saw Avatar (sidebar: this is the new contender for "best movie ever" in my opinion. Nevermind the cheesy script, it looked shiny!).

I'd like to try and pick up blogging again. I have a lot on my mind, and I usually just say it to Liz and then it gets lost in the ether. That and facebook and twitter are my sounding board for random thoughts, and usually those minimum characters are a good enough outlet for me. I think we're also going to start using giraffebear for more baby pertinent things. Probably moreso once the kiddo is actually born. Speaking of her, we picked out a name, and no you still can't know it. You'll find out around April 29th.

So how are you, out there in livejournal land?
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New year.

That's about all I have to say on the subject.

We're back in OKC. The drive was uneventful, as always, save for the THICK AS SNOT FOG that we hit about a half hour from home. I also noticed that somehow the drive from LA to OKC seems to go by a lot faster than the other way around. Maybe it has to do with the elated feeling of being free from your past. Or maybe I'm being overly existential about it.

Also, before we left yesterday, we finally found Adrian's headstone. We spent a solid hour looking for it before my mom called my cousin, who had been to it in the snow before, to come help us, and it took her all of 5 seconds to find it. We were all annoyed at her. I took a picture of it, below the jump for anybody who wants to see it. It's fairly uninteresting. I mean, it's a tombstone. A picture of Adrian, too, because I felt like it.

A picture is worth some words, apparently )

Also, we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was kinda slow to start. Basically the first 45 minutes or so is just "hey look, he looks old, but he's really only 10! Do you get it yet? He's aging backwards. See? See? He's old, but not really." After it picked up it was a pretty good flick. Like any story worth telling, it's about a girl (that's a blatantly ripped off quote from something, if anybody can remember where I stole it from, I'd be greatful). Funny, touching, blah blah. David Fincher is a pretty cool cat.

Thus ended this post.
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It's awesome how our cable box keeps doing weird ass things. For example: this morning I tried to view the DVR list, and it would stay up for all of .5 second. I also could not input numbers. WTF. Also, just now, for some reason the sound just stopped working. It was fine, then I changed the channel. Checked cables and everything is hunky dory. Resetting ahoy.

It's also awesome how we went to wal-mart yesterday and got sodas/gum at the check out counter, and then proceeded to leave them there. I'm not so mad about the lost money ('twas only $3, after all) so much as I'm mad that the stupid cashier didn't a) put them in the bag with the rest of our stuff (which I sort of understand because most people want that sort of thing then and there), and b) say something like "hey, you forgot your sodas/gum!" as we forgot them on the check out counter. She was too busy thinking about lunch. What a jerk.

So uh... yeah, thanksgiving. I don't... really have anything to say about it, because we just went to Sayre. I'm going to LA around Christmas (about the 26th to the 2nd, I think...) with Liz, so... let's start making plans now, people in the New Mexico area! Hit me up.
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Holy crap holy crap holy crap. They just released the first trailer for Duke Nukem Forever in like... six years.

Holy crap.

I'm having a complete spaz attack about this. I spent countless hours playing Duke Nukem 3D back in the day.

I keep getting chills just thinking about it. I am so thrilled beyond words. I had a nerdgasm.

In other news, we're in Los Alamos now. The weather was kinda foggy and there was snow drifts. We ourselves were fine, but there was a HUGE (like huge falls short of describing it) accident just outside of Amarillo. It's been all over the news. When we first hit it, we weren't sure what was going on, because traffic just suddenly stopped. We crawled along for awhile, and then I noticed some trucks on the other side of the highway that... weren't facing the right direction. I was confused. Then I saw the source of it all: A semi had flipped and was across the whole side of the interstate there. It had come from our side, crashed through a light pole, and flipped over. The contents were spilled, and the cab was detached about 50 feet away, also on its side. It caused at least 50 vehicles to pile up, crash into each other and... it was just absolute carnage. The reason our side was slow was because there was another truck that... I guess swerved to miss the first one, and it was still in one lane, so we were all having to merge into one. I have never seen anything like that in my life, and I hope I never have to again.

I just feel so bad for all these people, because most of them were just going on holiday, and suddenly they're smashed between a bunch of cars and semis. Not to mention that it was cold, and these people had to be standing outside of their smashed cars, waiting for the authorities. Last I heard, at least 1 person died at the scene, and a few more are in the hospital in critical condition. One news report mentioned that there were kids there that weren't dressed for cold weather, so a bunch of people opened up their Christmas presents so they could give the kids something warm.

That, and there were 4 different accidents later down the highway: two more flipped semis, one flipped car, and one flipped u-haul.

Interesting trip, all in all.

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