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You know how MST3k has made things popular that otherwise would never have seen the light of day? You know how you sometimes see one of these things and think "This CAN'T be real..." but then you look into it more, and it just makes you sad to realize it IS real?

I give to you Diabolik, coming soon to a video game console near you.

There's a worthwhile trailer.

It actually looks like it might not be a terrible game, is the sad part.
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One of my coworkers today rose up about 15,000,000 points today. We were doing cover reviews, and somehow we got on the subject of crappy b-grade horror movies. At this point I chimed in with "I love those, so much!" Aforementioned coworker said "Like Mystery Science Theatre. I loved that show!"

I am so happy I work with nerds.

Oh yeah, Chip Kidd's new book comes out on the 19th. Awesome. Also awesome: The teaser for the new Indiana Jones movie. BBQ!
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You know what's truly awesome about my phone? The fact that I can set any .mp3 as my ringtone. Therefore my current ringtone is "Where, Oh Werewolf?" From MST3k. And if my family calls it's Blind Guardian's cover of "Mr. Sandman."

What else is neat is .mp3 editing software, so I was able to get exactly the part of those songs that I wanted instead of the less catchy beginning parts.

What else is new? Oh yeah, flu. It sucks hardcore. Everyone in my office has been being obliterated by this. In fact, half my department was gone on Monday. That's when it finally caught me. I started feeling yucky about 2 hours before quitting time, and then I woke up on Monday with a massive headache, a sore throat, and bad case of the retches.

I still feel like hell today, but I managed to drag my sorry body into the office, despite its complaints against me.

Final proofs are, in theory, going to be printed tomorrow, which means I will see for the first time one of my book cover designs on an actual book. I still need to upload all of those things to a) my portfolio, b) deviantart, and c) facebook so I can show the world just how awesome I am. And, y'know, make use of that $75 a year website I has. Which I had an inkling to make a massive overhaul to, but we'll see how lazy I'm not. Which is not at all (oh, decipher the double negative!).

I also have a few book recommendations! Check out STIFF: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. As the title implies, it's about dead bodies and all the fascinating stuff that happens to them when they get donated to science. And other things that used to happen to them, such as medical cannibalism (Yum!).

For The fiction fellow or fellowette (fellowina? It's not as cool without the alliteration...) out there who doesn't mind a bit of racy content and language, check out I Just Want My Pants Back, by David J. Rosen. Like any story worth telling, it's about a girl. I can't really do it justice describing it, you'll just have to read the back cover.

Our cats are weird and adorable. And annoying.
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If you don't like SPOILERS do NOT click this link )

That's all about the movie.

There was also a trailer for Pirates 3, so this is necessary:

Did you hear about the new pirate move? It's rated PG Thirteeeeeeeeeeeeeen

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