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I really enjoy seeing local bands and giving them all the support and love they deserve, but man... I'm starting to think I'm getting too old for this crap.

Tonight I went out to see my friend's band perform at The Conservatory. To give you an idea, imagine a two bedroom apartment that is completely gutted and a stage and bar are put in, and you can get an appreciation of just how small this place. I am all about small venues, because it's a lot more intimate a setting, and generally you don't have to worry about people moshing/slam dancing and ruining the experience, because generally the people who attend these smaller concerts are friends with somebody in the band, so the other attendees don't put up with such tomfoolery. I digress. My point is that people need to understand that the venue they are playing is insanely tiny, and they don't need 30 amps cranked all the way up when there are roughly 100 people in the building. Or I could just stop bitching and invest in some earplugs.

Other evidence that I'm getting too old for this kind of sillyness: Probably a good 70% of the people there were under 18, presumably there to see the first band who looked like they were about my sister's age (13). I felt like an awkward creepy perv, and Tyler made the observation as well. He also observed that having a band in high school is a really great way to get exposure, whereas his exposure is the 100 or so people he works with and whoever goes to his church, most of whom aren't at all interested in the type of music his band plays.

At any rate, the show was really enjoyable, despite what my petty gripes might lead you to believe. I think I'm getting quite crumudgeonly in my quarter-life. That or I've always been a bitter old man. My golden years are going to be enjoyable, I'm sure. You should follow that first link I posted and give them a listen, and tell them I sent you and they'll give me a free t-shirt! Okay, that last part probably won't happen, but I know that they'll appreciate the exposure beyond dinky OKC. I know I sure would! It's also helping me to expand my horizons beyond work and home and possibly allowing me to make new friends. That would be a bonus, let me tell you, because right now the only people I hang out with are Liz, and while she's asleep I chat with Mallory who lives in NJ. Not much of a social life.
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This is maybe just the most haunting version of "Billie Jean" I have ever heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTaI7pu-6ps

Without spoken intro, if you don't want to hear her explaination (which, I don't know why, because AFP is awesome): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsHJy1xNvEE
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So, there's basically nothing about this article that didn't make me squeal with joy.

Things that have made me happy about this week:

  • Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

  • Conan referencing internet memes about himself

  • Joel McHale on Conan

  • Tom Hanks on Conan

  • Basically everything about Conan

  • 80s week for this weeks work playlist

  • FINALLY switching an author to print who has been in layout since last October (we're only supposed to take about 2 months but she was... insane seems too mild a word)

  • Netflix (finally saw Wall•E and Get Smart. Gonna catch up on all those movies we missed in '08)

  • Continued progress on driving

  • Liz making hamburgers

  • E3. Like... seriously

I swear, I'll have an update with substance eventually. Maybe.
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Stupid internet. You let me down for the last time. *shakes fist*

This is the last time I update today, I swear.
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High-speed hilarity!

I love Penny-Arcade.
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This past week I have been trying to find decent artists who sing in languages other than English. Unfortunately when I find one, I don't get the other. Why am I doing this? Work playlists. The theme this week is foreign language. I did find a few things worth talking about in my seemingly neverending quest:

Black Ingvars. If you've been reading my LJ for very long, you should know how much I love this band and their ridiculousness, I just figured this was a good oportunity to pimp their name again. Basically they do metal covers of childrens songs, with hilarious results. Most of their albums are in Sweedish, but if you're interested in metal covers of popular songs in English, check out Kids Superhits.

Jakobinarina. Icelandic punk. In English, no less. It's got a really decent beat that I can't help but be happy when I listen to. Unfortunately they only released one album, because touring became too stressful. Alas.

Les Wampas. French punk. In French. They have a great song about Manu Chao and how he went from punk rock to doing world music, and how the rock community suffered a loss because of it.
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I (and by "I" I mean both Liz and myself) am going to be in Dallas on the 23rd and part of the two days surrounding. What for? Ben Folds, of course. I'm excited beyond all reason. I've been listening to Way to Normal obsessively since I bought it (As in it's the first album I listen to when I get to work). You should all listen to it and worship the awesomeness, even if you don't like Ben Folds (which, why would you not? That's just plain silly of you), because it is superior and amazing and other superlatives.

Side note: this keyboard sucks. The keys are all sunken in, and you pretty much have to smash them to make them work sometimes. This may also be because it's wireless, and wireless si teh suxxorz.

I swear I had something else substantial to add, but I may be fooling myself. Mostly I just have passing thoughts and random gripes.

-I'm tired of getting junk e-mail
-My sister wants guitar hero for Christmas
-I can't decide if I want a 360 or a Wii
-I've had to pee since like 4:45 (you're welcome)
-I want to go skiing. But I'm sure I'll suck and fall a lot since it's been like 7 years since I last went
-I'm making feeble attempts to branch out and make friends at work, because I'm tired of being boring and spending weekends at home. I kind of suck at making friends
-I'm hungry
-I keep remembering files that were on my computer that I'm mad about losing. Like the rest of my Venture Brothers icons
-This post kind of has no point
-Look at me, I'm fishing for comments!
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Dear Cox,

What the hell is the point of having a cable connection with a wireless network if I have to reset the modem every 15 minutes? Oh right, none at all. Thanks for being a sucky ISP.


In other news, yes, my job is way cooler than yours. You know why? Because everybody in the office, upon hearing our house was robbed, pooled together and donated over $2000 to our cause. I heard that they were going to pool together for us, but I was expecting like... a couple hundred, at most.

So, yeah. In case you're wondering, it helps to have a sense of humor about this. People keep saying "it's nice that you maintain such a positive attitude despite all the bad stuff." My attitude is you kind of have to leave your baggage at the door.

Oh, also also, yay for new Ben Folds album. It si teh sexxorz.
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So, inspired by Liz, I decided to compose my list of the 20 most influential albums of my life. A lot of these will probably come as no surprise to you, but you may be surprised to find some things NOT on the list. Frankly, I'M surprised by some of the things that made the cut and got bumped. I abided by the same rules she did (no soundtracks or compilation albums, basically. Just straight up artists and their work), plus I've also provided commentary, because I felt like it. Like her, I really encourage the rest of you to do this. It's a pretty fulfilling exercise if you put the proper thought into it.

In no particular order:

cut for length )

If anybody wants any of these, I'd be happy to upload them. Just drop a quick comment. For now I'm too lazy.
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This is why Ben Folds is way cooler than you are.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Ben Folds? Like... it's seriously borderline man-crush.
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Here are things that are great about things recently:

Ben Folds is coming out with a new album. I am beyond excited for this.

He is also producing Amanda Palmer's solo album. This is very great, because I love Ben, and I love The Dresden Dolls, so together, how can it lose?

I have nothing else to say right now.
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This is the greatest music video ever.

I swear, my next update is going to be about the vacation.
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Things of note in apathetic list format:

-Our department is moved into the new office, more or less. We cleaned and painted today. We have green walls. I drove the golf cart.
-My authors this month are super pain-in-the-butts. Argh.
-I discovered that some of my coworkers not only have amazing taste in movies, but music as well.
-The Movie Gallery next door is closing, so I bought some super cheap DVDs (and found out about the aforementioned amazing tastes)
-We also bought and watched RV and Man of the Year. The first was surprisingly not terrible, and the second was a lot darker than I thought it would be.
-Have I mentioned that we're getting married in two months? It's a little scary, but exciting too! (you punks better be coming. I will seriously cry.)
-The strike is over (old news), and Heroes won't be back until November (lame news).
-I'm thinking about growing a beard again. Maybe it won't look white-trash this time.

I think that's all that's really important. Actually, none of it's really that exciting. This is my boring life.
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You know what's truly awesome about my phone? The fact that I can set any .mp3 as my ringtone. Therefore my current ringtone is "Where, Oh Werewolf?" From MST3k. And if my family calls it's Blind Guardian's cover of "Mr. Sandman."

What else is neat is .mp3 editing software, so I was able to get exactly the part of those songs that I wanted instead of the less catchy beginning parts.

What else is new? Oh yeah, flu. It sucks hardcore. Everyone in my office has been being obliterated by this. In fact, half my department was gone on Monday. That's when it finally caught me. I started feeling yucky about 2 hours before quitting time, and then I woke up on Monday with a massive headache, a sore throat, and bad case of the retches.

I still feel like hell today, but I managed to drag my sorry body into the office, despite its complaints against me.

Final proofs are, in theory, going to be printed tomorrow, which means I will see for the first time one of my book cover designs on an actual book. I still need to upload all of those things to a) my portfolio, b) deviantart, and c) facebook so I can show the world just how awesome I am. And, y'know, make use of that $75 a year website I has. Which I had an inkling to make a massive overhaul to, but we'll see how lazy I'm not. Which is not at all (oh, decipher the double negative!).

I also have a few book recommendations! Check out STIFF: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. As the title implies, it's about dead bodies and all the fascinating stuff that happens to them when they get donated to science. And other things that used to happen to them, such as medical cannibalism (Yum!).

For The fiction fellow or fellowette (fellowina? It's not as cool without the alliteration...) out there who doesn't mind a bit of racy content and language, check out I Just Want My Pants Back, by David J. Rosen. Like any story worth telling, it's about a girl. I can't really do it justice describing it, you'll just have to read the back cover.

Our cats are weird and adorable. And annoying.
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Well, it's been awhile since I've done a pointless meme post, so here's this one that start the circuit again. I know I've done this before, so I tried to do it with bands I'm pretty sure I didn't use the prior time(s):

If you're going to do this, pick 10 bands before you go on to the questions below. No particular order.

1. Iron Maiden
2. Piebald
3. Dead Kennedys
4. Ben Folds Five
5. Finch
6. They Might Be Giants
7. Snake River Conspiracy
8. Relient K
9. Tsunami Bomb
10. Evergreen Terrace

riddle me this )
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I have nothing better to do until Heroes comes on, so I'm doing this, ganked from The Bear.

iTunes Quiz

you don't actually care! )

That was excitingly pointless.
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We saw Aqua Teen... etc. last night. Liz and I went with her old co-worker Jeremy (who, might I add, had some awesome chronic for us to partake in before-hand).

Oh man. That movie was fucking awesome. Seriously, the first 5 minutes or so is something that EVERY movie needs to have at the beginning. It's something that I think will be funnier if I leave the surprise up to you to find out.

We were rolling on the floor the whole time. I know it can't have been just our altered states of mind, because we weren't the only ones.

Obviously if you regularly watch ATHF, you should know not to expect anything profound or terribly plot-heavy. But seriously. See it. It's fucking awesome.

And I want the sound track.
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You know what would absolutely rock? If Bill Richardson was actually the Democratic candidate for '08. I would actually WANT to vote for him, rather than settling on the lesser of two evils. I'll grant you Obama isn't too bad a choice either, and Hilary is probably one of the greatest political minds I've ever seen, but it would be awesome if New Mexico actually had something to be proud of. Richardson is basically why New Mexico doesn't completely suck.

So, in other news, I almost fell down the stairs walking to work today. It was really embarrassing. Fortunately I caught myself, otherwise I would have toppled into the guy walking ahead of me, and that would have been really terrible.

I managed to only design one site today. That sucks a lot, considering I average 4 in an afternoon. I also had to reprint and staple something twice, which really sucks, because stapling is basically the ONLY thing in our office that isn't automated. And ... yeah. Doing it 50 times is no darn fun.

I also love Ben Folds.
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I deem the new Kittie album pants wettingly good. In fact, I daresay it is my new favorite.

I just thought you might all like to know.

Even though I know you don't really care about my fanboyish ramblings.

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