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I bet we were all looking forward to this entry, weren't we? Back in old form, I would say!
Today, I woke up at around 8:30. Maybe closer to 9, not really sure (Liz now informs me it was "promptly at 8:15"). I got up, peed, went downstairs and put on pants. The dog was whining, so I let her out of the bathroom (we have to lock her up at night, otherwise she gets into the garbage/cat box/everything else that gives dogs diarrhea) and took her outside for her morning potty. To my chagrin, it was raining. She led me to her grassy spot, stood around for awhile, and finally decided to go.

I returned home and sat down on the couch with Liz, and discussed our options for breakfast. Eventually we decided on McDonald's. We ate it, I got indigestion, and Liz had a few contractions (a continuing theme throughout the day. Infrequent and inconsistent, but increasing in intensity. [that's a whole lot of unintentional alliteriation]). Durring breakfast, we watched Frank Caliendo's newish special. His new jokes were funny, but about 80% of it was jokes from his half-hour comedy central special. After that, we watched Clerks, exchanged ribbings, Liz had more contractions, and I frequently asked the question "are you having another apostrophe?" (see what I did there?)

After that, we watched the rest of Weeds, season 5. We had watched up to about episode four before we turned our cable of at the old apartment. The season definitely picked up from season 4, and the show is coming back in my favor. Makes me wish we had showtime again, but not really since it's like... $15 a month for that one show. Durring that we ate lunch at some point. I'm pretty sure we had pizza.

I also ate some gummies, drank some mountain dew, and played with a funny pink thing that Mallory sent me.

Just now, we got back from doing brief grocery shopping. Nothing really exciting happened there. Now we're watching Jamie Kennedy.

As you can see, my life hasn't changed a whole lot from high school, except there's less drugs.


Mar. 15th, 2010 05:53 pm
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-We're steadily approaching the due date for Liz Jr. I figured it out to be 45 days. 6.5 weeks. That's crazy soon.
-Liz is getting tired and wiped, so she's quitting her job a week earlier than originally planned.
-One of my favorite people at work quit, and I'm kind of sad about it, because... well, he was one of my favorite people at work.
-Nintendo has a lot of really great games coming out this quarter.
-Speaking of Nintendo, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is pretty awesome.
-Our cats are funny, and they sleep a lot.
-This post is seriously degenerating, because I really don't have anything at all to say.

I'm a much more interesting person to follow on twitter these days. I swear, I'll eventually start blogging with regularity again. Maybe once our lives become more complicated exciting and fulfilling when the baby is born.
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Remember when life was simple? Man, college was good times, before I had to worry about, like, debt.

It's not all bad. We're having a baby. I was just getting all nostalgia face, because I went back and started reading old entries from around the time I was graduating college/Liz and I were first engaged. Good times. Back when I felt it was neccessary to keep people posted on my goings on, because there was more going on than just "I went to work. Then I was not at work. We cleaned the house this weekend." Rinse and repeat. I also noticed that I was a much more clever word smith back then. Granted, I've grown and matured, so there are far less f-bombs dropped all throughout (in fact, almost none at all. Not that I don't still curse like a sailor in normal conversation, but even that has been curtailed due to working at a Christian company).

I don't know, I didn't really have a point to all this. I'm just kind of rambling. Mostly I think I miss Denver, because in Oklahoma I feel weirdly alienated. Mostly because I don't actually know anybody here, but because the few people I DO know are the polar oposite of Liz and I both politically and idealistically. I miss hanging out with people with no real intent on what. Just... watching cartoons or crappy movies all day was totally enough, because it wasn't even really about the movies or the cartoons.

Feeeeck. I don't know. Mostly I think we just need to move, which we totally are going to be doing in like... 5 years. Because I don't really want our daughter growing up in this bass-ackwards state.
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Knock Knock.

Who's there?

Nobody, because I never update livejournal anymore, because Liz and I have uber boring lives.


Do you get it?

But seriously, the most exciting thing going on right now is Liz Jr. We've been narrowing down names for the last week or so, and we've got it down to two. I really want to ask people to help us chose, but Liz made me promise that nobody gets to know until the kid Splash Mountain(tm)s out of her. Probably earlier, because I'm certain that my work is going to throw us a baby shower, and they won't want to put "Insert Baby Name Here" on the invitations. At any rate, I still think Strong Bad is a perfectly acceptable name for a girl.

Work is pretty much the same as always. I deal with crazy clients, I have a really awesome idea and it get shot down by one of my supervisors, and if it makes it through them it gets shot down by the author, rinse and repeat. To quote Randal, this job wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the customers.

We're going to New Mexico for Christmas. I'll be driving at least part of the way. I'm looking forward to driving in the snow and losing control and killing all 2.5 of us in a fiery explosion of death and dying because the last time I drove in the snow I almost flipped my mom's mini-van.

That's all. See you all again in 6 months.

Just kidding.

Maybe not.
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Last month was very stressful. I don't really have any specific definable reason (other than my pregnant wife, obviously), I was just having an off month. My work suffered. I looked at all my projects from my job last month and said to myself, "Self: You are better than this. You're just not trying hard enough."
This month has been significantly better. Of the 7 layouts I've already done, only two of them were "meh." The rest left me with a sense of self-satisfaction and pride in my own talents that I haven't felt in quite some time. One of them in particular I was proud of, because for the first time I created everything purely from scratch. Usually I'll use stock photography and vectors and build off of them, but this one was purely my own original content. I was pretty pleased with myself for that one, considering I've fallen into a bad habit of not using original content. My job has spoiled me in that fashion. On top of all that, we went and did a photo shoot and I took many pictures that turned out darn good.

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday. I had been growing it out slightly, because, according to Liz, I didn't have an adult hair cut. Unfortunately I'm quite apathetic, so the hair has been growing since about July, with one trim in the interem from Liz.

In still other news, holy crap Christmas is not that far away. I hope nobody expects anything, because babies are expensive.

Good day.
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I really enjoy seeing local bands and giving them all the support and love they deserve, but man... I'm starting to think I'm getting too old for this crap.

Tonight I went out to see my friend's band perform at The Conservatory. To give you an idea, imagine a two bedroom apartment that is completely gutted and a stage and bar are put in, and you can get an appreciation of just how small this place. I am all about small venues, because it's a lot more intimate a setting, and generally you don't have to worry about people moshing/slam dancing and ruining the experience, because generally the people who attend these smaller concerts are friends with somebody in the band, so the other attendees don't put up with such tomfoolery. I digress. My point is that people need to understand that the venue they are playing is insanely tiny, and they don't need 30 amps cranked all the way up when there are roughly 100 people in the building. Or I could just stop bitching and invest in some earplugs.

Other evidence that I'm getting too old for this kind of sillyness: Probably a good 70% of the people there were under 18, presumably there to see the first band who looked like they were about my sister's age (13). I felt like an awkward creepy perv, and Tyler made the observation as well. He also observed that having a band in high school is a really great way to get exposure, whereas his exposure is the 100 or so people he works with and whoever goes to his church, most of whom aren't at all interested in the type of music his band plays.

At any rate, the show was really enjoyable, despite what my petty gripes might lead you to believe. I think I'm getting quite crumudgeonly in my quarter-life. That or I've always been a bitter old man. My golden years are going to be enjoyable, I'm sure. You should follow that first link I posted and give them a listen, and tell them I sent you and they'll give me a free t-shirt! Okay, that last part probably won't happen, but I know that they'll appreciate the exposure beyond dinky OKC. I know I sure would! It's also helping me to expand my horizons beyond work and home and possibly allowing me to make new friends. That would be a bonus, let me tell you, because right now the only people I hang out with are Liz, and while she's asleep I chat with Mallory who lives in NJ. Not much of a social life.
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This is probably the funniest thing I've seen today.

That, and Google's whole CADIE thing. Priceless.

Frankly I'm apalled that none of my coworkers thought to get me back for my prank from last April Fool's Day. I would think they'd be out for blood, considering I made EVERYBODY worry and it even made it all the way to exec. Probably the most epic thing I've ever pulled off, and I didn't even do that much.

What else is in the news? By which I mean, what have I been doing lately? To answer your question, nothing but working. I just raked our front yard (yes, really), but it's kind of moot since we don't have any trashbags, so now rather than a few smatterings of leaves, there's one big pile next to our ugly bush that catches all the trash from three counties. Yay terrible landscaping!

This entry has been, on the whole, really pointless. My life is terribly unexciting. Why do you still read this journal, anyway?
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zomg, we finished our Beetles puzzle! You know why that's cool? Because it's a White Album poster. I know, right?

It wasn't as hard as it sounds, though, because it's actually two sided, where the back side shows the actual LPs, and we worked on that side. But it's still neat and a rather shiney accomplishment.

So... I really haven't a thing worth talking about. All that's really going on with me is work.

Well, I just remembered something kinda cool. Our Christmas party is on Tuesday, and we have to come up with skits departmentally. I think I may have mentioned this before. The theme is Disney, and I thought it would've been funny to do like a "Where are they now?" special, and all the characters would be drunkards or narcoleptic or a variety of other things. That idea got shot down. So what we ended up doing is turning everybody on staff (besides our department, of course) into various Disney characters. There were obviously a few people who put NO effort into it, but I think mine came out looking rather neat. I'll have to put up the finished results ... whenever I feel like caring.

That's really all. Christmas is soon. I got neat gifts for my family and Liz, and I think she's going to need a change of pants when she sees the things. Yay vagueness.
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I (and by "I" I mean both Liz and myself) am going to be in Dallas on the 23rd and part of the two days surrounding. What for? Ben Folds, of course. I'm excited beyond all reason. I've been listening to Way to Normal obsessively since I bought it (As in it's the first album I listen to when I get to work). You should all listen to it and worship the awesomeness, even if you don't like Ben Folds (which, why would you not? That's just plain silly of you), because it is superior and amazing and other superlatives.

Side note: this keyboard sucks. The keys are all sunken in, and you pretty much have to smash them to make them work sometimes. This may also be because it's wireless, and wireless si teh suxxorz.

I swear I had something else substantial to add, but I may be fooling myself. Mostly I just have passing thoughts and random gripes.

-I'm tired of getting junk e-mail
-My sister wants guitar hero for Christmas
-I can't decide if I want a 360 or a Wii
-I've had to pee since like 4:45 (you're welcome)
-I want to go skiing. But I'm sure I'll suck and fall a lot since it's been like 7 years since I last went
-I'm making feeble attempts to branch out and make friends at work, because I'm tired of being boring and spending weekends at home. I kind of suck at making friends
-I'm hungry
-I keep remembering files that were on my computer that I'm mad about losing. Like the rest of my Venture Brothers icons
-This post kind of has no point
-Look at me, I'm fishing for comments!
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It's been a little over a year since we moved to OKC, so I decided now is as good a time as any to take a stock of my life and catalog everything that's happened. Pseudo-chronologically, because I can't remember the exact order in which I do things, but I'm trying, damn it.

I really don't blame you if nobody reads this whole thing. Even Liz.

It's a rambling summary of 12 months of events. Of COURSE I cut it )

What have I learned from all of this? What can you learn from all of this? What was the point of doing this? All excellent questions! I'm still growing and changing (as people are wont to do). I still have a lot of growing up to do. I've had some thoroughly life altering experiences this past year, all of which I'm just trying to take it all in stride. There's ups and downs, and sometimes it never seems like you can climb out of those valleys. Eventually we all do. Sometimes it seems like there's more downs than ups, but I think it all evens out for us in the end. Just try not to let it get the best of you, my little chickadees. There's not really much I expect anybody else to learn from this rambly ass journey through my thoughts, it's mostly just introspective on my part. I had some stuff that I felt needed to be put out there for everybody in livejournal land, and now it's laid out.

What am I going to do now? I'm going to walk the dog and watch the Green Bay Packers demolish the Dallas Cowboys. STFU it will too happen!
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This M.C. Escher puzzle is diabolical.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this puzzle. It's something we bought 2 or 3 years ago at a game shop. The thinking here was "Hey, how cool would it be to put this puzzle together and then glue it to a cardboard back? We'd have a great big Escher print!" (For those curious, this is the piece we're working with)

Really a great idea in theory. It wasn't until after we got home that we realize "oh crap, this is a 1000 piece puzzle." and when we got it out of the box we realized "oh crap, all these pieces are identical."

So, the first time we started it, we BARELY trudged through getting the border done and we got... um.. the eyes of both the figures. The borders suck hardcore, because on the sides it's just pure white pieces. WTF, lame. We pretty much gave up on it, and the puzzle just sat on our dining room table for several months before we decided "y'know, we aren't even working on this. We should just put it up."

Well, we pulled it out again a couple weeks ago, and we're taking a really ambitious shot at it this time. We actually almost have the guy's head finished, and we have the hair for the girl and various random bits and pieces here and there. The real killer is going to be the background.

Yes, this post is just about a puzzle. We really are that boring.

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