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So, there's basically nothing about this article that didn't make me squeal with joy.

Things that have made me happy about this week:

  • Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

  • Conan referencing internet memes about himself

  • Joel McHale on Conan

  • Tom Hanks on Conan

  • Basically everything about Conan

  • 80s week for this weeks work playlist

  • FINALLY switching an author to print who has been in layout since last October (we're only supposed to take about 2 months but she was... insane seems too mild a word)

  • Netflix (finally saw Wall•E and Get Smart. Gonna catch up on all those movies we missed in '08)

  • Continued progress on driving

  • Liz making hamburgers

  • E3. Like... seriously

I swear, I'll have an update with substance eventually. Maybe.
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I heartily approve of both of these games.
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We saw the greatest (well, I thought it was the greatest) vanity plate today. It said "OMGEPIX." I was amused. I decided that if I get a vanity plate (not likely) it will be "CHZ FTW," because cheese wins.

We played Mario Kart Wii online for the first time. Holy crap, it's like discovering a whole new game. Rather than the AI waffleing between randomly punishing to not even caring that you exist, it's ALWAYS intense, and you actually feel good about getting like... 5th. Yeah. (P.S., Mallory, stop lolly-gagging already. Jerk).

As always, I really don't have anything interesting to say. Woo, boring pointless update!
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This whole Keynote made me insanely happy. Like... everything about it. I made this face about every five minutes: 8-O

I'm such a nerd... But still! Less crappy SD functionality on the Wii! FF on the VC!! And, last but most CERTAINLY not least, NEW ZELDA OFFICALLY ANNOUNCED OMG YAY!!!!!!!
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Also, there's this:


I mean, I know, right?
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Hey Wiinerds (heh heh, I'm clever) You should drop me your codes.

Me: 1050-5059-6387-5845
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I have a piece of advice for you: go buy honey mustard pringles. They're amazing. Then again, I like salt and vinegar pringles, so maybe I'm not the best judge of taste.

Did you know it's the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln penny? I learned that from a book I designed the other day. It was a pretty interesting book. Historical fiction, basically, about a penny minted in 1909, which a boy got for his mom after finding out she was the daughter of Abe and Mary Todd's only child to survive into adulthood. Basically it then goes on, chapter to chapter, about the many hands this penny has changed through.

Speaking of my job, I worked on a book today that I'm thoroughly convinced caused my eyes to melt out of my head. See, it's a teacher's manual for a student workbook which I also did the layout for, the latter having caused me to hemmorhage internally for a week because it was such a frustrating layout. Why? Because the ONE HUNDRED IMAGES to be inserted were all contained within a Word document, so I had to extract them, save them, and then insert them into the layout. That in and of itself was irritating, but then since it was a workbook there were number lists and bullet lists on literally every page. Have I mentioned I hate workbooks? I digress, back to the teacher's manual, which was equally frustrating in all the aforementioned aspects, but there is the addition of having to add in the underlines to the answer sheets because our document cleaner takes underlines out.

Don't get me wrong, I really do love my job, but every once in awhile there's books like that which make me want to perform violent acts upon myself. One reason I love my job is that we have random things we do for fun, like yesterday we were asked to make playlists. In my response e-mail, I said "you will only have yourself to blame when I play A-ha." Which I did. As well as 3 other one-hit wonder pop staples of the '80s. And everyone felt mine was the best playlist.

In the words of Kevin Spacey, I rule.

Who else rules? Liz. Because she bought a Wii with our tax refund. I didn't see it until like... 6:30 or so when I went into the second bedroom to chase a cat, and there it was sitting on the floor. With Mario Kart. SERIOUSLY, my wife is so much cooler than yours.

That's about all I have to say about that.
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Reasons why my job is awesome:

1. We were voted the #2 best place to work in Oklahoma for small-medium businesses.
2. Because of this, the CEO of the company decided to let everyone leave at noon.


Now, to add some "wtf-ery" to your day, this link. Top 10 Places To Not Visit.

For those too lazy/linkophobes, this puts OKC as the #4 worst place to vist. And Chernobyl is #5. And Baghdad is #10. And OKC is on this list for weather.


First off, there are WAY worse places for weather like... oh, I don't know... anywhere in the gulf coast? And it mentions blizzards and unpredictable weather. Haha... whoever wrote this artical has clearly never been to Denver. Or anywhere in the North. Secondly, who in their right mind would put a perfectly inhabitable city, with a THRIVING commerce, as a bad place to visit on the same list that contains a place STILL suffering from radiation poisoning? And as a worse place! It's just asinine.

In other news, the AI in Mario Kart Wii cheats to endless degrees. It makes me the angry.
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Dude. Nintendo dropped a huge bomb that I somehow missed: Mario Kart Wii was originally slated for June or July, but about a week ago they officially announced that it will be released April 27th. 2 days before GTAIV. Which is an insanely ballsy move on Nintendo's part. That's way exciting.

That's... um... all. Well, sort of. I had this really sweet cover for one of my authors that got totally turned down. Everyone in the office loved it, but she was like "this isn't my story, wah wah," and I was like ":(" She's parapalegic, her book is called "God Knew I Loved Pizza," and the cover I made was a wheelchair with pizza for wheels. Awesome, right? But she didn't go for it. Oh well.
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Hilarious work story time (I know you're excited)!

We use stock photography for most of our book covers. Until recently we were using istockphoto, but we switched to shutterstock. I like it much better. One of the neat things it has is categories. So, I was browsing through "abstract" today, looking for something inspirational for a book about communication (I can see how excited you all are), and I came across this. My first reaction was this face: 8-| and in my head going "who the crap would post a picture like that in stock photos!? SURELY that's not what I think it is!" See, there are nude shots, but they're all tasteful and don't blatantly portray the bathing suit area.

Upon further inspection into his portfolio, I found another picture which uses the same illustration, only not in silhouette form, and it's just a sleeve. Still, that's just a really REALLY unfortunate coincidence, because the actual illustrations he as are rather nifty.

I'm the design maharashi for tomorrow. What does this mean? It means I pick a project or design related article, and make my peers bow to my whims. I decided to have everyone come up with a super power and what they would do with it. I've already decided mine: amazing web-slinging powers, because I'm too lazy to go across the room to get the remote. And... y'know, it's a way cooler way to travel than by a smelly ol' car.

Attention video game nerds: start reading here, because my work life is ultra boring!

In geek news, Smash Bros Brawl released yesterday. It is everything I expected and so much more. My favorite new characters so far (I haven't unlocked Snake yet. Sadness) are Meta Knight and Pokémon Trainer. There's still a few more I have to try out, but some of the new ones are... really lame. Like Diddy Kong. He sucks. If you have a Wii, you should pick it up. It rocks hard core. I've been waiting for this game for like... 2 years. Now I have nothing left to sit on pins and needles for except Mario Kart. Which is going to be epic awesome.

So, that's like... all the interesting information in my life of late. There's a reason I don't update any more.
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Mario Galaxy is going to be EPIC AWESOME. I seriously cannot wait for Tuesday. This game looks GORGEOUS and like an absolute DREAM to play. So much so that I keep using CAPS LOCK!
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Apparently my eyes are really crap and my lenses are super out of date, because I was at work yesterday and Brandon was mocking me. He came in to talk to Jonathan, the other guy in my office, and he (Brandon) said something to the effect of "so, were you planning on buying dinner for that monitor first?" because I was like... 2 inches away from it. So I told him I had enough of his tomfoolery.

Although, honestly, I think the monitor is complete shit, too, because I can see just fine at my computer at home sitting at a normal distance away. Really it's a combination.

So, that's my pointlessly amusing story from work for this week. My work amuses me, and so do my anecdotes.

I haven't much else to talk about. I would talk about Harry Potter, but I fear certain people may destroy me. That and I haven't actually read it yet, because it's Liz's book. So I've just been playing video games all day, which doesn't happen often.

Oh yeah, I got like... $150 Amazon gift certificate from my aunt and uncle, which I promptly blew on a couple DVDs and games: Super Paper Mario, Lego Star Wars II, Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, a George Carlin thing who's name I can't remember, but is from the tour Liz and I saw for my birthday last year, and season 5 of Degrassi for Lizi.

It's hot.
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Hilarious image time!

The blue is Nintendo stock, and the red is Sony. Translation: Sony is eating it hard, at the moment, while Nintendo FTW.

So, really it's only funny if you're a nerd.

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