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Well well, what an exciting afternoon I had. Normally I get home right around 5:30, but apparently there was a big wreck on 59th, so James took a detour. We go around the interstate into the heart of Soutside Oklahoma City.

Let me tell you, I'm starting to get a better appreciation for why people on the Northside look down their noses on the Southside. I mean, I have heard rumors about the absoulte hell-hole that is the area past SW 59th street, but good God, I had absolutely no idea. You know how you see a neighborhood and there's a whole lot of coin operated laundromats, or pawn shops, or EZ-Cash loan places, and you think "wow, what a shit pile." This area has all three within blocks of each other. We basically spent the better part of a half-hour going "Oh man, I'm really glad I don't live here," "Hey, look, nobody in this neighborhood mows their lawn!" and James occasionally saying, "When I was growing up there wasn't a fence around this high school." It's shocking to me that what was once probably a really nice place to live has taken such a serious nose-dive in the 30 some odd years since he lived there/around there.

I mean, really, I complain about the crap living conditions that we have and our obnoxious neighbors, but this area makes our neighborhood look like Shangri-La. No wonder nobody wanted to carpool with me when I told them we live on the Southside.

This post will only be relevant to one person, and I live with her. You're welcome for sucking away the 5 minutes it took to read.
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I went to my first NBA game yesterday! Hooray! In fact, it was my first professional sports game ever. It's too bad the OKC Thunder are not a great team. But that's okay, because the game was pretty enjoyable, regardless. See, what happened is my friend/old carpool buddy/former coworker Wayne won three tickets (seemingly arbitrary, right?) to this Thunder game at the Christmas party. He said he would take me, but then he left the company in... January or so. I had completely forgotten about all this until Wednesday when he messaged me on facebook saying "Are you still going to the Thunder game with me?" So. Yeah, there was that.

The plan was to go to Toby Keith's, but the wait was an hour and a half, and we got there at 5:30, and the game started at 7, so that wasn't going to work. Then we were going to go to a barbeque place, but it ALSO had a ridiculous wait, so we ended up going to a place called Falcone's pizza. Holy crap, it was amazing. We got sausage and peperoni, and rather than having chunks of sausage, they actually cut it into slices like the peperoni. The slices were huge, it was tasty, but I'm going to regret it later, because omg greasy.

Then there was the game. Apparently the reason the tickets were three was because they were three lone seats right next to the barrier and the walkway. The seats were decent enough: right behind one of the goals, and only in the first mezanine, so we could actually sort of see the players. I was kinda bummed, because we ended up losing by 7 points, and it looked like we were turning things around in the fourth quarter. But, we only ever trailed by 12 points at the most. So it was fun, and I was able to hang out with Wayne again, which is always fun.

Now... I'm hungry. And Liz is making me breakfast. So I shall partake in that.
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It's been a little over a year since we moved to OKC, so I decided now is as good a time as any to take a stock of my life and catalog everything that's happened. Pseudo-chronologically, because I can't remember the exact order in which I do things, but I'm trying, damn it.

I really don't blame you if nobody reads this whole thing. Even Liz.

It's a rambling summary of 12 months of events. Of COURSE I cut it )

What have I learned from all of this? What can you learn from all of this? What was the point of doing this? All excellent questions! I'm still growing and changing (as people are wont to do). I still have a lot of growing up to do. I've had some thoroughly life altering experiences this past year, all of which I'm just trying to take it all in stride. There's ups and downs, and sometimes it never seems like you can climb out of those valleys. Eventually we all do. Sometimes it seems like there's more downs than ups, but I think it all evens out for us in the end. Just try not to let it get the best of you, my little chickadees. There's not really much I expect anybody else to learn from this rambly ass journey through my thoughts, it's mostly just introspective on my part. I had some stuff that I felt needed to be put out there for everybody in livejournal land, and now it's laid out.

What am I going to do now? I'm going to walk the dog and watch the Green Bay Packers demolish the Dallas Cowboys. STFU it will too happen!
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The funeral was on Friday.

I don't know what to say about it other than it sucked that I even had to be there. Adrian's face didn't look right. He always had a big goofy grin and he just looked... stoic. Not himself.

I hated being in that church. I hated having to talk about Adrian knowing I would never get to see those wacky things he did and that I would never be able to play with him again. Or his mischievous grin. Or that look he had when you were playing a game with him and he knew you were doing something stupid but he didn't want to say something about it. I hated seeing people there that I hadn't seen in forever and knowing that they were just there to mourn him. It was nice to see them, but... ghgh... I can't put it into words.

We went through all his stuff yesterday. My mom wanted each of us to take something to remind us of him, but... I just felt horrible doing it. I ended up taking a pokémon figure, because I always thought of him as the kid who played pokémon. I just kept thinking "this is HIS stuff, we have no right to be rifling through it and picking out things we want." I kept expecting him to burst in and say "Hey, jerks! Stop going through my stuff!"

But he didn't.

Death sucks insurmountably.

We're back in OKC now. Ready to get back to life. Or something like it.


Apr. 20th, 2008 12:05 pm
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Egads, I'm all married. I just want to take the time to say thank you so much to everybody who came. I know it was way out of the way for some of you, but I'm very happy that everybody who did come was able to, and I understand why the rest of you couldn't. It was an absolute blast for those of you that missed it. Yesterday and Friday was a high-octane stress day for me, just because we had to run back and forth to the airport about 5 times, and one group got lost.

It got better when on the day of the wedding, I made sure I had my tux and my shoes, and I made sure all the groomsmen had theirs. It was about 30 minutes until the ceremony when Forrest said "do you have the rings?" and my heart sank. I'm like, "oh crap!" and so I'm frantic. I run and talk to one of Liz's relatives who knows the city because it's his old stomping ground, so he drove back to the hotel at top speed, got the rings, and we had to start the ceremony without them. He got back, Forrest got the rings from him, and all was well. Liz called while this was going on and asked about them and I said "yeah, um... it's being taken care of," because I figured she might have strangled me if I told her I forgot the rings. I told her afterwards and she said "yeah, we had our own issues, so it's all good, and we got them, so it's good. I probably would have cried if you told me when you didn't have them then, so it's good on you."

That was my wedding experience. Fun fun, we have a story for the grandkids. Bye everybody!
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Yar, I've got me a new phone number: 405 476 3297

Why? OKC doesn't have Verizon. In fact, none of Oklahoma has Verizon. How lame is that? So we had to switch.

Commit it to memory.

Or, you know, put it in your phones and give me your numbers so I can has them.
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I have a job interview tomorrow. This is exciting to me. The job is in a publishing place, locally owned and operated, and what they need is somebody for doing layouts, package design, and possibly illustration for children's books.

The illustration bit has me a bit on edge, because that's never really been my strong suit, so hopefully that won't be the make-or-break. I have a strong design sense, and my layouts don't suck, so hopefully this pans out and I actually don't have to... y'know, be unemployed and stuff.

So, yeah. Wish me luck with all that, then, and extra Happy Vibes™ are always helpful.

Now it's off to fooding. WOO!!!
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This is my first post from Oklahoma City. We got our cable and internet and phone hooked up. So... I'm not dead, and I might actually be keeping up with everybody's journals and stuff now, despite missing like 2 weeks of goings on.

The dog is now an outside dog, and she seems to enjoy it.

Our house seriously has like 8,000 mirrors. I'm not even exaggerating.

I'm hungry, and I really have nothing terribly important to say. We still have crap-tons of unpacking left to do, most of it is Liz's mom's stuff. Liz's mom has a job, I've got a lead on something that I need to follow up on, and one of their family friends wants me to redesign their logo. I'm gonna do it, just cuz I'm a nice guy.

Oh! I finally got my birthday present(s) from my mom a couple days ago. It was only a month and a half late, but it's still better than my dad, who hasn't given me a birthday presents for... oh, going on 8 years.

Anyway: Sephiroth action figure (which is fucking awesome and some of you probably know what I'm talking about) and Serenity. She says there's more, but it just didn't come yet.

So, now I think it's time to go watch TV.

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