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Holy crap holy crap holy crap. They just released the first trailer for Duke Nukem Forever in like... six years.

Holy crap.

I'm having a complete spaz attack about this. I spent countless hours playing Duke Nukem 3D back in the day.

I keep getting chills just thinking about it. I am so thrilled beyond words. I had a nerdgasm.

In other news, we're in Los Alamos now. The weather was kinda foggy and there was snow drifts. We ourselves were fine, but there was a HUGE (like huge falls short of describing it) accident just outside of Amarillo. It's been all over the news. When we first hit it, we weren't sure what was going on, because traffic just suddenly stopped. We crawled along for awhile, and then I noticed some trucks on the other side of the highway that... weren't facing the right direction. I was confused. Then I saw the source of it all: A semi had flipped and was across the whole side of the interstate there. It had come from our side, crashed through a light pole, and flipped over. The contents were spilled, and the cab was detached about 50 feet away, also on its side. It caused at least 50 vehicles to pile up, crash into each other and... it was just absolute carnage. The reason our side was slow was because there was another truck that... I guess swerved to miss the first one, and it was still in one lane, so we were all having to merge into one. I have never seen anything like that in my life, and I hope I never have to again.

I just feel so bad for all these people, because most of them were just going on holiday, and suddenly they're smashed between a bunch of cars and semis. Not to mention that it was cold, and these people had to be standing outside of their smashed cars, waiting for the authorities. Last I heard, at least 1 person died at the scene, and a few more are in the hospital in critical condition. One news report mentioned that there were kids there that weren't dressed for cold weather, so a bunch of people opened up their Christmas presents so they could give the kids something warm.

That, and there were 4 different accidents later down the highway: two more flipped semis, one flipped car, and one flipped u-haul.

Interesting trip, all in all.
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Mario Galaxy is going to be EPIC AWESOME. I seriously cannot wait for Tuesday. This game looks GORGEOUS and like an absolute DREAM to play. So much so that I keep using CAPS LOCK!
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It's so seriously bizarre to actually be able to see properly. Apparently the glasses I had (which were about three years old) were 1.5 points too weak in one eye and 2.5 points too weak in the other. No wonder I couldn't see shit.

In the words of Brian Regan, how could instantly improve vision not be at the top of your list?

By the way, my eyes are really awful. My left eye is like... 20/350 and my right is 20/500. Holy shit. It's a wonder I can see my own willie when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Which I can't.
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Important things of the last couple of days:

- Oklahoma is humid as balls.
- I don't hate our house in OKC.
- OKC is so way cooler than Denver. Smaller, less people, and friendlier.
- Liz's mom still rocks for buying us a washer, dryer, and fridge, and paying for our first month of rent. In Liz's words (and sort of The Jeffersons'), "She's earning a deluxe retirement castle in the sky"
- Liz's grandparents are crazy. But in the good way. And sometimes not. But that's the South for you.
- After seeing all the cats there, I'm ready for another kitty. But we have to wait until Liz's mom is out of the house.
- I had never seen a real sunset until yesterday, because I've lived around mountains my whole life.
- I'm so tired of driving and moving, and there's still the biggest part left. Yuck.
- I'm sick of my mom whining about me never being around when the point of us being here is to move, not to dick around with her.
- Asthma is still the most blowing-est disease in the world. Well, relatively speaking, anyway.

We're back in LA now. Picking up the u-haul tomorrow and loading it up. Back to OKC on Friday. Probably back here again in the middle of the week some time to get the animals. What a big pile of shitty von shit-fucks fun.
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Holy crap, this kitty at the dumb friends league looks JUST like Odin!


Not Odin

=O Want!
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Dear Season Finale of Heroes:


Yours truly,

(feel free to discuss in comments, though I feel it necessary to now put up a spoiler tag, for anybody who missed it)
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If you don't like SPOILERS do NOT click this link )

That's all about the movie.

There was also a trailer for Pirates 3, so this is necessary:

Did you hear about the new pirate move? It's rated PG Thirteeeeeeeeeeeeeen
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We saw Aqua Teen... etc. last night. Liz and I went with her old co-worker Jeremy (who, might I add, had some awesome chronic for us to partake in before-hand).

Oh man. That movie was fucking awesome. Seriously, the first 5 minutes or so is something that EVERY movie needs to have at the beginning. It's something that I think will be funnier if I leave the surprise up to you to find out.

We were rolling on the floor the whole time. I know it can't have been just our altered states of mind, because we weren't the only ones.

Obviously if you regularly watch ATHF, you should know not to expect anything profound or terribly plot-heavy. But seriously. See it. It's fucking awesome.

And I want the sound track.
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Heroes has incorrect anachronisms!

Stay with me on this one.

The explosion isn't supposed to happen until November 2, 2006, right?
In tonights episode, Nikki was playing with a PS3 with her son.
The explosion has not yet happened.
The PS3 wasn't released until November 17, 2006.


Except I'm sure people actually will be bitching about it. Silly nerds.

Like I'm not one >.>

(ps, yay an actual appropriate time to use this icon!)
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So, last night the preview for the new turtles movie came on (which I determined I'm going to have to be REALLY drunk when we see, because... well, just look at the crap they churned out for the new series), and I decided I needed to remind myself why I loved that show so much as a kid. Fortunately I bought the first two volumes of the DVD set (about a year ago and never watched them >.>), so I popped one in.

Let me just say that I without a doubt remember why I fucking LOVED that show. It's hillariously 80s, and I appreciate a lot of the humor so much more than I used to. Plus, I'm pretty sure in one episode somebody called someone else a pube. I may have misheard, but it was still funny as hell at the time.

So, in short, TURTLE POWER!!!1box
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I deem the new Kittie album pants wettingly good. In fact, I daresay it is my new favorite.

I just thought you might all like to know.

Even though I know you don't really care about my fanboyish ramblings.

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