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Jul. 1st, 2010 10:38 pm
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I feel a little apologetic that I'm breaking the seemingly interminable silence with a rant, but this is just something that I really felt that I needed to get off my chest.

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That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.
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Dear Game Developers across the world,

We need to have a serious discussion. Let me start of by saying I'm not mad, I'm just a little disappointed in you. I thought better of you. However, you need to understand that 99.99% of you are not Rockstar Games, and as such are not the progenitors of the Grand Theft Auto series, so for the love of GOD, stop trying to replicate it. I don't enjoy sitting down to play a new game enjoying great reviews only to find out, oh, look, there's crappy tacked on sandbox game play. I understand that it's a great series and you're only trying to piggyback on its success, and it's nice that you want to be included. But, really, just rely on your own creativity.

If I'm sitting down to play a game in which I play a bad-ass assassin with a beam sword who wants to kill the other assassins to become the top assassin, I want to be killing things with my beam sword and enjoying the cheesy dialog that seems like it was poorly translated from Japanese, but in reality is just poorly written. Not driving around a city in a crap-bag motor bike that steers like a sausage with wheels. I really don't enjoy what would otherwise be a pleasant gaming experience being sullied by game mechanics you don't need and don't fully comprehend. If you're having trouble padding out the game play to give it that cherry-zone of 20-40 hours of game play, just add in more senseless killing. Enough with the driving, already.

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I really enjoy seeing local bands and giving them all the support and love they deserve, but man... I'm starting to think I'm getting too old for this crap.

Tonight I went out to see my friend's band perform at The Conservatory. To give you an idea, imagine a two bedroom apartment that is completely gutted and a stage and bar are put in, and you can get an appreciation of just how small this place. I am all about small venues, because it's a lot more intimate a setting, and generally you don't have to worry about people moshing/slam dancing and ruining the experience, because generally the people who attend these smaller concerts are friends with somebody in the band, so the other attendees don't put up with such tomfoolery. I digress. My point is that people need to understand that the venue they are playing is insanely tiny, and they don't need 30 amps cranked all the way up when there are roughly 100 people in the building. Or I could just stop bitching and invest in some earplugs.

Other evidence that I'm getting too old for this kind of sillyness: Probably a good 70% of the people there were under 18, presumably there to see the first band who looked like they were about my sister's age (13). I felt like an awkward creepy perv, and Tyler made the observation as well. He also observed that having a band in high school is a really great way to get exposure, whereas his exposure is the 100 or so people he works with and whoever goes to his church, most of whom aren't at all interested in the type of music his band plays.

At any rate, the show was really enjoyable, despite what my petty gripes might lead you to believe. I think I'm getting quite crumudgeonly in my quarter-life. That or I've always been a bitter old man. My golden years are going to be enjoyable, I'm sure. You should follow that first link I posted and give them a listen, and tell them I sent you and they'll give me a free t-shirt! Okay, that last part probably won't happen, but I know that they'll appreciate the exposure beyond dinky OKC. I know I sure would! It's also helping me to expand my horizons beyond work and home and possibly allowing me to make new friends. That would be a bonus, let me tell you, because right now the only people I hang out with are Liz, and while she's asleep I chat with Mallory who lives in NJ. Not much of a social life.
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Funny story: I came home from work on Monday, and there was a note on our door. It reads as follows:

"_______ Pest Control [name removed to protect the stupid] will be out to spray your apartment on 9-30-09. 100% resident cooperation is needed for an effective cleanout. Please be prepared by having things removed from the KITCHEN & BATHROOM CABINETS, AS WELL AS COUNTER TOPS, AND/OR ANY OTHER PROBLEM AREAS. Pick up any loose items off of the floor such as laundry, shoes, toys, books, etc. and also clear away from the walls and corners of rooms. All pets must be locked in a bedroom with a note on the door stating which room the pest are in."

I give the full transcript just so you can get a scope of the rage I was feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with people coming out for pest control. It's a great idea, because it prevents fruit flies, bed bugs, and other creepy crawlies from invading our home because we have gross neighbors that let their dogs crap on the floor (I don't know for a fact that this is actually happening, but if you saw our apartment complex you'd get where the conclusion jumping comes from). What bothers me is that we were given 1.5 days notice to basically repack everything we had just finished unpacking. That in and of itself is only mildly irritating, but what really torques me is that we were told to do this durring the week. If they'd told us on Friday to get things ready by Monday, fine. We have a whole weekend. But we had to do all this schlepping in the course of two evenings, because Liz and I both have full time jobs with semi-normal hours. What ALSO bothers me is the fact that we have to move stuff out of the cabinets, but it can't be in the middle of the floor or against the walls. Where the hell else are we supposed to put it? The patio?!

Like most things in my life, this is just a petty gripe that isn't actually that upsetting or putting me out of my way a whole lot, it's just inconvenient and I would appreciate slightly less tool-bag practices from our management.

Oh yeah, and for those of you curious, Liz is still pregnant (This has been my stock response every time anybody asks "how's your wife?"). Further details: Nathan, Jr. (we still don't know the sex, this is just what I've been calling him/her/it since I've always thought it would be funny to name a child Nathan, Jr. because of Raising Arizona.) is growing healthy, roughly the size of a prune. Liz goes in for another OB appointment next Thursday. I think it'll still be too early to know the sex by then, but according to what I've read (and how far along I'm pretty sure Liz is. Have I mentioned that the conception date was roughly around my birthday? No more natal anniversary copulation for me!) we should be able to know by the following appointment. If it's a girl, I will still refer to her as Nathan, Jr. for my own amusement and because we still haven't really picked a name.
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Well well, what an exciting afternoon I had. Normally I get home right around 5:30, but apparently there was a big wreck on 59th, so James took a detour. We go around the interstate into the heart of Soutside Oklahoma City.

Let me tell you, I'm starting to get a better appreciation for why people on the Northside look down their noses on the Southside. I mean, I have heard rumors about the absoulte hell-hole that is the area past SW 59th street, but good God, I had absolutely no idea. You know how you see a neighborhood and there's a whole lot of coin operated laundromats, or pawn shops, or EZ-Cash loan places, and you think "wow, what a shit pile." This area has all three within blocks of each other. We basically spent the better part of a half-hour going "Oh man, I'm really glad I don't live here," "Hey, look, nobody in this neighborhood mows their lawn!" and James occasionally saying, "When I was growing up there wasn't a fence around this high school." It's shocking to me that what was once probably a really nice place to live has taken such a serious nose-dive in the 30 some odd years since he lived there/around there.

I mean, really, I complain about the crap living conditions that we have and our obnoxious neighbors, but this area makes our neighborhood look like Shangri-La. No wonder nobody wanted to carpool with me when I told them we live on the Southside.

This post will only be relevant to one person, and I live with her. You're welcome for sucking away the 5 minutes it took to read.
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The only thing worse than talking to somebody in customer service who is very clearly not American and has a weak grasp of the English language at best is talking to somebody in customer service who is very clearly not American and has a weak grasp of the English language and is trying to fake a Texan accent. God bless America!
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Gleaned from a Heroes message board:

"This show sucks. Any one who likes this show must be a liberal."

And this is why I don't read forums any more.
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I'm so mad at t-mobile/my phone right now.

My brother was driving through here on his way to Virginia. He was going to swing by my work to say hi/possibly hang out/give me some stuff. Apparently he tried to call at least twice and texted a couple times, too, but because of my crappy phone/phone service, I never got those messages. In fact, my phone never even rang. On a whim, I turned off my phone after I got off work and turned it back on. Missed calls, voice messages, texts out the wazoo.

I'm angry as hell, and I really want to write an angry letter to the company, but that really won't fix the problem at hand. Not only that, I feel really bad for my brother, because not only did we not get to hang out, but now he's going to have to ship this stuff to me at his expense.

Maybe I can make t-mobile pay for it since it's all their fault anyway.

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