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Have you ever watched a movie and then wished you could take those 2 hours of your life back?

That's how I feel after watching "Knowing."

It's Nic Cage, so I knew it wasn't going to be mind-blowing, but I didn't expect it to be so abysmal. And in truth, it really WASN'T that bad up until the last 20 minutes. That's when it took a turn from "Yeah, this is alright, I guess," into "WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL WERE THEY THINKING? GOD, THIS IS STUPID."

This movie made my brain hurt. )

To summarize, don't watch this movie. You would have a better time getting a root canal.
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Liz and I, like many people in our generation, are avid Harry Potter fans. Liz got into it well before I did. In fact, I didn't start watching the movies until Year 4 and I didn't start reading the books until a few months before book 7 came out. That being the case, this game was naturally a first day purchase for Liz and I. This review is for the Wii version.

Read more... )

Final thoughts
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 is, overall, a really great game. It's fun, simple, and a very faithful adaptation of this beloved series. The game is a bit short, but that's come to be expected of the LEGO series of video games. However, this games greatest downfall is the abundant glitches. Most of them don't ruin the fun, but some of the major glitches force you to completely restart the game. It's worth buying if you are a Harry Potter fan, but be wary of the glitches. It's definitely worth looking at any of the FAQs available online so that you're aware of them before getting into the game.

Score: 7.5/10 (brought down considerably because of the glitches)
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So, 2012. My official review: Awesomely terrible. Everything you inferred about this movie based on the previews is EXACTLY right. The writing is terrible, the acting is phoned in, but there are EXPLOSIONS!! And SHOUTING!! And PEOPLE DYING!! And GIRAFFES ON HELICOPTORS!! WOO!!

I enjoyed this movie for all it's cheesy glory. Obviously if you go and see this movie, you will need to shut your brain off. It is the very definition of a "popcorn movie." It is not in the least bit Oscar-worthy. It was all the fun of The Day After Tomorrow without Jake Gyllenhaal.

If you liked Godzilla (1998) and Independance Day for the horribly written awesome explosiony movies that they were, you will enjoy this movie.

Also, this movie has probably the best final line of any movie EVER. Liz and I have never laughed that hard at a movie that wasn't actually supposed to be funny.

So, to reitterate, awesomely terrible.
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Yes, it's true. We saw Wolverine last night.

Yes, it's true. It was pretty darn good. Was it as good as the first two? Nope. Was it as bad as The Last Stand (which is not to imply that movie was TERRIBLE, I mean... it had it's merrits. I liked it for what it was). Nope. It was really a good flick, though. My only real complaint was that all the characters which we were bombarded with in the previews, leading you to believe they would have pivotal roles, only managed to get a total of 5 minutes of screen time, with the obvious exceptions of Wolverine and Sabretooth, but the not so obvious exception of Gambit. His role was still frustratingly limited, considering he's one of my all time favorite characters in that universe, but he did play a key part in the story, so that's good. It's a shame that he probably won't be coming back, unless they find some way to include him in Magneto (assuming that project ever gets greenlit. Maybe the studios were just testing the waters with this one, because everybody loves Wolverine and his bona-fide bad-assery. Gambit gets his own movie? y/y?). Oh, and there was obviously mythos crap that was all kinds of wrong, but that's just nit-picking at this point considering how wrong the stories have been in the first place.

Nathan's official rating: 8.0. Don't expect Shakespeare, obviously. Expect X-men goodness and cheesy dialogue. There was a stinger (apparently those are called cookies now? I'm sticking with stinger) at the end of the credits (two, if you include the one that came after the principal cast), but it wasn't anything Earth-shattering, so decide for yourself if you want to stay.
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Saw My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Was it terrible? Yes.

Did I expect it to be? Yes.

Was it still fun anyway? Yes.

Suffice it to say 3D makes a terrible thing a lot better, but special effects alone does not a good movie make.
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It's been a little over a year since we moved to OKC, so I decided now is as good a time as any to take a stock of my life and catalog everything that's happened. Pseudo-chronologically, because I can't remember the exact order in which I do things, but I'm trying, damn it.

I really don't blame you if nobody reads this whole thing. Even Liz.

It's a rambling summary of 12 months of events. Of COURSE I cut it )

What have I learned from all of this? What can you learn from all of this? What was the point of doing this? All excellent questions! I'm still growing and changing (as people are wont to do). I still have a lot of growing up to do. I've had some thoroughly life altering experiences this past year, all of which I'm just trying to take it all in stride. There's ups and downs, and sometimes it never seems like you can climb out of those valleys. Eventually we all do. Sometimes it seems like there's more downs than ups, but I think it all evens out for us in the end. Just try not to let it get the best of you, my little chickadees. There's not really much I expect anybody else to learn from this rambly ass journey through my thoughts, it's mostly just introspective on my part. I had some stuff that I felt needed to be put out there for everybody in livejournal land, and now it's laid out.

What am I going to do now? I'm going to walk the dog and watch the Green Bay Packers demolish the Dallas Cowboys. STFU it will too happen!
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A bird pooped on me today. This is the first time this has ever happened. I've always been worried when I'm standing under a tree that a bird might poop on me, but the one time I wasn't conciously thinking about it is when it happened. It's like gross existentialism... or something.

So! Beyond my fecal adventures. We just saw Pineapple Express. It was... well, it wasn't terrible. It definitely isn't the best movie I've ever seen, nor is it even the funniest.

I mean, yes, it was a great big stoner movie, and we probably would have enjoyed it better if we had been toasted out of our minds. It did have it's definite laugh out loud moments, and a lot of times where I was thinking "wow, if I were stoned, this would be like ... the most profound thing in the universe," but a lot of times I found myself thinking "okay, guys, we get the point. Time to advance the scene," and a lot of things where the writers were clearly TRYING to be funny, but the jokes fell flat.

Basically it was like Dude, Where's My Car? with guns, and a more cohesive plot.

In conclusion, my objective review (yes, I'm offering an objective review of a stoner flick): Solid B-, would've been an A+ if I were high.
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Iron Man was AWESOME. I am so entirely ready for the sequel already.

If you haven't seen it, please do. And be sure you stay after the credits, because there is, indeed, a stinger.
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Saw Juno. Totally lived up to the hype and then some. If you haven't seen it, seriously do. Ellen Page is awesome, so is Michael Cera and Jason Bateman. J.K. Simmons wins at life.

Jennifer Garner, however, has the emotional range of a napkin.

Seriously, at the beginning it was shaping up to be, "Oh, God, not another one of THESE movies," but then it got awesome. I so want a kid like Juno. She's the best.
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We went and saw Cloverfield last night. All in all it wasn't all that bad. there's spoilers. Sort of. )

Also, there were previews for Iron Man, Hellboy 2, and Star Trek. Freaking squee.
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I am Legend.

Okay then.

possible spoilers... )

I'm going to just have to stop watching Will Smith movies I think. Or just stop watching anything that doesn't have "indie-cred."
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*squees about Heroes*

So many plot twists... so many questions... gegnivtshcpth >.<

the following contains me ranting and spoilers )

Can't wait for next week. I'm already on the edge of my seat.
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Yes, I'm posting a review and reactions to Deathly Hallows. If you don't want to hear about it, then fucking well don't read it. Simple as that.

That being said... I'm sure I don't need to tell you there's spoilers )

The End.
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Yes, it's time once again for "movie reviews with Nathan!" On the plate tonight, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Before you let out your groans, hear me out: I was one of the MANY people who was utterly disappointed with the first one. It was basically two hours of character development, and a 5 minute action sequence, and the reason people see superhero movies is for the intense action sequences. They want a popcorn movie, and the first just didn't provide that. Granted, Fantastic Four was never one of the more popular comic series for just this reason.

However, the second one seems to have learned from the mistakes of the first, and is all in all a fairly enjoyable experience!

Full review cut, for potential spoilers Read more... )

Okay, so, to summarize: it fixed a lot of the problems that were prevalent in the first, like the complete lack of action and the focus too much on developing the characters. Yes, they need some development, but not a whole movie worth. Silver Surfer for the win. Galactus for the wtf why?

Overall: "B-". See it if you're a fan, but otherwise don't bother. In fact, you may just want to wait for the DVD.

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