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Stupid internet. You let me down for the last time. *shakes fist*

This is the last time I update today, I swear.


Mar. 28th, 2009 02:03 pm
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So I had every intention of posting some comics this week, comics that have been drawn for quite some time. I inked them, and I started coloring them (rebuilding my color library and everything). I just realized, however, that the scripts I wrote for them, long before I even drew them, were on the old computer.

I'm sad all over again. Anybody want to fake a comic script? It'll be fun.
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Alas but it's not Zelda related (at the bottom of the article is a new video). Some stupid unrelated PSP game. Bah.
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Blah. =\
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Stupid Green Bay >=O

Who the hell loses to The Vikings? THE VIKINGS!!


3rd in their division... this is not a good year for us...
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Scratch that. $760. My life sucks right now.
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Anybody wanna help me pay off my loans? In talking to Sallie Mae, the lowest payment they can get me is $700 a month.

This blows.
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Man... I can't believe this: there's apparently a huge outbreak of Feline Distemper in the country, and a lot of people are losing their cats. First it was the contaminated pet food, and now this. At least this isn't really anybody's fault, it's just a super crappy situation. At least it's not contagious to any other species, but it still sucks. There's already a bunch of news reports about people bringing home kittens and finding all their cats dead within a week. I couldn't even begin to imagine that kind of thing. Just losing one at a young age is hard enough, but three or four? That has to be devastating!

Anyway... just... everybody, be very careful, especially if you have cats, don't go around ... handling strange cat's poop. And, as heartless as it sounds, don't go adopting any kitties until this blows over.

=\ This world can be so crappy and unfair sometimes.
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You know what's something I really don't want to talk about?

My mom's dating life.

It's creepy and weird. Especially when she refers to getting an e-mail from somebody as "first base."

Unless she's actually talking about first base. Which is equally weird and creepy.

I saw a kitty on the way to work. I really wish I had stopped to at least see if it was okay, but I was too concerned about getting to work on time. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. It was lying in the parking lane on Broadway, but he was moving, and he seemed like he was okay in the passing glances I had. And Liz went back later to check for me, and he wasn't there, so I'm choosing to believe that he had enough sense to get off the busy street.

I should've stopped. =\

Oh well. Back to my mom's creepy dating life. *shudder*
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Old, discarded, forgotten about cat food is still enough to make me cry.

This is poop.
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It occurred to me that I haven't done any sort of "this is how my life is going" posts for awhile, so I figured it's high time. I mean, yeah, I talk about my job, but there's more going on with me than just that.

I dunno. I'm honestly feeling kind of depressed right now. I don't really know why, it just kind of slapped me in the face out of nowhere. I'm just bored. Maybe it's not depression. I think I'm just tired of sitting around here doing nothing for 5 days a week, and then going to an office for 2 days a week where I get treated like a fucking mule.

I think I need to shake things up a bit. I know I've said that I would do it before, and I usually don't end up doing anything. Quite honestly I would love to have some sort of retail job, because then I could feel like I'm actually helping people out with something. It sounds stupid, but I think it would make me feel better. I put in my application at GameStop and this retail~y place in 16th street. I did that Tuesday, and... I dunno, hopefully they'll get back to me before I go completely bat shit.

I can't pay rent. It sucks. I feel like a big useless leach, because Liz is having to cover me, and even she can't do that. She has to borrow money. I would borrow money, but my mom pretty much killed any chance of me being able to do that.

I don't even talk to my dad anymore, so there's no way I could borrow money from him. I tried e-mailing him a few weeks ago, and he never responded. I'd be willing to believe that Betty has completely brain washed him into believing that his kids are no longer a part of his life, and he should just let go. I fucking hate that woman. My dad used to be a nice person, and he just turned into a wad of cookie dough once he got married to her.

I feel useless. I think I'm going to take the dog for a walk.
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Lists are fun, even when there's no real reason for them!

1. I still miss my cat. I wish I could bring him back, but unfortunately he was not Jesus-cat and shall not rise today.
3. There's a special Easter comic for transplant today, assuming the update thingy gets unclogged.
4. Actual transplant updates resume tomorrow!
5. I'm seriously tired of snow.
6. Number six called in dead today
7. I'm thoroughly ready to move to Oklahoma.
8. I hear back from the interviews on Tuesday and Friday, weather I got it or not.

The End.
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We saw the body today. It was... It was weird. He was just lying there. And it was sad. And we cried. And I hate seeing Liz cry. It's the worst thing I have ever had to experience in my life. It's terrible having to lose a friend, especially one so close. The vet said he went very quietly in the night. Though it sucks that nobody was there with him. And it really sucks that we couldn't have been there, especially.

The only word I can possibly muster to describe this is "sucks." The vet said that it's very likely that whatever it was that he had was congenital, meaning that he was born with it, and it was just developing over time, blossoming into a full blown condition in the last month. In all likelihood there's nothing we could have done about it, no matter how soon we caught it and how much treatment we did. She said his blood cells looked irregular, so he was probably anemic. We don't really know for sure, because we decided against an autopsy.

My heart hurts. He seemed like he was happy, at least. He would still purr and meow.

This seriously fucking sucks.


In less depressing news, we saw The Number 23 today. It was decent, and there was twists and turns and all that whoo haw. And it wouldn't be a Jim Carrey movie without wacky antics to lead you into it. There was also some guy sleeping in the back of the theatre. It was amusing at first, because he was snoring super loud, but after about 20 minutes it got old. We thought it was somebody who was actually there to see the movie, but it turns out it was some homeless guy who wandered in there to sleep. How he got in, I'll never figure out, but oh well.

Maybe I'll start feeling better tomorrow.
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For those that haven't heard, Odin died last night.

And I'm super fucking sad.

I just... I don't know. I can't even formulate words about how I'm feeling. This sucks. It was so sad to just watch him gradually declining from a super fun happy meow meow all the time kitty into a shaking, falling down, not even getting up to poop kitty.

=\ He wasn't even 2 years old.

How is this fair at all?

My mom called me at work, and it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears in my office.

Seriously. This fucking sucks.

At least he's happy now. And not all shaky. And he can eat whenever he wants instead of having to have a syringe forced into his throat.

And now it's my favorite picture of him, because this always cheers me up!

Rest in peace, little buddy.
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Well, I took Odin to a different vet today with my mom, and they basically said everything we already knew. It looks like palsy, he's still yellow so it might be his liver, he looks like he got poisoned some how, etc. etc. What concerned me was that she kept saying "critically ill" so... I don't... geh. He's very sick.

Anyway, I'm kind of pissed at my mother right now, because somehow when she heard "poisoned" she got into her head that Sara might have done it. Why? Well, because we put Caesar to sleep, of course, and she was pissed at us for that!

Several problems with that.

1) Caesar attacked not only Liz, but Sara as well.
2) It was SARA'S choice. Not ours.
3) Sara is our friend and roommate, so why the fuck would she do that?
4) Sara LIKES Odin. She's just as worried about him as we are. Shit, she's even helping us to feed him.

So, in conclusion, my mom is being a stupid bitch right now and I really don't want to fucking talk to her right now. It's bad enough that my cat is sick, but now I find out that my mom somehow irrationally hates my roommate.
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Someone make the cat not sick, please.

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