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Huzzah, I got a new phone! I know that was a harrowing 2 days where you weren't sure you wanted to continue not sending me text messages, but worry not! I'm at the cutting edge of the technologic age now with my shiny new iphone! Huzzah!
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Went to the DMV AGAIN today. Woke up at 4:30, which still sucks. We got there probably 5 minutes later than we did on Monday and there were nearly twice as many people in line. "Great," I'm thinking, "I'm going to be super late to work or my appointment won't be until Noon or something equally ridiculous." Luckily it wasn't because one of the people in front of me was doing something else, and another of the people in front of me had already failed the driving test thrice, and apparently that's the cut off before they make you get a permit. My appointment was for 8:30. Not what I was hoping, but still not horrible.

While waiting at my car I saw the one lady whom other people had said, "That lady is really tough. She fails everybody," and I was like "Crap, I hope I don't get her." Naturally I did, but it turns out she wasn't even that bad. She inspected the car, and it was time to go driving! I took the test which was super easy. We drove around the neighborhood behind the DMV, did some parking and reversing and turning and blah and blah and blah. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked she started going into her speech about what I did wrong. Basically what it broke down to is that I didn't park properly on a "hill" (by which I mean I just did the maneuver because Oklahoma is flat), I stopped at intersections while turning when there was no stop sign (apparently you aren't supposed to do that), and on a few occassions I took one hand off the wheel, but quickly corrected myself. I'm thinking "crap, I failed."

"Congratulations," she says, "You passed."

I am elated. Beyond ecstatic. I was so happy my whole body was shaking. Much "woo hoo"ing and fist-in-the-air action ensued. Drove down to the tag agency with the expectance of just walking in and getting my DL. We got there at about 8:50 under the impression that they open at 8:00. They open at 9:00. Oh well, I was already late to work, so we decided to just wait it out. They opened, I was second in line, got my DL in about 5 minutes, the picture is awful.

End of story. Thank God I don't have to go back there for years and years. I now think it's time to ceremoniously burn my permit and old CO photo ID.
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Firstly: a meme, because [livejournal.com profile] misspadfoot requested, nay, DEMANDED I do it.

I'm a meme, you're a meme, we're all memes, hey! )

Also, I really love my job. "Why?" I hear you imaginarily ask into your computer monitor as though somebody were actually listening. Well, because at around 2:00 pm, the cover design group takes a break from their critique meeting to play frisbee. I went and played frisbee at work in the middle of the day.

I've been practicing driving the last couple of weeks. I also took time to study the driver's manual over this week at work (because, frankly, it's the end of the month, and I have nothing to do during the day), and it is about as dreary as it sounds. I also found out really interesting pieces of information, in particular that it is perfectly legal for motorcyclists to ride without helmets. Unless, of course, they are under 18, in which case it is mandated by law that they wear helmets. Because apparently the roads in Oklahoma are magically designed to only cause brain damage when a person strikes their head upon them at highway speed, but only if they are under 18. I really wish they would share this marvel of engineering with the rest of the United States so we could get rid of those pesky helmet laws. Damn them.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to finally be on the road to getting my license (I didn't even realize that was an unintentional pun until rereading it a few times), but I'm just a bit nervous about taking the test, because I haven't taken a test since I was 21. We're going to be doing that 2 weeks from Monday, so wish me luck with all that. This also means that I'll be getting to drive to New Mexico and pretty much anywhere else we go over the next five years because according to Liz, and I quote, "I've been carting your ass around for long enough. It's time to return the favor." I love my charming wife. Really, I do. Her sarcastic cynicism is what attracted me to her in the first place.
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We Mallratted a bit today. Mostly we bought clothes and stuff, but the thing I'm really excited about is a) all the awesome stuff I got for my friend [livejournal.com profile] boombashpow for her birthday (which was actually two days ago, but her anniversary present for Liz and me was like 2 months late), but, more importantly, b) I found this movie called eXistenZ at Suncoast. If you understand just how long I've been trying to find this movie, you'll understand why I'm so excited. Basically I saw this with my mom's last husband (my sister's father) like... 10 years ago, probably, when it first came out on video. It struck me because it was such an unusual concept for a film. The plot consists of Jude Law and and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a realistic-future-time video game called "eXistenZ." It's probably not NEARLY as awesome as I remember it being, but I'm still ultra pumped about it. I might make Liz watch it later today. I've been trying to find a copy to buy for the longest time, and the only place I've ever seen it is on Amazon.com. So, naturally you can understand why I about peed myself when I saw it on the dvd shelf.

No matter what happens now, this has been a thoroughly exciting weekend.


Apparently, unbeknownst to me, this film was directed by David Cronenberg, a name which you might recognize as being the director of Scanners, Video Drome, The Fly, Naked Lunch, M. Butterfly, and, more recently, A History of Violence. I'm even more excited about this piece of nostalgia now!
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I went to my first NBA game yesterday! Hooray! In fact, it was my first professional sports game ever. It's too bad the OKC Thunder are not a great team. But that's okay, because the game was pretty enjoyable, regardless. See, what happened is my friend/old carpool buddy/former coworker Wayne won three tickets (seemingly arbitrary, right?) to this Thunder game at the Christmas party. He said he would take me, but then he left the company in... January or so. I had completely forgotten about all this until Wednesday when he messaged me on facebook saying "Are you still going to the Thunder game with me?" So. Yeah, there was that.

The plan was to go to Toby Keith's, but the wait was an hour and a half, and we got there at 5:30, and the game started at 7, so that wasn't going to work. Then we were going to go to a barbeque place, but it ALSO had a ridiculous wait, so we ended up going to a place called Falcone's pizza. Holy crap, it was amazing. We got sausage and peperoni, and rather than having chunks of sausage, they actually cut it into slices like the peperoni. The slices were huge, it was tasty, but I'm going to regret it later, because omg greasy.

Then there was the game. Apparently the reason the tickets were three was because they were three lone seats right next to the barrier and the walkway. The seats were decent enough: right behind one of the goals, and only in the first mezanine, so we could actually sort of see the players. I was kinda bummed, because we ended up losing by 7 points, and it looked like we were turning things around in the fourth quarter. But, we only ever trailed by 12 points at the most. So it was fun, and I was able to hang out with Wayne again, which is always fun.

Now... I'm hungry. And Liz is making me breakfast. So I shall partake in that.
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Dear Cox,

What the hell is the point of having a cable connection with a wireless network if I have to reset the modem every 15 minutes? Oh right, none at all. Thanks for being a sucky ISP.


In other news, yes, my job is way cooler than yours. You know why? Because everybody in the office, upon hearing our house was robbed, pooled together and donated over $2000 to our cause. I heard that they were going to pool together for us, but I was expecting like... a couple hundred, at most.

So, yeah. In case you're wondering, it helps to have a sense of humor about this. People keep saying "it's nice that you maintain such a positive attitude despite all the bad stuff." My attitude is you kind of have to leave your baggage at the door.

Oh, also also, yay for new Ben Folds album. It si teh sexxorz.

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