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So we had a bit of a scare today regarding the baby. Liz went into the doctor for her regular check-up, and they check basic things like weight, blood pressure, etc. Apparently the doctor found that she had an unusual weight spike as well as high blood pressure, and basically made her go to the hospital immediately. Basically these things are the early signs of preeclampsia. Basically it's a disorder that about 5% of women experience which can be dangerous and potentially fatal to both mom and baby. It can be treated with medicine, but the only way to make it go away for sure is to deliver the baby.

Cue me freaking out. I'm about as ready as I can be for parenthood, but I didn't want Liz to have to deliver the baby early and potentially find herself and the baby with even more complications, but from the sounds of it that's the best solution. From what I read they won't actually induce until 37 weeks, and Liz is right now at 34.

So I went home, paced and wigged, and her mom called because she was going to come pick me up. My first thought was that we probably wouldn't need to go, because as soon as we got there we'd hear from Liz that everything was fine and we could all go home. Liz's mom convinced me otherwise, and off we went to the hospital.

Sure enough, as we were looking for a parking spot, Liz called and said, basically, "Okay, they're releasing me because everything's fine." The doctors couldn't find anything unusual, and they did a urine sample and didn't find any excess proteins (which is another sign of preeclampsia). Basically it was just a fluke that she had both high blood pressure and a weight spike (she said that one of the doctors mentioned it could be because her legs are swollen) at the same time. She's at the point in the pregnancy now that she'll be going in once a week to the doctor anyway, so they'll be able to monitor her and make sure she doesn't go wrong.

To summarize, everything's okay, but man that was nerve-wracking.
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Remember when life was simple? Man, college was good times, before I had to worry about, like, debt.

It's not all bad. We're having a baby. I was just getting all nostalgia face, because I went back and started reading old entries from around the time I was graduating college/Liz and I were first engaged. Good times. Back when I felt it was neccessary to keep people posted on my goings on, because there was more going on than just "I went to work. Then I was not at work. We cleaned the house this weekend." Rinse and repeat. I also noticed that I was a much more clever word smith back then. Granted, I've grown and matured, so there are far less f-bombs dropped all throughout (in fact, almost none at all. Not that I don't still curse like a sailor in normal conversation, but even that has been curtailed due to working at a Christian company).

I don't know, I didn't really have a point to all this. I'm just kind of rambling. Mostly I think I miss Denver, because in Oklahoma I feel weirdly alienated. Mostly because I don't actually know anybody here, but because the few people I DO know are the polar oposite of Liz and I both politically and idealistically. I miss hanging out with people with no real intent on what. Just... watching cartoons or crappy movies all day was totally enough, because it wasn't even really about the movies or the cartoons.

Feeeeck. I don't know. Mostly I think we just need to move, which we totally are going to be doing in like... 5 years. Because I don't really want our daughter growing up in this bass-ackwards state.
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My phone is broken.

By which I mean somehow the screen cracked, so about half the pixels are dead. It still works, but I can't see anything, so if you really need to contact me, call me.

Or, you know, keep contacing me by facebook, because phones are so last century.
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Dear Universe,

Please, just once, could you cut me some slack? As much as I enjoy continuing to go to the DMV and not being able to take a test for one stupid reason or another, I would really appreciate if you would stop taking monster diarrhea on me every day. I would just like to get my license so that I can get this stupid crap over with. Also, can you please explain to me how the driving instructor is perfectly okay with a huge crack in the windshield, but the fact that the third brake light is out, the one that I never look at when I'm driving behind somebody, the one I didn't even know we had until today, is reason enough for me to not be allowed to take the test. Being that we haven't been pulled over in recent history, I'm betting that most police officers don't actually care and have better things to do. That or our tint is so dark you can't see it anyway SO IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER.

With lots and lots of rage,
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I'd like to preface this by saying that I hate the DMV. Hate hate hate. For those of you not on the up and up, I don't have my driver's license. Short version: I took the class, but because I missed one day, I never got the certificate of completion. I was too pissed about it at the time to retake the class (and I didn't want to spend another $200), so it just never happened. Then living in Denver I didn't really need a license since they have a great bus system.

So, fast forward to about a month ago, when Liz and I decided that it was high time to get this taken care of. I've been practicing on weekends and studying the manual like whoa. 2 weeks ago Liz called the DMV to ask if we needed to make an appointment. "Oh, no," said the man on the phone,"You just need to come in and you'll get taken care of." Great, hunky dory. I talk to HR and tell them I'm taking today off. I also got Friday off for fourth of July, so I figured we'd be in great shape.

Fast forward to Friday. We go to the DMV to take the test. They are closed. In observance of fourth of July. Am I mad at them for taking off? Not really, no. I'm mad at them for not a) telling Liz when she called and b) not having on the website stating "OUR OFFICES WILL BE CLOSED JULY 3RD!!" in big, bold, red letters, so we could avoid this. We go home, I'm torqued, but I figure "Oh well, it's been 8 years, what's another 3 days?"

Finally today arrives. We go to the DMV at 10 am, and there's a big sign on the front door stating "NO MORE DRIVING TESTS WILL BE OFFERED TODAY." What. The. Fuck. Yet ANOTHER thing they could have told Liz while she was on the phone: "Oh, yeah, we'll be closed on the 3rd, and we generally experience a lot of overflow on the following Monday after a holiday, so be sure to get here at 5:30 [this is actually what the guy told me as I was leaving the DMV today, despite them not opening until 7:00 am] so you can be sure to actually get a test." And yet you can't make an appointment. Stupid. I took off today specifically for taking DMV tests. I guess we just didn't ask them all the right questions.

So I'm mad, but I figure we can at least take the written test, so we wait around for 2 hours for me to take a test that takes all of 2 minutes, and then after that I have to wait in ANOTHER damn line (I hate lines) and wait for them to tell me I passed even though on the screen it says "Congratulations! You passed your Class D license test!"

Oh well. I have 90 days to take the driving test, and I already took the Monday two weeks from now off because we're going to Los Alamos, and at least now I have a legitimate permit instead of the old NM one that states my weight as 130. I'm also going to call a few other testing facilities to see if they have any driving tests available, but it's not bloody likely. I'm not really looking forward to having to wake up at 5 am.
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Guess what, anyone? I get to take prescribed vicodin! Hooray! Why? Well, the short version is that I have an ouchie in my junk. It pretty much is the result of a very concentrated groin pull. There's a long version, but it's unpleasant and features much medical description.

the long version )

I want my drugs now.


Mar. 28th, 2009 02:03 pm
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So I had every intention of posting some comics this week, comics that have been drawn for quite some time. I inked them, and I started coloring them (rebuilding my color library and everything). I just realized, however, that the scripts I wrote for them, long before I even drew them, were on the old computer.

I'm sad all over again. Anybody want to fake a comic script? It'll be fun.
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*Freaks the crap out about The Office*

Kay, I'm done.

What do you mean I haven't had a substantial update since the 2nd?
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It's awesome how our cable box keeps doing weird ass things. For example: this morning I tried to view the DVR list, and it would stay up for all of .5 second. I also could not input numbers. WTF. Also, just now, for some reason the sound just stopped working. It was fine, then I changed the channel. Checked cables and everything is hunky dory. Resetting ahoy.

It's also awesome how we went to wal-mart yesterday and got sodas/gum at the check out counter, and then proceeded to leave them there. I'm not so mad about the lost money ('twas only $3, after all) so much as I'm mad that the stupid cashier didn't a) put them in the bag with the rest of our stuff (which I sort of understand because most people want that sort of thing then and there), and b) say something like "hey, you forgot your sodas/gum!" as we forgot them on the check out counter. She was too busy thinking about lunch. What a jerk.

So uh... yeah, thanksgiving. I don't... really have anything to say about it, because we just went to Sayre. I'm going to LA around Christmas (about the 26th to the 2nd, I think...) with Liz, so... let's start making plans now, people in the New Mexico area! Hit me up.
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I'm getting tired of plumbing mishaps. Yes, I get the joke, fate. My life is crap. Good one.
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Vista ;_;

God, make the hurting stop already.

I really and truly fear that my eyes may start bleeding uncontrollably.

That is all.
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Dear Cox,

What the hell is the point of having a cable connection with a wireless network if I have to reset the modem every 15 minutes? Oh right, none at all. Thanks for being a sucky ISP.


In other news, yes, my job is way cooler than yours. You know why? Because everybody in the office, upon hearing our house was robbed, pooled together and donated over $2000 to our cause. I heard that they were going to pool together for us, but I was expecting like... a couple hundred, at most.

So, yeah. In case you're wondering, it helps to have a sense of humor about this. People keep saying "it's nice that you maintain such a positive attitude despite all the bad stuff." My attitude is you kind of have to leave your baggage at the door.

Oh, also also, yay for new Ben Folds album. It si teh sexxorz.
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Our house got broken into. We got robbed. Our nice TV, our PS2, our Wii, our second DVD player, about 400 of our DVDs, 3 computers (one of which we just bought and another of which we hadn't even paid off yet), all stolen. This is seriously just not my year. All told, it's like $10,000 worth of stuff.

The door got kicked in, so now we have to get that replaced. Mostly I'm pissed about the Wii, because Adrian bought that for me. Y'know, we can buy a new Wii, but... we can't buy a new Adrian.

I really hope they catch the dirt bag that did this. If I ever find out who did this, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

Thankfully they didn't take any of our bank cards or identity stuff. Basically they just took stuff. It's just disgusting that we worked hard to earn all this stuff, and some random person can just come and clean us out in 5 minutes with no effort.

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Our bathroom is flooding and I get to spend $150 to fix it. Oh joy.
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You know what's really frustrating? Customer service. Especially when your cancelling something you didn't want in the first place because Capital One is sneaky (as an aside, don't get a Capital One credit card. They call once a week offering some new stupid thing we don't need).

Seriously, I just got off the phone with one the aforementioned stupid things I don't need. I knew it wouldn't be painless. They usually say "well, we can offer you this reduced rate!" and you counter with "I really don't want the service, thank you. Please cancel," and that's the end of it.

Not this guy. We countered no less than 4 times with him offering a reduced rate and me saying "no, just cancel it."

I literally said "Please just cancel the service and don't offer me anything more. I don't want the service. I understand what it offers but I do not want it." He STILL offered me a reduced rate.

I understand that they're just doing their jobs, but when somebody says "cancel it and don't offer me anything else" that should be a hint that they aren't budging.

From now on when I cancel something like this I'm just going to lead with "I want to cancel and I really don't care what you have to offer me, because the truth is I got swindled into this service, and it's something I never wanted in the first place."

Evil credit card companies.
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It's been a little over a year since we moved to OKC, so I decided now is as good a time as any to take a stock of my life and catalog everything that's happened. Pseudo-chronologically, because I can't remember the exact order in which I do things, but I'm trying, damn it.

I really don't blame you if nobody reads this whole thing. Even Liz.

It's a rambling summary of 12 months of events. Of COURSE I cut it )

What have I learned from all of this? What can you learn from all of this? What was the point of doing this? All excellent questions! I'm still growing and changing (as people are wont to do). I still have a lot of growing up to do. I've had some thoroughly life altering experiences this past year, all of which I'm just trying to take it all in stride. There's ups and downs, and sometimes it never seems like you can climb out of those valleys. Eventually we all do. Sometimes it seems like there's more downs than ups, but I think it all evens out for us in the end. Just try not to let it get the best of you, my little chickadees. There's not really much I expect anybody else to learn from this rambly ass journey through my thoughts, it's mostly just introspective on my part. I had some stuff that I felt needed to be put out there for everybody in livejournal land, and now it's laid out.

What am I going to do now? I'm going to walk the dog and watch the Green Bay Packers demolish the Dallas Cowboys. STFU it will too happen!
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Crazy weather today. It was relatively sunny all day. Suddenly around 3 pm, it rained REALLY hard for literally 5 seconds, stopped for about 30, and rained really hard for 5 seconds again. It was surreal.

Fringe weather from the hurricane? Probably.

All my books this month aren't Jesus books. I'm genuinely excited about this. Have I mentioned lately how tired I get of designing covers for books with exactly the same premise? I guess that comes with the territory of working at a Christian company.

Anyway, one book I have is called "The Dark Side of Medicine." Tell me I'm not the only one who immediately thought "Darth Vader popping pills."

I wish Liz and my schedules weren't so crappy ships-passing-in-the-night-y. I get home right as she's leaving for work, and by the time she gets home I'm asleep. Then we have about an hour in the morning to interact. Basically we have the weekends together.

It sucks being poor.

We got a package with some of Adrian's shirts about a week ago. One of them I distinctly remember him wearing a lot. It made me hella sad.

This has been yet another disjointed journey though my daily thoughts.
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Well, I've had quite the adventure with these Jim Gaffigan tickets.

See, we bought these tickets in like... April or something like that. Liz and I were both really excited. They've been sitting on our cork bord since then.

Recently Liz got a job. Since this is a job that they could very easily replace her, company policy is to can anybody who misses a day of training. We had both forgotten about the tickets until that point. I remembered on like... the 30th. We started flipping out, because we were probably not going to be able to go for a couple reasons: a) Liz's shift is 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm, so she would have had the car, and b) I still don't have a license anyway (yeah, yeah, I know).

So I sent an e-mail around work seeing if anybody would want to go with me. I figured I'd get inundated, because I was offering the ticket for free, but I only got two responses: one from a person who wanted to but couldn't, and one from a person who was going to go with me. I thought I was all set.

On Monday this guy remembers he agreed to dog sitting that day. I'm like "Crap. Oh well, I remember somebody else saying he was planning on going." So I ask this guy. He ALSO had a prior engagement that he forgot about. So I send out my "does anybody want this extra ticket?" e-mail again, slightly revised. Zero responses. I'm annoyed and I'm thinking I'm not going to be able to go. Then I remembered somebody else was planning on going, so I asked her and she's still planning, so everything is hunky dory.

Today Liz reads in her company manual that she can, indeed, miss one day of work during training, so if I don't get somebody to take this extra ticket before Saturday Liz is just going to call in sick.

What a long, boring, pointless post this was.
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This M.C. Escher puzzle is diabolical.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this puzzle. It's something we bought 2 or 3 years ago at a game shop. The thinking here was "Hey, how cool would it be to put this puzzle together and then glue it to a cardboard back? We'd have a great big Escher print!" (For those curious, this is the piece we're working with)

Really a great idea in theory. It wasn't until after we got home that we realize "oh crap, this is a 1000 piece puzzle." and when we got it out of the box we realized "oh crap, all these pieces are identical."

So, the first time we started it, we BARELY trudged through getting the border done and we got... um.. the eyes of both the figures. The borders suck hardcore, because on the sides it's just pure white pieces. WTF, lame. We pretty much gave up on it, and the puzzle just sat on our dining room table for several months before we decided "y'know, we aren't even working on this. We should just put it up."

Well, we pulled it out again a couple weeks ago, and we're taking a really ambitious shot at it this time. We actually almost have the guy's head finished, and we have the hair for the girl and various random bits and pieces here and there. The real killer is going to be the background.

Yes, this post is just about a puzzle. We really are that boring.
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Things I hate about my job:

At the first of the month we send out our initial contact e-mails to all our authors. Sometimes they e-mail back, sometimes they don't. Today I got an e-mail back. The lady said "I need my audio book by July 29th. Can you do this for me?" To which I responded with the standard response of "I will have to talk to my director of operations to find out if we can do that for you."

Normally this is not a problem, but this lady threw a freaking fit. She said "well, the audio director told me we could do this, blah blah blah." Herein lies the problem: I was not told by anybody that this was the plan. I REALLY hate it that people at my job don't tell the people ahead in the production line "oh hey, this is going to happen and it's already been talked about, just thought you should know."

What else bothers me is that any time something like this happens, the author will run crying like a little girl to Dr. Tate, the founder of the company! a) He can't do anything about it, because he's not the CEO. b) If they do actually get the CEO involved, he usually just tells you to take care of it yourself because it's NEVER as big a deal as the author is making it out to be, or if it IS a big deal he tells the department head to take care of it.

I was talking to Liz about this, and we came to the conclusion that this is what happens when parents give into their kids when they throw fits about not getting their way about something. The parent gives in, and the child learns they can manipulate and it just continues throughout their adult lives! GAH!!

Seriously, if you ever find yourself in the author role of this situation, just talk to the person and tell them "I was told this by X person, if you talk with them I'm sure they will confirm it." Don't go running to the CEO. It pisses the designer off.

This job would be great if it wasn't for the authors.

(side note: I'm aware that this is a really stupid and petty thing to be annoyed about, but... well, I don't have a but. Just know that I know)

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