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Baby, work, video games in between.

There, now you know what I've been doing since September.
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Liz and I, like many people in our generation, are avid Harry Potter fans. Liz got into it well before I did. In fact, I didn't start watching the movies until Year 4 and I didn't start reading the books until a few months before book 7 came out. That being the case, this game was naturally a first day purchase for Liz and I. This review is for the Wii version.

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Final thoughts
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 is, overall, a really great game. It's fun, simple, and a very faithful adaptation of this beloved series. The game is a bit short, but that's come to be expected of the LEGO series of video games. However, this games greatest downfall is the abundant glitches. Most of them don't ruin the fun, but some of the major glitches force you to completely restart the game. It's worth buying if you are a Harry Potter fan, but be wary of the glitches. It's definitely worth looking at any of the FAQs available online so that you're aware of them before getting into the game.

Score: 7.5/10 (brought down considerably because of the glitches)
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Dear Game Developers across the world,

We need to have a serious discussion. Let me start of by saying I'm not mad, I'm just a little disappointed in you. I thought better of you. However, you need to understand that 99.99% of you are not Rockstar Games, and as such are not the progenitors of the Grand Theft Auto series, so for the love of GOD, stop trying to replicate it. I don't enjoy sitting down to play a new game enjoying great reviews only to find out, oh, look, there's crappy tacked on sandbox game play. I understand that it's a great series and you're only trying to piggyback on its success, and it's nice that you want to be included. But, really, just rely on your own creativity.

If I'm sitting down to play a game in which I play a bad-ass assassin with a beam sword who wants to kill the other assassins to become the top assassin, I want to be killing things with my beam sword and enjoying the cheesy dialog that seems like it was poorly translated from Japanese, but in reality is just poorly written. Not driving around a city in a crap-bag motor bike that steers like a sausage with wheels. I really don't enjoy what would otherwise be a pleasant gaming experience being sullied by game mechanics you don't need and don't fully comprehend. If you're having trouble padding out the game play to give it that cherry-zone of 20-40 hours of game play, just add in more senseless killing. Enough with the driving, already.

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Someone buy me an xbox 360 so I can play BrĂ¼tal Legend.

I really wish I had something more interesting to say than that, but I really really don't.

People at work still don't know Liz is pregnant, which is neither sad nor unusual, it just means I rely far too much on other people to communicate for me. That's probably indicative of something, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.
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Scene: Liz and Nathan are playing Tetris. Nathan is lamenting his terrible pieces, because he feels like he's losing.

Nathan: I'm tired of these crap peices. I have nowhere to put them!

Enter a line piece

Nathan: Thank God for the long skinny ones.

Liz: That's what she said.

Nathan and Liz laugh for 10 minutes

aaaaaannnnd... scene. Thank you.
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Today has been a downright interesting day. See, I had today off for Good Friday, so Liz decided to play hooky. Liz and I had all these big plans to work on our anniversary gifts for each other (can you believe it's only a week away? I know I sure can't... (my gift is going to be super awesome. I'll have to post pictures. Crappy cell phone pictures)), but we ended up... not. We did do a bit of thrift storing, which I haven't done in quite some time. Pretty decent finds, nothing to write home about. Then we went to Target where we were going to buy meat, but Liz said "If you're good, I'll let you buy a game!" so we made a detour to the DVDs/games. What should we find, but both seasons of Heroes for $20. On top of that, Liz found The first four seasons of Angel for about $10 each. Yes, seriously. They didn't have season 5, so we went to Best Buy for that, and it was only $20ish. So we got five season of Angel for $60. And the big box is like $125. Insane. It was a textbook day. I ended up getting GTA: Chinatown wars for the DS, because I've heard good things. We also bought a totally hilarious card that we're going to send to somebody special. He or she will just have to see, tee hee (That was just for the sake of the rhyme).

What else made today interesting? Well, we saw Dragonball. Once again, you can blame Liz. Her reasoning this time? It has James Marsters (I sense a theme in this day...). It wasn't... well, it wasn't Bratz level of bad. I mean, it wasn't REALLY that terrible. I didn't go in expecting the blockbuster cinema experience of the season, so that helped. It was cheesy-American-trying-to-be-Japanese level of badness. It's certainly not a movie that I wish I could unwatch, but it wasn't wholely memorable. I don't know. I'm honestly having a difficult time to accately describe it. It wasn't good, obviously, but it wasn't spit in your face terrible. It was just... meh.

This is the first LJ entry I've had in a long time that didn't mention work at great length. Let's keep it that way. It's time to watch Dollhouse now.
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Okay, I lied, yet again. I have random video game crap to litter your friends page with. This is just... too surreal NOT to see with your own eyes.

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Also, there's this. Theories? Wild speculation? Pancakes?

The running theory on the internets is that it's something to do with a new Zelda game. I'm thinking that since the countdown ends in less than a week, it'll be a new trailer/announcment of some sort.
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Work: I got another ASA. For dealing with an obnoxious author who either a) didn't understand what I was telling him, b) sucked at communicating what he wanted, or c) was old and incompetant and couldn't figure out how to tell me "there's no attachment to this e-mail."

If you answered any of those, you're right. I really hate dealing with old people, especially when they're seemingly nice but just can't communicate properly and instead of trying to explain their problems just end up getting frustrated and taking it out on me even though I'm NOT the one who told them they could have color pictures wherever the crap they want.

So, yeah... There's that.

Also, we still have no money, and Sallie Mae is reaming us for monthly payments, but what's new? We're going to try consolidating with the government, and if that doesn't work we can always default. Like a need good credit, right?

Have I mentioned the PS2? I think I did. We've been playing Silent Hill: Origins. It's all... crazy and scary. We've also been replaying Kingdom Hearts II, because there's no longer any evidence of us completing that horrible horrible journal.

I'm ready for my vacation already.

What are you buying me for Christmas?
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I felt like making a post. Aren't you excited?

You know who's cool? Liz. You know why? She went out and bought a PS2, which was bundled with LEGO Batman. The first two thoughts I had were "OMG, my wife rox!" and "I sure hope we can afford this..." It's annoying that money is such a concern. I guess that's adulthood.

Speaking of money, I got a raise. Yay. Ryan has said over and over again that you are pretty much GUARANTEED a raise after 3 months of working there and on your anniversary, so ... I guess I can at least celebrate that I'm not a screw up who DOESN'T deserve to get a raise.

Side note: I'm tired of people going door to door trying to sell us crap. WE ARE LOWER-MIDDLE CLASS. GO AWAY. Not to mention that the dog flips out and won't stop barking for 10 minutes.

Back to work. We had a Thanksgiving dinner/lunch today with the production staff (basically that means everybody except acquisitions and marketing. Why they don't get included is beyond me, but I'm not in charge, so whatever). Liz made fruit salad. People liked it, but we made WAY more than necessary, because it seemed like there wasn't that much stuff when Liz was buying the ingredients, so I made her do a double recipe. Long story short: we're going to be eating fruit salad for dessert for a while. Anybody want some fruit salad? It's good, I swear!

Umm... does anybody have an awesome survey or something they want me to do? I'll do it. Honest.

I think I need a nap.

So, who misses me updating several times a day despite not having anything to say?
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Oh my God... Spore is like digital crack. I think I'm going to need to like... go on the patch or something so I won't lose it overnight/at work. o.O
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I (and by "I" I mean both Liz and myself) am going to be in Dallas on the 23rd and part of the two days surrounding. What for? Ben Folds, of course. I'm excited beyond all reason. I've been listening to Way to Normal obsessively since I bought it (As in it's the first album I listen to when I get to work). You should all listen to it and worship the awesomeness, even if you don't like Ben Folds (which, why would you not? That's just plain silly of you), because it is superior and amazing and other superlatives.

Side note: this keyboard sucks. The keys are all sunken in, and you pretty much have to smash them to make them work sometimes. This may also be because it's wireless, and wireless si teh suxxorz.

I swear I had something else substantial to add, but I may be fooling myself. Mostly I just have passing thoughts and random gripes.

-I'm tired of getting junk e-mail
-My sister wants guitar hero for Christmas
-I can't decide if I want a 360 or a Wii
-I've had to pee since like 4:45 (you're welcome)
-I want to go skiing. But I'm sure I'll suck and fall a lot since it's been like 7 years since I last went
-I'm making feeble attempts to branch out and make friends at work, because I'm tired of being boring and spending weekends at home. I kind of suck at making friends
-I'm hungry
-I keep remembering files that were on my computer that I'm mad about losing. Like the rest of my Venture Brothers icons
-This post kind of has no point
-Look at me, I'm fishing for comments!
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Holy crap holy crap holy crap. They just released the first trailer for Duke Nukem Forever in like... six years.

Holy crap.

I'm having a complete spaz attack about this. I spent countless hours playing Duke Nukem 3D back in the day.

I keep getting chills just thinking about it. I am so thrilled beyond words. I had a nerdgasm.

In other news, we're in Los Alamos now. The weather was kinda foggy and there was snow drifts. We ourselves were fine, but there was a HUGE (like huge falls short of describing it) accident just outside of Amarillo. It's been all over the news. When we first hit it, we weren't sure what was going on, because traffic just suddenly stopped. We crawled along for awhile, and then I noticed some trucks on the other side of the highway that... weren't facing the right direction. I was confused. Then I saw the source of it all: A semi had flipped and was across the whole side of the interstate there. It had come from our side, crashed through a light pole, and flipped over. The contents were spilled, and the cab was detached about 50 feet away, also on its side. It caused at least 50 vehicles to pile up, crash into each other and... it was just absolute carnage. The reason our side was slow was because there was another truck that... I guess swerved to miss the first one, and it was still in one lane, so we were all having to merge into one. I have never seen anything like that in my life, and I hope I never have to again.

I just feel so bad for all these people, because most of them were just going on holiday, and suddenly they're smashed between a bunch of cars and semis. Not to mention that it was cold, and these people had to be standing outside of their smashed cars, waiting for the authorities. Last I heard, at least 1 person died at the scene, and a few more are in the hospital in critical condition. One news report mentioned that there were kids there that weren't dressed for cold weather, so a bunch of people opened up their Christmas presents so they could give the kids something warm.

That, and there were 4 different accidents later down the highway: two more flipped semis, one flipped car, and one flipped u-haul.

Interesting trip, all in all.
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Yup. Guitar Hero 3 is indeed awesome. Definitely worth staying up until not going to bed before midnight.

Granted we've only played through the first set, but there's already a bunch of stuff I enjoy, and some stuff that makes me go "wtf... okay then." For example, they used mo-cap for the faces, so the singer actually looks like he's singing, but at the same time most of the character models move kind of awkwardly. Like robots. Or zombies. Or robot zombies. The drummer looks like he's actually drumming, but when he's not hitting a note he just sits there, and between each note he looks into his default position. Weird.

AND we finally have a second guitar that's non-crappy, so Liz and I will be able to play with each other! *twelve-year-old snicker*

I'm hungry. It's break-a-fast time.
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Just kidding:

Sony's press conference where they eat their words

It's funny how they're now doing like... the exact opposite of what their original mission statement with the PS3 was. They originally said they had to take out rumble feature to put in motion sensitivity, yet, somehow, that doesn't seem to be a problem now, and, oh yes, it was never a problem with Nintendo. Then they said how they planned on PS3 being more than a gaming console, sort of like a home computer, but they seem to realize that nobody actually cared about anything but the games if they already HAD a home computer.

Silly Sony. How do your words taste? Bitter? Good. They should.

Although, honestly, it is nice to see them actually taking all of the complaints about the system to heart and not just being like "oh, don't worry, we'll have a turn around". Rumor has it the price is going to drop again, so it might actually get to a point where I'll reconsider buying it, especially with the pending release of MGS4 and DMC4. And the eventual KH3. Maybe they're realizing what a bad investment blu-ray was, and they'll go back to DVD-roms. Microsoft doesn't seem to be having a problem selling them.
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Life as usual:

We bought Hereos S1 FINALLY. We didn't get it the day it came out because we were like... in the process of moving at the time, so we kind of forgot. We then promptly proceeded to watch it over the next 3 days. It really does help piece certain things together when watching it back to back, because there was a lot of times I was like "wait, when did that happen?" during original airings. Anyway, I'm super excited for the new season on Monday. I can't wait to find out what happens to everyone's favorite Hiro!

We also went to Best Buy today and bought NHL 2k8, because Liz and I decided we needed to have a hockey game. I wanted to get Metroid Prime 3 because I STILL FUCKING NEED IT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, but since it's still $50, we decided I'm probably just going to wait until Christmas. Besides, I still haven't finished 2, so I would feel silly. Liz bought a couple of girl movies. Hairspray and... well, okay, I guess Howl's Moving Castle isn't a girl movie, because it's awesome.

In other news, I hooked up my computer. Not to the internet, just plugged it in and everything, because I found a job listing in the want ads and I needed to print out an updated resume to fax, and we don't have printer drivers on Liz's computer so this was easier. I also updated my website. Nothing terribly exciting, just the about me and posted my updated resume. I think my subscription dealy expires in like February, so hopefully I'll have a job. Even if I don't, I still plan on renewing it, because it was like... $75 for a year. Super cheap.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Cross your fingers and wish me luck with the job stuff!

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