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Baby, work, video games in between.

There, now you know what I've been doing since September.
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Don't you love when spam comments on your journal remind you that you haven't had a substantial update in almost two months?

Good times. Good times.

Well, all three of you reading this, there's really a good reason for that: I don't have anything substantial to SAY! In fact, every time I start a new livejournal entry, I always say "Hey, look, nothing has changed." Well, children, that's still true.

Alyson is growing. Holy crap, so fast is she growing. She's almost to the point of rolling over from her back to her tummy. She can already go from tummy to back (well... sort of. She sort of FALLS over...)

Oklahoma is still a crap place to live, and so is our apartment. We're planning on moving again, which is always good times. The one place we're looking into is cheaper, which means we might get to pay Sallie Mae more (sidenote: I hate Sallie Mae. We're too busy paying off hospital bills to worry about them, but they're like "sorry, you can't defer your payment, lol we suck"), plus it will be nice to not live in an apartment where every time it rains, the patio floods and the corner which is stained in the previous tennant's dog's pee smells again.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, work. I'm coming up on 3 years working with Tate. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I guess it has, considering we've lived in this state for over 3 years now. I'm going to get an assigned parking space, which is going to be jolly good seeing as I won't have to walk all the way across the empty field. Also, we started flex scheduling at the beginning of this month, which is AWESOME, because I am now working from home once a week, which means more time with Liz and Alyson and one extra day a week where Liz can have the car to run errands. It also means I'm not super wiped-out and pissed at the end of the week from dealing with stupid clients all week long.

That's about all that's going on. Liz is in Sayre at a funeral, so I'm eating taquitos and corn on the cob. I can tell you're jealous.
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Last month was very stressful. I don't really have any specific definable reason (other than my pregnant wife, obviously), I was just having an off month. My work suffered. I looked at all my projects from my job last month and said to myself, "Self: You are better than this. You're just not trying hard enough."
This month has been significantly better. Of the 7 layouts I've already done, only two of them were "meh." The rest left me with a sense of self-satisfaction and pride in my own talents that I haven't felt in quite some time. One of them in particular I was proud of, because for the first time I created everything purely from scratch. Usually I'll use stock photography and vectors and build off of them, but this one was purely my own original content. I was pretty pleased with myself for that one, considering I've fallen into a bad habit of not using original content. My job has spoiled me in that fashion. On top of all that, we went and did a photo shoot and I took many pictures that turned out darn good.

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday. I had been growing it out slightly, because, according to Liz, I didn't have an adult hair cut. Unfortunately I'm quite apathetic, so the hair has been growing since about July, with one trim in the interem from Liz.

In still other news, holy crap Christmas is not that far away. I hope nobody expects anything, because babies are expensive.

Good day.
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So, there's basically nothing about this article that didn't make me squeal with joy.

Things that have made me happy about this week:

  • Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

  • Conan referencing internet memes about himself

  • Joel McHale on Conan

  • Tom Hanks on Conan

  • Basically everything about Conan

  • 80s week for this weeks work playlist

  • FINALLY switching an author to print who has been in layout since last October (we're only supposed to take about 2 months but she was... insane seems too mild a word)

  • Netflix (finally saw Wall•E and Get Smart. Gonna catch up on all those movies we missed in '08)

  • Continued progress on driving

  • Liz making hamburgers

  • E3. Like... seriously

I swear, I'll have an update with substance eventually. Maybe.
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Nathan and Liz have given up swearing for Lent. How will this shocking story unfold?! More at 11.

So uh, yeah, anyway. That's interesting and stuff. We have a swear jar plastic cup. It had $2.50 before Ash Wednesday was over. Now it has like... $4.00 or so. So we're improving! It would be more challenging if we were going with "things you can't say in front of grandma," but our cut off is like... crap, and screw. Mostly it's the big ones we're avoiding.

In other news, I'm really excited about this thing we're doing at work. We're being challenged to make a movie poster that retells a classic fairytale. Basically it's just something to excite the creative neurons. The first thing that I thought was to make Little Red Riding Hood as a werewolf movie. It will be called Red. I have a billion ideas for it already. I'll have to post it when it's done. "This Summer... You'll see Red." I win at life.

Also, I'm doing one cover design this month. Because the author specifically requested to work with me based on this book cover, so that will be exciting. The book is medieval in nature, so it should be crazy easy to give her something she'll like that is similar to that one.

Also also, Liz's dad's book entered cover design this month. He apparently submitted an idea for the design. It is hilariously bad. Liz described it to me, but I had no idea just how bad it is. I wish I had grabbed the picture, because the words won't effectively describe it. Basically it's a monster in a business meeting, holding what looks like a giant Nintendo DS, and one the screens is a stick drawing of a monster burning a man. And his book is about... well, basically it's how he would run things if he were in charge. I think it needs the subtitle "Ravings of a Madman."

I really have nothing else exciting to talk about. Other than Liz has a job now. It sounds horrible, but a paycheck is a paycheck. Hopefully we'll be able to keep Sallie Mae at bay for a few months now.


Mallory so generously sent me the picture of Liz's dad's book. Here it is:

She also reminded me that I designed a book cover for her. I HOEP U LIEK IT!!11
A back story: Mallory told me to give her a cat. So I drew her this cat. His name is Opie, because he's wall-eyed and reminds me of the character from Family Guy. Yeah, it's not really that funny.
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This past week I have been trying to find decent artists who sing in languages other than English. Unfortunately when I find one, I don't get the other. Why am I doing this? Work playlists. The theme this week is foreign language. I did find a few things worth talking about in my seemingly neverending quest:

Black Ingvars. If you've been reading my LJ for very long, you should know how much I love this band and their ridiculousness, I just figured this was a good oportunity to pimp their name again. Basically they do metal covers of childrens songs, with hilarious results. Most of their albums are in Sweedish, but if you're interested in metal covers of popular songs in English, check out Kids Superhits.

Jakobinarina. Icelandic punk. In English, no less. It's got a really decent beat that I can't help but be happy when I listen to. Unfortunately they only released one album, because touring became too stressful. Alas.

Les Wampas. French punk. In French. They have a great song about Manu Chao and how he went from punk rock to doing world music, and how the rock community suffered a loss because of it.
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I have a piece of advice for you: go buy honey mustard pringles. They're amazing. Then again, I like salt and vinegar pringles, so maybe I'm not the best judge of taste.

Did you know it's the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln penny? I learned that from a book I designed the other day. It was a pretty interesting book. Historical fiction, basically, about a penny minted in 1909, which a boy got for his mom after finding out she was the daughter of Abe and Mary Todd's only child to survive into adulthood. Basically it then goes on, chapter to chapter, about the many hands this penny has changed through.

Speaking of my job, I worked on a book today that I'm thoroughly convinced caused my eyes to melt out of my head. See, it's a teacher's manual for a student workbook which I also did the layout for, the latter having caused me to hemmorhage internally for a week because it was such a frustrating layout. Why? Because the ONE HUNDRED IMAGES to be inserted were all contained within a Word document, so I had to extract them, save them, and then insert them into the layout. That in and of itself was irritating, but then since it was a workbook there were number lists and bullet lists on literally every page. Have I mentioned I hate workbooks? I digress, back to the teacher's manual, which was equally frustrating in all the aforementioned aspects, but there is the addition of having to add in the underlines to the answer sheets because our document cleaner takes underlines out.

Don't get me wrong, I really do love my job, but every once in awhile there's books like that which make me want to perform violent acts upon myself. One reason I love my job is that we have random things we do for fun, like yesterday we were asked to make playlists. In my response e-mail, I said "you will only have yourself to blame when I play A-ha." Which I did. As well as 3 other one-hit wonder pop staples of the '80s. And everyone felt mine was the best playlist.

In the words of Kevin Spacey, I rule.

Who else rules? Liz. Because she bought a Wii with our tax refund. I didn't see it until like... 6:30 or so when I went into the second bedroom to chase a cat, and there it was sitting on the floor. With Mario Kart. SERIOUSLY, my wife is so much cooler than yours.

That's about all I have to say about that.

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