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The one thing in my life that remains consistent is that my subconcious is about as bizarre at is gets.

Last night I dreamed we were having a family reunion. This reunion was at my mom's sister's house. However, it was not my mom's family, but my dad's family. Somebody said something that set me off, and I proceeded to storm out of the house (just ask Liz: this is what I do when I'm mad). I promptly proceeded to walk to Smith's in my enraged state. The Los Alamos that I was in wasn't truely Los Alamos, but a strange amalgam of Los Alamos and Denver, wherein it was still a town where I knew everybody, but it was a large city.

Anyway, at Smith's I decide in order to calm my nerves, I need a two liter of cherry soda and a 5 pound bag of skittles. I grab them and start drinking the cherry soda (this isn't actually unusual behavior for some people in Los Alamos. I had a babysitter who did this all the time), but apparently in my enraged state I forgot to pay for everything and I sauntered out the door. I quickly realized my error, and ran back inside to pay for my consumables. Apparently this was too late for the Smith's security guards (all large women, I might add. That probably would mean something significant to Freud or Jung), as they promptly proceeded to tackle me. They didn't believe me at first that it was all a mistake as they were saying "Yeah, we get that on all the time." Somehow I finally escaped, only to realize one of them stole my wedding ring. No worries though, as I was able to bring it back.

At this point after having my life threatened by Amazons, I'm feeling like it's time to return home. Upon my arrival I see that the Mythbusters are in my front yard. I quickly have a fan squee at them and tell them I want them to sign my dollar (traditionally if I meet a celebrity I have them sign a dollar. This all began because at my first concert they had an autograph tent, and the only piece of paper I had on my person was dollar bills). I ran inside to apologize to my family, offering them my skittles, and I went outside to meet the Mythbusters. Apparently I felt okay bugging Grant and Torey, because they didn't seem busy, but Adam and Jamie were involved in some laborious experiment (Kari wasn't there for whatever reason). What I thought was a laborious experiment was indeed an intense game of ultimate frisbee with all my coworkers.

The End.
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Oh, subconcious. What mysteries do you hold for the slumbering man to unlock?

Last night I had a dream. In this incredibly strange dream, I was hosting a birthday party for Uma Thurman (hold on to your hats, kids, that's just the tip of the iceberg). Why Uma Thurman? I have no idea. We haven't watched anything with her recently, let alone were we even discussing her, so I don't know where this came from. It's in in the same vein of off-the-wall wackiness as the dream wherein I was taking out a bank loan with Brittney Spears. I don't know why, I just was. Anyway, I digress. This party was being held at Liz's grandparents' house. I don't know why, probably because it's a secluded location where no paparazzi could find us. At this party, not only was I the host, but I was in charge of decorations. My brand of decorating, as you all know, involves the wacky, the tacky, and the downright deranged, and it was no different for this party.

Attending this party was not the biggest list of A-List celebrities you've ever seen, nor was it even B- C- or D-List celebrities. For the most part it was people whom, I wouldn't really call friends, more like acquaintances. One of the attendees was a guy who I only ever talked to maybe a half a dozen times, and I only really knew him through another friend. The reason I remember him in particular is that he was trying to find the party, but kept getting lost and having to call me for directions. At one point he was calling from the Quiznos in Edmond (Edmond is about 30 miles North of here. Liz's grandparents is about 200 miles West. Don't worry, I haven't gotten to the strange part yet).

At any rate, everybody finally makes it to the party, and we're now waiting for Uma to show up. I have to remind everyone that it is not, in fact, a surprise party, but we should probably still hide, and when she comes out, and I'm quoting here, "We should probably shout 'not a surprise!'" Yeah, I don't know either. I also have to remind people how to pronounce her name (because apprently all the attendees haven't seen a movie in the last 20 years, or have been locked in a dungeon). However, before she shows up, I have to make a few last minute alterations. I go outside and find something wallowing in the mud. A friend (I don't remember who) tried to stomp on it, as though it were a bug, but it wouldn't crush. It just bounced back, like silly putty. I picked it up, washed it off, and discovered it to be a small dog. I check the dogs tags to find the owner, and it turns out to be none other than C. Montgomery Burns (Yes, THAT C. Montgomery Burns). So I give him a call, but there's no answer, so I proceed to leave a message. What was strange about this message was that I behaved as though Mr. Burns and I were great friends. I hadn't heard back from Mr. Burns by the time the dream ended, so I presume my subconcious self ended up keeping the puppy.

So, finally Uma shows up, we all shout random things at her (I think I ended up shouting "It is your birthday!"), and we all lived happily ever after.

Say it with me now, folks, "WTF?!"
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Hey, it's weird dream time! This time it is two-fold. I know it's been awhile, but hey, these things take time... apparently.

Dream the First

So I get a scholarship to some prestigious school (it's a lot like Hogwarts, in fact), and I'm really excited about it. I'm there for a week and all these crazy things keep happening that almost kill me, but something/someone saves me at the last moment. At some point I realize that I am, in fact, being hunted. So this is when I start trying to escape. Here's where you have to remember I'm in a giant mansion type building, so there are several hundred rooms, and I've only been here for a week. So, I'm going from room to room, trying to find an exit. I think I've found something and a dozen guys spring up and try to shoot me. I duck behind something and run to another room (One of these instances involves me diving behind a pane of glass. wtf)

So I find a room and think "for sure this is an exit," but once again guys spring up. I am, in fact, on a platform above another room, this platform encircling the room so there is a big hole in the middle. I dive through the hole and someone shouts "he's headed into the service tunnels!" or something like that. I'm running around frantically trying to find an exit. I find what I think is an exit, but it's showers. I find an elevator, but as soon as I get there the leader-lady pops out and is like "At last I've caught you! You were one of the most difficult prey." To which I respond "You haven't caught me yet!" at which point I notice a window, dive out it, and drop about 10 stories into a swamp. I swim out, covered in gook, and run away.

Suddenly a group of bears start to chase me. I take a closer look and realize that they're dogs. I climb a tree thinking "Aha! DOGS can't climb trees!" so I'm at the top of the tree, the dogs barking at me, trying to get me, when a lady (who looked suspiciously like Danielle Rousseau from Lost) calls them off and says "Sorry my dog-bears chased you." I'm freaked out and say "Help me! I need to get out of this place!" She says something to the effect of "Oh, yeah, you're not the first person I've had to rescue from this hunting area." She puts me in her Jeep, and we drive away. I noticed that the school was overlooking a cliff on the otherside, but that didn't end up being important in the context of the dream.

Dream the Second

This one is a bit more PG-13, as a fair warning to everyone. Also, I entirely blame Liz for the context.

In this dream, Liz was Buffy and I was Spike (understand now why I blame Liz?) We had just gotten married and were trying to take our honeymoon. This involved getting on a train. We get on at our stop and are about to copulate, when a bunch of people run up and say "Buffy! Spike! You have to help us! DEMONS!!" and much flailing ensued by them and Buffy/Liz sighed as only Liz would do (arms akimbo and all) and said "I can never stop working." So she slays the demons and we get to the next stop and she says "Wait, we already slayed these demons!" and the train conductor says "Well, they're back!" So we slay them again and get on our merry way again, trying to copulate, but people keep interrupting. There was also something in there about going back in time using the time machine from Back to the Future, but I justify it by saying it was destroyed, and Marty McFly shows up and says "well, not EXACTLY..." and we find another one. It was really weird.

(If ever there were a more appropriate time to use my "Great Scott!" icon...)
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I think there was something in the air last night, Fernando, because Liz had a crazy dream, there have been a number of weird dream posts, and I'm here to add to it. Mine wasn't that long, unfortunately, but it was reasonably bizarre:

I went to the bank with Brittany Spears, because she needed to deposit $10,000 and... I was there to chaperon, apparently. I dunno, I had no actual reason to be there. Umm... that was pretty much it. After that I came home and yelled at the neighbor dogs. Which is something I need to ACTUALLY do, because they, like clockwork, start barking at 8:30.

That's about all I have to say about that.
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So, this just enters into a whole new level of wtf dreams:

Liz and I are watching the discovery channel, and I guess it was something about the arctic. Anyway, they start showing clips of polar bears sliding down a slippery slope. Every time one of them goes, one of us shouts "SEA BEAR!" It goes on like this until a bunch start, and we're just like "SEA BEAR! SEA B- SEA SEA SEA BE- SEA BEAR!!" until they're all done.

Finally one more comes and we're like "SEA BEAR!" but then the bear slips, starts flailing, and when it hits the pile of bears at the bottom it goes "OOF!"

I woke up giggling. I'm giggling now just thinking about it.
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I had a dream that there was some sort of nuclear fallout, and it somehow brought Odin back to life. We were all freaking out about something, and then the dirt started moving, and Odin climbed out of the ground. He was still shaking, but I figured it was just a condition of recently being reanimated.

I know this could never happen because Odin is now a pile of ashes somewhere, not to mention that that much radiation probably wouldn't leave anything alive, much less have zombie-making powers, but it's still nice to be that happy even if it's only in my dreams.

It's strange how often my dreams involve apocalypse.

Wish me luck with my interviews!

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