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Have you ever watched a movie and then wished you could take those 2 hours of your life back?

That's how I feel after watching "Knowing."

It's Nic Cage, so I knew it wasn't going to be mind-blowing, but I didn't expect it to be so abysmal. And in truth, it really WASN'T that bad up until the last 20 minutes. That's when it took a turn from "Yeah, this is alright, I guess," into "WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL WERE THEY THINKING? GOD, THIS IS STUPID."

This movie made my brain hurt. )

To summarize, don't watch this movie. You would have a better time getting a root canal.
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Dear county:

you lose. You send a letter to my home claiming that I cannot be registered to vote due to my invalid address. Um... WHAT? No part of this makes any sense. Especially the part where you repeat my address within the body of the letter. Also there's the fact that Liz is registered at this address, and has already received her voter card. So many levels of fail.
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Funny story: I came home from work on Monday, and there was a note on our door. It reads as follows:

"_______ Pest Control [name removed to protect the stupid] will be out to spray your apartment on 9-30-09. 100% resident cooperation is needed for an effective cleanout. Please be prepared by having things removed from the KITCHEN & BATHROOM CABINETS, AS WELL AS COUNTER TOPS, AND/OR ANY OTHER PROBLEM AREAS. Pick up any loose items off of the floor such as laundry, shoes, toys, books, etc. and also clear away from the walls and corners of rooms. All pets must be locked in a bedroom with a note on the door stating which room the pest are in."

I give the full transcript just so you can get a scope of the rage I was feeling. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with people coming out for pest control. It's a great idea, because it prevents fruit flies, bed bugs, and other creepy crawlies from invading our home because we have gross neighbors that let their dogs crap on the floor (I don't know for a fact that this is actually happening, but if you saw our apartment complex you'd get where the conclusion jumping comes from). What bothers me is that we were given 1.5 days notice to basically repack everything we had just finished unpacking. That in and of itself is only mildly irritating, but what really torques me is that we were told to do this durring the week. If they'd told us on Friday to get things ready by Monday, fine. We have a whole weekend. But we had to do all this schlepping in the course of two evenings, because Liz and I both have full time jobs with semi-normal hours. What ALSO bothers me is the fact that we have to move stuff out of the cabinets, but it can't be in the middle of the floor or against the walls. Where the hell else are we supposed to put it? The patio?!

Like most things in my life, this is just a petty gripe that isn't actually that upsetting or putting me out of my way a whole lot, it's just inconvenient and I would appreciate slightly less tool-bag practices from our management.

Oh yeah, and for those of you curious, Liz is still pregnant (This has been my stock response every time anybody asks "how's your wife?"). Further details: Nathan, Jr. (we still don't know the sex, this is just what I've been calling him/her/it since I've always thought it would be funny to name a child Nathan, Jr. because of Raising Arizona.) is growing healthy, roughly the size of a prune. Liz goes in for another OB appointment next Thursday. I think it'll still be too early to know the sex by then, but according to what I've read (and how far along I'm pretty sure Liz is. Have I mentioned that the conception date was roughly around my birthday? No more natal anniversary copulation for me!) we should be able to know by the following appointment. If it's a girl, I will still refer to her as Nathan, Jr. for my own amusement and because we still haven't really picked a name.
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I'm worried about my mother and my sister.

At the same time, I'm tired of them putting me in the middle of it.

To preface, my sister is 13, so she and my mother are having all the regular problems that people in this situation find themselves in. However, this is compounded by the fact that my mother isn't letting herself be sad about Adrian dying, and she's never around when my sister needs her. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, my mom chooses to instead ignore my sister. When she's not ignoring her, she's putting my sister on a pedastal and holding her up to these impossible standards and "why can't you be more like your brother?" She wants a best friend, which is what she had in Adrian--a wholy unusual relationship in and of itself--but what Chloe needs is a mother.

Chloe is acting out. She's apparently been stealing the car (or helping her friends steal it, I'm not clear because my mother isn't clear) and my mom found a used condom in the toilet, but rather than saying something about it, she chooses to ignore it. I don't know what kind of lazy ass parenting that is, but I certainly don't condone either sides of this. My sister needs to straighten up and fly right and my mom needs to be there to enforce this.

Another part of the problem is that my mom has a boyfriend. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but the fact that she has to have two jobs AND has a 13-year-old daughter at home means she doesn't really have time for that. Apparently she's down to only seeing him twice a night, but rather than going OUT with him she needs to stay IN with him.

This is just stressing me out, because I don't want to choose sides here, but they're basically forcing me to by pulling me into it, and I'm honestly skewing in favor of my sister. Not because I approve of her actions, but because she's so clearly crying out for attention and not getting it because my mom is too involved in her own shit to notice there's a problem. I've tried explaining to my mom that she needs to be around more and I've tried explaining to Chloe that she needs to cut Mom some slack, but both of them just say "Yeah, I guess..." and do nothing about it. They're both frustratingly passive-aggressive. When my mom found out that Liz and I were having sex pre-maritally do you know what she did? Waited until I went to college before sending me a lengthy e-mail expressing her disappointment. That doesn't discourage me, it just makes me think she doesn't care enough to enforce the rules!

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I don't think you've truly lived until you've had shaving gel explode in your hand. o.o

Mind you, this was not the can itself that exploded, but the actual GEL popped. It was surreal. I was spraying it into my hand to lather up, and suddenly there was a very loud POP!! I'm not entirely positive, but I think whatever keeps the gel as a gel before it gets lathered into a cream stopped doing it's job, or something, because now when I spray, it comes out directly as cream. Really really weird. It doesn't seem like the propellant, since it still comes out. I don't know. Weird is the only word I'm coming up with for this.

In other news, Liz called the apartment place today to find out what the hold up is. Apparently they were having a hard time getting a hold of our current landlord (no real surprise there, considering it took her almost a week to respond about us getting robbed). Anyway, long story short, they finally got a hold of her, and we'll actually have a place to live come next month. Yaaaaaaaay. My mock enthusiasm here is disguising my real enthusiasm, because I'm still so shocked about my shaving gel exploding. I really was genuinely conerned that we would have to live in a U-haul because our credit wouldn't get approved. This is Nathan. This is Nathan constantly worrying about everything. Notice the lack of change.
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Went to the DMV AGAIN today. Woke up at 4:30, which still sucks. We got there probably 5 minutes later than we did on Monday and there were nearly twice as many people in line. "Great," I'm thinking, "I'm going to be super late to work or my appointment won't be until Noon or something equally ridiculous." Luckily it wasn't because one of the people in front of me was doing something else, and another of the people in front of me had already failed the driving test thrice, and apparently that's the cut off before they make you get a permit. My appointment was for 8:30. Not what I was hoping, but still not horrible.

While waiting at my car I saw the one lady whom other people had said, "That lady is really tough. She fails everybody," and I was like "Crap, I hope I don't get her." Naturally I did, but it turns out she wasn't even that bad. She inspected the car, and it was time to go driving! I took the test which was super easy. We drove around the neighborhood behind the DMV, did some parking and reversing and turning and blah and blah and blah. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked she started going into her speech about what I did wrong. Basically what it broke down to is that I didn't park properly on a "hill" (by which I mean I just did the maneuver because Oklahoma is flat), I stopped at intersections while turning when there was no stop sign (apparently you aren't supposed to do that), and on a few occassions I took one hand off the wheel, but quickly corrected myself. I'm thinking "crap, I failed."

"Congratulations," she says, "You passed."

I am elated. Beyond ecstatic. I was so happy my whole body was shaking. Much "woo hoo"ing and fist-in-the-air action ensued. Drove down to the tag agency with the expectance of just walking in and getting my DL. We got there at about 8:50 under the impression that they open at 8:00. They open at 9:00. Oh well, I was already late to work, so we decided to just wait it out. They opened, I was second in line, got my DL in about 5 minutes, the picture is awful.

End of story. Thank God I don't have to go back there for years and years. I now think it's time to ceremoniously burn my permit and old CO photo ID.
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Dear Universe,

Please, just once, could you cut me some slack? As much as I enjoy continuing to go to the DMV and not being able to take a test for one stupid reason or another, I would really appreciate if you would stop taking monster diarrhea on me every day. I would just like to get my license so that I can get this stupid crap over with. Also, can you please explain to me how the driving instructor is perfectly okay with a huge crack in the windshield, but the fact that the third brake light is out, the one that I never look at when I'm driving behind somebody, the one I didn't even know we had until today, is reason enough for me to not be allowed to take the test. Being that we haven't been pulled over in recent history, I'm betting that most police officers don't actually care and have better things to do. That or our tint is so dark you can't see it anyway SO IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER.

With lots and lots of rage,
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Well well, what an exciting afternoon I had. Normally I get home right around 5:30, but apparently there was a big wreck on 59th, so James took a detour. We go around the interstate into the heart of Soutside Oklahoma City.

Let me tell you, I'm starting to get a better appreciation for why people on the Northside look down their noses on the Southside. I mean, I have heard rumors about the absoulte hell-hole that is the area past SW 59th street, but good God, I had absolutely no idea. You know how you see a neighborhood and there's a whole lot of coin operated laundromats, or pawn shops, or EZ-Cash loan places, and you think "wow, what a shit pile." This area has all three within blocks of each other. We basically spent the better part of a half-hour going "Oh man, I'm really glad I don't live here," "Hey, look, nobody in this neighborhood mows their lawn!" and James occasionally saying, "When I was growing up there wasn't a fence around this high school." It's shocking to me that what was once probably a really nice place to live has taken such a serious nose-dive in the 30 some odd years since he lived there/around there.

I mean, really, I complain about the crap living conditions that we have and our obnoxious neighbors, but this area makes our neighborhood look like Shangri-La. No wonder nobody wanted to carpool with me when I told them we live on the Southside.

This post will only be relevant to one person, and I live with her. You're welcome for sucking away the 5 minutes it took to read.
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So, apparently I won the Brittish Lottery. Which was held on June 1st, 2009.

It's like spam e-mail isn't even trying any more.
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Dude. Google is broken. Liz went to search for something in google, and it said under EVERY result "This site may harm your computer," and clicking on it takes you to google's standard "try a virus scan, dummy!" page.

So Liz and I think it's a virus, and I pull out my laptop. I'm getting the same error. There's also reports of it in THAILAND.

Try it yourself! It's really neat! Search for "google" on google, and it won't let you click externally. wtf, mates?

I guess they fixed it already. Good thing the internet freaked the hell out about this.
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I'm so angry, I'm updating twice in a day.

So, we were planning on going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D tonight, because Liz and I are sick. Unfortunately there are only two theatres playing it in 3D: one in downtown, and one in Moore. The Moore theatre is newer, so it's more expensive, so we decided to go downtown.

What we didn't plan on, however, is that there is an Arenacross event this evening. We could not find parking. At all.

What follows is a list of the stupidity of downtown OKC:

1. Arenacross? REALLY? wtf is wrong with this state?
2. The theatre, which has about 30 screens, shares a parking lot with Toby Keith's bar and grill and Bass Pro Shop. You'd think this lot could acommodate like... 2000 cars. You'd be wrong. It only acommodates about 300. wtf, seriously.
3. Despite the "NO EVENT PARKING" signs, people were still parking there for the stupid event. Probably. I don't know this, but I assume it, because it's not like they can actually enforce that.
4. All the pay lots were full, so was valet, because of all the STUPID REDNECKS in this state.

God... we need to leave the South...


Okay, maybe it's not arenacross. It's for a basketball game. Still, the point remains that I'm mad and the parking lot for the theatre is moronic.
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Liz has a new nicname (as if she didn't need more): Lotas.

See, we ordered a pizza from dominoes, and over the phone they ask for the name. Liz said "Liz" and José on the other line said "what?" to which Liz replied "Elizabeth Harmony."

Apparently that somehow sounds like "lotus" only José didn't know how to spell, so it's Lotas.

At least now maybe she'll be able to escape Lix. :D
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These are some of the really curious recommendations Amazon.com has offered me... Sorry they're big, I'm lazy, and life is far more difficult without photoshop. Not that I couldn't just use my work computer. So mostly I'm just lazy.

Something strange this way comes... )
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Crazy weather today. It was relatively sunny all day. Suddenly around 3 pm, it rained REALLY hard for literally 5 seconds, stopped for about 30, and rained really hard for 5 seconds again. It was surreal.

Fringe weather from the hurricane? Probably.

All my books this month aren't Jesus books. I'm genuinely excited about this. Have I mentioned lately how tired I get of designing covers for books with exactly the same premise? I guess that comes with the territory of working at a Christian company.

Anyway, one book I have is called "The Dark Side of Medicine." Tell me I'm not the only one who immediately thought "Darth Vader popping pills."

I wish Liz and my schedules weren't so crappy ships-passing-in-the-night-y. I get home right as she's leaving for work, and by the time she gets home I'm asleep. Then we have about an hour in the morning to interact. Basically we have the weekends together.

It sucks being poor.

We got a package with some of Adrian's shirts about a week ago. One of them I distinctly remember him wearing a lot. It made me hella sad.

This has been yet another disjointed journey though my daily thoughts.
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Okay, so I’ve had a bit of time to recoup from the ordeal that was Miami International Airport and I’m no longer riding the high of being on vacation. So, you know what that means: it’s time for Nathan’s update about the honeymoon (Don’t worry, it’s PG. PG-13 at worst)! Rather than actually having journaled about it ever day, I decided to just take notes so we would have more time to enjoy ourselves. But, it’s still conveniently broken up into what I’m dubbing “Day Chunks.”

Day 1 – departing Miami and sea day )

Day 2 – First full day at sea )

Day 3 – Cozumel! )

Day 4 – Another boring day at sea )

Day 5 – Grand Cayman )

Day 6 – Jamaica )

Day 7 – Yet another boring day at sea )

Day 8 – Debarking and heading home )

Day 9 – Damn, now we’re not on vacation )

That’s it. That was our grand adventure. I typed this up in a word document, and it’s about 6.5 pages, so I really don’t expect anybody to have read all of it. Just rest assured it was the best vacation I’ve ever had.
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Reasons why my job is awesome:

1. We were voted the #2 best place to work in Oklahoma for small-medium businesses.
2. Because of this, the CEO of the company decided to let everyone leave at noon.


Now, to add some "wtf-ery" to your day, this link. Top 10 Places To Not Visit.

For those too lazy/linkophobes, this puts OKC as the #4 worst place to vist. And Chernobyl is #5. And Baghdad is #10. And OKC is on this list for weather.


First off, there are WAY worse places for weather like... oh, I don't know... anywhere in the gulf coast? And it mentions blizzards and unpredictable weather. Haha... whoever wrote this artical has clearly never been to Denver. Or anywhere in the North. Secondly, who in their right mind would put a perfectly inhabitable city, with a THRIVING commerce, as a bad place to visit on the same list that contains a place STILL suffering from radiation poisoning? And as a worse place! It's just asinine.

In other news, the AI in Mario Kart Wii cheats to endless degrees. It makes me the angry.
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Hilarious work story time (I know you're excited)!

We use stock photography for most of our book covers. Until recently we were using istockphoto, but we switched to shutterstock. I like it much better. One of the neat things it has is categories. So, I was browsing through "abstract" today, looking for something inspirational for a book about communication (I can see how excited you all are), and I came across this. My first reaction was this face: 8-| and in my head going "who the crap would post a picture like that in stock photos!? SURELY that's not what I think it is!" See, there are nude shots, but they're all tasteful and don't blatantly portray the bathing suit area.

Upon further inspection into his portfolio, I found another picture which uses the same illustration, only not in silhouette form, and it's just a sleeve. Still, that's just a really REALLY unfortunate coincidence, because the actual illustrations he as are rather nifty.

I'm the design maharashi for tomorrow. What does this mean? It means I pick a project or design related article, and make my peers bow to my whims. I decided to have everyone come up with a super power and what they would do with it. I've already decided mine: amazing web-slinging powers, because I'm too lazy to go across the room to get the remote. And... y'know, it's a way cooler way to travel than by a smelly ol' car.

Attention video game nerds: start reading here, because my work life is ultra boring!

In geek news, Smash Bros Brawl released yesterday. It is everything I expected and so much more. My favorite new characters so far (I haven't unlocked Snake yet. Sadness) are Meta Knight and Pokémon Trainer. There's still a few more I have to try out, but some of the new ones are... really lame. Like Diddy Kong. He sucks. If you have a Wii, you should pick it up. It rocks hard core. I've been waiting for this game for like... 2 years. Now I have nothing left to sit on pins and needles for except Mario Kart. Which is going to be epic awesome.

So, that's like... all the interesting information in my life of late. There's a reason I don't update any more.
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I am Legend.

Okay then.

possible spoilers... )

I'm going to just have to stop watching Will Smith movies I think. Or just stop watching anything that doesn't have "indie-cred."
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So, ice storm. Our power was out from 10pm sunday until like... 3ish today.

Now it's back. We all kind of smell, and I need to shave.
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Lately Liz and I have been receiving mail that was addressed to our OLD old apartment. The one we moved out of last October. At first we just thought that these were really old credit offers and stuff, until Liz got a check today from verizon. It was the security deposit from my phone when she signed me up! And the date on the check is ... last October.

The postmark on the letter is November '06. I got something that is a thank you gift from some loan program that is a gift card that expires this month. WTF. That is SERIOUSLY the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard of a landlord doing.

So, chances are we're going to be getting a lot of mail in the next few weeks that should've been sent to us 11 FREAKING MONTHS AGO.

I'm going to go give that apartment a bad review on rent.com now. >.>

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