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After reading Karell's entry, I realized I never posted about our move from almost 3 weeks ago. Whoops.

The short version is that it sucked completely and utterly.

The long version: We went to pick up the u-haul in the morning, and that was all well and good. We did that first because we wanted to go and pick up our new couch (which, incidentally is the most comfortable couch ever). So, we got the couch, no problems. I was quite surprised that this hasn't sucked so far. Well, we were in for a rude surprise.

We got to the new place to sign the lease after dropping the u-haul off at our house. We go into the office and sit down and say, "okay, we're ready to sign the lease and move in!"

"Oh," says the girl at the front desk, "I thought you were moving in on the 8th." It was the 28th.

Cue shocked looks on Liz and Nathan. "No, we have to move in today, because our lease at our old place is up on the 31st." The ensuing hour-long phone call session finally found us with an apartment that wasn't quite ready, and had a washer and dryer. We originally planned on not getting a washer and dryer in the unit, but that was before we got knocked up, so this will actually work okay. It just sucks that we'll have to play a little more a month than we thought we had planned on, but we're still saving like $200 a month since all bills but electric are paid.

Moving out was pretty miserable, but it was a little easier since we put all the furniture in the garage over the last few months. We had originally planned on hiring movers, but decided against it to save a few bucks. Next time, we are hiring movers. No question. Especially since we'll have a toddler by that point in time. It took a lot longer to do all that, so we ended up just loading up all the furniture and a smattering of boxes that we shoved into corners and wedged under furniture. Realistically we probably could've gotten everything into the u-haul, we were just tired of hauling crap.

Moving in was pretty horrible too, because most of the furniture had to go upstairs, so we just left a lot of it downstairs for the first week. This was made all the more challenging since the entry way diverges in a corner: one way leads upstairs, and one way leads to the living room. Getting the couch in sucked since we pretty well had to Hulk-Smash it into the living room. It was even worse because the a/c didn't work in the new place, so we had to keep stopping every 10 minutes for fear of overheating. That took from like... noon to past dusk, which was annoying. Surprisingly the only casualty was a desk, but it was a cheap-ass Sauder desk, so it wasn't a really big loss. That and we had an extra desk that was just going to be a bills paying desk.

On Sunday we got the rest of the boxes and Liz cleaned the old place. Fetching stuff from the old place was pretty exciting, because I had to play "shove things into the car and hope they don't break." We had left our futon chair because Liz was certain it would fit in the car. It did, but I had to take the legs off and ride with my knees in my chest for that load.

Anyway, we're moved in, the cats and dog are adjusted, blah blah blah. We still have a metric crapton of boxes to unload, but we'll get that done eventually. It's at least livable now. For week one we had just left the mattress downstairs and shoved it out of the way during the day. Fun times indeed.
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Guess what, everybody? We got some really exciting news! We found out this weekend that not only am I not sterile, but also Liz isn't barren! Woo hoo!
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Well well, what an exciting afternoon I had. Normally I get home right around 5:30, but apparently there was a big wreck on 59th, so James took a detour. We go around the interstate into the heart of Soutside Oklahoma City.

Let me tell you, I'm starting to get a better appreciation for why people on the Northside look down their noses on the Southside. I mean, I have heard rumors about the absoulte hell-hole that is the area past SW 59th street, but good God, I had absolutely no idea. You know how you see a neighborhood and there's a whole lot of coin operated laundromats, or pawn shops, or EZ-Cash loan places, and you think "wow, what a shit pile." This area has all three within blocks of each other. We basically spent the better part of a half-hour going "Oh man, I'm really glad I don't live here," "Hey, look, nobody in this neighborhood mows their lawn!" and James occasionally saying, "When I was growing up there wasn't a fence around this high school." It's shocking to me that what was once probably a really nice place to live has taken such a serious nose-dive in the 30 some odd years since he lived there/around there.

I mean, really, I complain about the crap living conditions that we have and our obnoxious neighbors, but this area makes our neighborhood look like Shangri-La. No wonder nobody wanted to carpool with me when I told them we live on the Southside.

This post will only be relevant to one person, and I live with her. You're welcome for sucking away the 5 minutes it took to read.
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Also, there's this. Theories? Wild speculation? Pancakes?

The running theory on the internets is that it's something to do with a new Zelda game. I'm thinking that since the countdown ends in less than a week, it'll be a new trailer/announcment of some sort.
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Obama won the election. I'm pretty durn happy about it. I know there are a few folks on my friends list who voted Republican and will be aggravated/disapointed/shocked/any range of emotion, but I really do think Rudy Giuliani put it best last night (and I know I've already shared this with a couple of people, but that's because I really think it's an important sentiment to remember): No matter who won the election, after all is said and done, we all still wake up Americans.

I think that's pretty important to remember today. We're not enemies. We are citizens of the same nation, and the American people voted for the man who they thought would be best for the job. Would I be saying that if McCain won the election? Yes. I would've been the one on the disappointed side, and probably threatening to move to Canada, but like it or not he's the leader of our country.

Besides, he's only there for 8 years at most! Better luck next time. :)
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zomg Jim Gaffigan tonight.

zomg we also finally finished our MC Escher puzzle. It only took three weeks, whereas last time we attempted to put it together it took like... three months to finally concede and say "this puzzle is never going to get done."

zomg I really don't have anything important to say at all.


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