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2010-04-07 09:34 pm
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Day 15: A fanfic

I am not an avid fanfic reader. As a general rule, I subscribe to the "if it didn't happen in the original source material, it didn't happen" line of fiction enjoyment. I know there are some good fics out there, but I just haven't bothered to try to find them, because in general the focus is slash/yaoi/yuri/other things that break my brain, and are 99% terribly written. Suffice it to say, I'm not an aficionado. However, one fic stands out above the rest in sheer, unbearable, literary (using the term VERY loosely here) torture.

Chocobo Nights. *thunder crash*

To call this fic criminally insane is an insult to the criminally insane. Unfortunately (possibly fortunately, depending on how you feel) the only copy of this fic is pasted on a review board that gives a rather accurate summary before the fic proper actually begins, and has commentary sprinkled throughout. It's screwball, vulgar, poorly written, doesn't follow the original story-arc AT ALL, and overall extremely vexing. And, best of all, bestiality!

Fair warning: If you read this, and your brain melts out of your head, you only have yourself to blame. I did warn you. Although the commentary herein does make it a LOT more tolerable.