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So, ice storm. Our power was out from 10pm sunday until like... 3ish today.

Now it's back. We all kind of smell, and I need to shave.
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It's so seriously bizarre to actually be able to see properly. Apparently the glasses I had (which were about three years old) were 1.5 points too weak in one eye and 2.5 points too weak in the other. No wonder I couldn't see shit.

In the words of Brian Regan, how could instantly improve vision not be at the top of your list?

By the way, my eyes are really awful. My left eye is like... 20/350 and my right is 20/500. Holy shit. It's a wonder I can see my own willie when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Which I can't.
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Yes, it's time once again for Nathan's Adventures in Public Transportation!

So, I'm riding the light rail home, and everything is going as normal. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there's a crashing sound! Everybody's like "WTF mate?" The driver gets out to inspect. At first it seemed like we had hit a car at the crossing. Police, fire trucks, and ambulances all showed up. Further investigation was posed.

What turns out happened is this guy in a truck SLAMMED into the guard arm at one of the crossings, thusly bending said arm and smashing it into the train. Apparently the guy was really hurt. As it turns out, this guy has been on the loose for awhile doing similar things: running into vehicles, trains, etc. Only this time he wasn't as lucky to get away from it, because, as I said, he was really banged up. As far as I understand it, he's going to the hospital, and once he makes a recovery he's off to jail.

What a fun city we live in.
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Holy crap, this kitty at the dumb friends league looks JUST like Odin!


Not Odin

=O Want!

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