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Jul. 1st, 2010 10:38 pm
leujin: (Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?))
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I feel a little apologetic that I'm breaking the seemingly interminable silence with a rant, but this is just something that I really felt that I needed to get off my chest.

Let me just start by stating the following facts: I am a registered Democrat. This being the case, I don't blindly vote Democrat just because they are "my party." I voted for Obama because I really felt he would do the best job in the office of President.

That being said, can we please stop with the Obama = Hitler comparissons? It's getting tired. There are plenty of better ways to express your disapproval with the man. Yes, Obama is a great orater and a very intelligent man, and so was Hitler. That really doesn't give enough merrit to comparing the leader of our country with one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, villains in history. I get that the point of this argument is to say that just because a person is bright and well-spoken does not necessarily make him a good leader, but there are better ways of making this point. Einstein was also a vastly intelligent man with incredible public speaking skills, and I wouldn't have wanted him running the country (not that he could have, being foreign born. I digress...) Obama hasn't imprissoned perfectly innocent people just because he didn't like them, nor has he thrown anybody into a chemical shower and then dumped the corpse into a pile with his commrades (as far as I know).

This is not meant to be a Republican bashing party or a Democrat praising party, I just think there are better ways to make your point. Don't agree with his policies? Fine. Tell me you don't agree with his policies. Don't like the way he's handling the oil spill? By all means, express your distaste. Hate the way he's handling the situation overseas, both inheritted problems and freshly created ones? Climb up on the soap box with me, brothers and sisters. However, once you start drawing comparissons where there are BARELY those to be had, that becomes rather irksome.

I'm also well aware that this isn't a purely current-regime trend. There have been plenty of people that have compared Bush to Hitler, and I think it's just as disgusting. Neither one of these men are the cartoonish megolomaniacs that Hitler was, they're just doing (or did) what they feel is best for the country. Granted, I didn't agree with almost everything that Bush did, but he still wasn't Hitler-class evil. Really, if we want to start comparing people in American history to Hitler, we should probably start with those that wiped out entire tribes of Native Americans with small pox blankets.

At the end of the day, it's a free country, and one of our inaliable rights as Americans is that of the freedom of speech, so I really can't get out there and say "You can't say this because it's wrong!" Hell, you who are reading this may completely disagree with every last word that you've read, and as an American it is your God given right to tell me stick it whe the sun don't shine. My opinion: it's an ill-conceived comparisson. If I'm having a debate with somebody about the current political climate (which, honestly, is not bound to happen that often with me since I generally don't like stepping on people's toes. Plus I'm a terrible public speaker) and this point gets thrown in there, I'm automatically going to revile your opinion and seriously question if you might have some manner of brain hemhorraging going on in that mushy pumpkin you call a head.

To summarize, until Obama becomes a mass-murdering fuck head bent on world domination, let's leave Der Fuhrer out of all arguments, m'kay?

That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.
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