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So we had a bit of a scare today regarding the baby. Liz went into the doctor for her regular check-up, and they check basic things like weight, blood pressure, etc. Apparently the doctor found that she had an unusual weight spike as well as high blood pressure, and basically made her go to the hospital immediately. Basically these things are the early signs of preeclampsia. Basically it's a disorder that about 5% of women experience which can be dangerous and potentially fatal to both mom and baby. It can be treated with medicine, but the only way to make it go away for sure is to deliver the baby.

Cue me freaking out. I'm about as ready as I can be for parenthood, but I didn't want Liz to have to deliver the baby early and potentially find herself and the baby with even more complications, but from the sounds of it that's the best solution. From what I read they won't actually induce until 37 weeks, and Liz is right now at 34.

So I went home, paced and wigged, and her mom called because she was going to come pick me up. My first thought was that we probably wouldn't need to go, because as soon as we got there we'd hear from Liz that everything was fine and we could all go home. Liz's mom convinced me otherwise, and off we went to the hospital.

Sure enough, as we were looking for a parking spot, Liz called and said, basically, "Okay, they're releasing me because everything's fine." The doctors couldn't find anything unusual, and they did a urine sample and didn't find any excess proteins (which is another sign of preeclampsia). Basically it was just a fluke that she had both high blood pressure and a weight spike (she said that one of the doctors mentioned it could be because her legs are swollen) at the same time. She's at the point in the pregnancy now that she'll be going in once a week to the doctor anyway, so they'll be able to monitor her and make sure she doesn't go wrong.

To summarize, everything's okay, but man that was nerve-wracking.
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And now it's time for another edition of photo theatre, with your narrator: Nathan.

Bear's Birthday Bash! )

Thank you, and goodnight.
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Nathan and Liz have given up swearing for Lent. How will this shocking story unfold?! More at 11.

So uh, yeah, anyway. That's interesting and stuff. We have a swear jar plastic cup. It had $2.50 before Ash Wednesday was over. Now it has like... $4.00 or so. So we're improving! It would be more challenging if we were going with "things you can't say in front of grandma," but our cut off is like... crap, and screw. Mostly it's the big ones we're avoiding.

In other news, I'm really excited about this thing we're doing at work. We're being challenged to make a movie poster that retells a classic fairytale. Basically it's just something to excite the creative neurons. The first thing that I thought was to make Little Red Riding Hood as a werewolf movie. It will be called Red. I have a billion ideas for it already. I'll have to post it when it's done. "This Summer... You'll see Red." I win at life.

Also, I'm doing one cover design this month. Because the author specifically requested to work with me based on this book cover, so that will be exciting. The book is medieval in nature, so it should be crazy easy to give her something she'll like that is similar to that one.

Also also, Liz's dad's book entered cover design this month. He apparently submitted an idea for the design. It is hilariously bad. Liz described it to me, but I had no idea just how bad it is. I wish I had grabbed the picture, because the words won't effectively describe it. Basically it's a monster in a business meeting, holding what looks like a giant Nintendo DS, and one the screens is a stick drawing of a monster burning a man. And his book is about... well, basically it's how he would run things if he were in charge. I think it needs the subtitle "Ravings of a Madman."

I really have nothing else exciting to talk about. Other than Liz has a job now. It sounds horrible, but a paycheck is a paycheck. Hopefully we'll be able to keep Sallie Mae at bay for a few months now.


Mallory so generously sent me the picture of Liz's dad's book. Here it is:

She also reminded me that I designed a book cover for her. I HOEP U LIEK IT!!11
A back story: Mallory told me to give her a cat. So I drew her this cat. His name is Opie, because he's wall-eyed and reminds me of the character from Family Guy. Yeah, it's not really that funny.
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Hey, it's weird dream time! This time it is two-fold. I know it's been awhile, but hey, these things take time... apparently.

Dream the First

So I get a scholarship to some prestigious school (it's a lot like Hogwarts, in fact), and I'm really excited about it. I'm there for a week and all these crazy things keep happening that almost kill me, but something/someone saves me at the last moment. At some point I realize that I am, in fact, being hunted. So this is when I start trying to escape. Here's where you have to remember I'm in a giant mansion type building, so there are several hundred rooms, and I've only been here for a week. So, I'm going from room to room, trying to find an exit. I think I've found something and a dozen guys spring up and try to shoot me. I duck behind something and run to another room (One of these instances involves me diving behind a pane of glass. wtf)

So I find a room and think "for sure this is an exit," but once again guys spring up. I am, in fact, on a platform above another room, this platform encircling the room so there is a big hole in the middle. I dive through the hole and someone shouts "he's headed into the service tunnels!" or something like that. I'm running around frantically trying to find an exit. I find what I think is an exit, but it's showers. I find an elevator, but as soon as I get there the leader-lady pops out and is like "At last I've caught you! You were one of the most difficult prey." To which I respond "You haven't caught me yet!" at which point I notice a window, dive out it, and drop about 10 stories into a swamp. I swim out, covered in gook, and run away.

Suddenly a group of bears start to chase me. I take a closer look and realize that they're dogs. I climb a tree thinking "Aha! DOGS can't climb trees!" so I'm at the top of the tree, the dogs barking at me, trying to get me, when a lady (who looked suspiciously like Danielle Rousseau from Lost) calls them off and says "Sorry my dog-bears chased you." I'm freaked out and say "Help me! I need to get out of this place!" She says something to the effect of "Oh, yeah, you're not the first person I've had to rescue from this hunting area." She puts me in her Jeep, and we drive away. I noticed that the school was overlooking a cliff on the otherside, but that didn't end up being important in the context of the dream.

Dream the Second

This one is a bit more PG-13, as a fair warning to everyone. Also, I entirely blame Liz for the context.

In this dream, Liz was Buffy and I was Spike (understand now why I blame Liz?) We had just gotten married and were trying to take our honeymoon. This involved getting on a train. We get on at our stop and are about to copulate, when a bunch of people run up and say "Buffy! Spike! You have to help us! DEMONS!!" and much flailing ensued by them and Buffy/Liz sighed as only Liz would do (arms akimbo and all) and said "I can never stop working." So she slays the demons and we get to the next stop and she says "Wait, we already slayed these demons!" and the train conductor says "Well, they're back!" So we slay them again and get on our merry way again, trying to copulate, but people keep interrupting. There was also something in there about going back in time using the time machine from Back to the Future, but I justify it by saying it was destroyed, and Marty McFly shows up and says "well, not EXACTLY..." and we find another one. It was really weird.

(If ever there were a more appropriate time to use my "Great Scott!" icon...)

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