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I'm feeling pretty smug right now:

Roughly a year ago, my mom found a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. She found this significant, because I used to have such a thing when I was young (3 or 4 years old). Something about it just didn't look right to me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but this just didn't feel like it was my childhood toy. Maybe it was the nose or the sweater, but something just felt odd. Regardless, she convinced me to take the toy as it would be a good thing to pass on to our daughter.

Cut to this evening, and Liz and I were rearranging furniture and going through boxes in the second bedroom. In the middle of the floor is a pile of stuffed animals. Atop that pile is old Pooh Bear. I picked up the doll and thought to myself, "I still don't think this was mine." I checked the tag looking for a copyright date. There is a copyright, but no date. I heaved a sigh of defeat. However, I spotted something amiss: at the bottom of the tag was printed "disneystore.com."

Let me reitterate: I had this toy when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I was born in 1985. The internet wasn't a household word until the mid-90s, first of all; that alone is enough evidence to refute my mother's claim. Further evidence, however, lies in the fact that disneystore.com wasn't launched until 2007. She says that it was in a pile of Adrian's stuffed animals, and she doesn't remember anybody giving him one. Somebody must have, because this is not my toy.

As an aside, I do still plan on keeping it, since there is mild nostalgia there, and it's a worthwhile toy to pass on to our daughter.

Case: closed. Mom: owned.
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I should really not be allowed to play with fire.

This is probably not new information to... all of you reading this.

See, one of my books is about a guys plantation getting burned down by General Sherman in the Civil War. One of my peers had the brilliant idea to cut a house out of construction paper and set it on fire. I had to contain my excitement at the prospect of this idea.

So I finally got around to doing it today. It went... okay. The first house got the biggest flame, but it burned too fast to get any decent pictures, and the rest I got a bunch of good pictures but the flame wasn't very big. It was disappointing.

Anyway, after I did the first house, I decided I should burn the excess (read: I'm a crazy pyromaniac). It got ... a LITTLE out of control.

At this point I should mention that I was doing this in the grassy area of our backyard. And I wasn't wearing shoes.

It wasn't actually all that bad, the construction paper just burned faster and harder than I thought it would. I didn't want to set the house on fire, so I was like "oh shi--!", picked up the STILL BURNING piece of paper, and took it to an area where it could burn out safely (i.e. the concrete back porch). I singed my hand a bit.

I put on shoes after that.

Still, this goes right up there on the chart of "awesome but wholy stupid things I've done with fire" with the botched portfolio project (rubber cement burns AWESOME) and the box of 400 matches.

Seriously, I don't know how Liz trusts me in the house alone, let alone when I am playing with fire. >.>
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Wow, so after almost a week of head scratchingly baffling internet conundrums, I finally got our computers networked. I was able to get the computers to see each other, but for some reason I couldn't get my computer online at the same time as Liz's.

My first instinct was to use the router, because I knew last time we had cable we had to go out and buy a router, but with qwest we were using my switch. However, with the router plugged in, it wasn't working on either computer, but with the switch I got it to work on Liz's! Anyway, I ended up going through various ideas, such as manually configuring my IP and resetting my ethernet card, to no avail.

Long story short: Suddenly inspiration struck me, and I tried the router again.

Then I felt like an idiot. It's amazing how the simplest solutions are the often overlooked ones, which is why IT guys usually go to "is it plugged in?" Well, thankfully that wasn't the problem, but it was equally asinine: I needed to power cycle the modem with both computers plugged into the router.


I know I had power cycled the modem before, but I guess I hadn't done it with both computers plugged in. Needless to say, I feel really dumb.

Oh well. Mogget is now officially back online. Rejoice!
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You know what would absolutely rock? If Bill Richardson was actually the Democratic candidate for '08. I would actually WANT to vote for him, rather than settling on the lesser of two evils. I'll grant you Obama isn't too bad a choice either, and Hilary is probably one of the greatest political minds I've ever seen, but it would be awesome if New Mexico actually had something to be proud of. Richardson is basically why New Mexico doesn't completely suck.

So, in other news, I almost fell down the stairs walking to work today. It was really embarrassing. Fortunately I caught myself, otherwise I would have toppled into the guy walking ahead of me, and that would have been really terrible.

I managed to only design one site today. That sucks a lot, considering I average 4 in an afternoon. I also had to reprint and staple something twice, which really sucks, because stapling is basically the ONLY thing in our office that isn't automated. And ... yeah. Doing it 50 times is no darn fun.

I also love Ben Folds.

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