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Jul. 1st, 2010 10:38 pm
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I feel a little apologetic that I'm breaking the seemingly interminable silence with a rant, but this is just something that I really felt that I needed to get off my chest.

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That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.
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Dear Game Developers across the world,

We need to have a serious discussion. Let me start of by saying I'm not mad, I'm just a little disappointed in you. I thought better of you. However, you need to understand that 99.99% of you are not Rockstar Games, and as such are not the progenitors of the Grand Theft Auto series, so for the love of GOD, stop trying to replicate it. I don't enjoy sitting down to play a new game enjoying great reviews only to find out, oh, look, there's crappy tacked on sandbox game play. I understand that it's a great series and you're only trying to piggyback on its success, and it's nice that you want to be included. But, really, just rely on your own creativity.

If I'm sitting down to play a game in which I play a bad-ass assassin with a beam sword who wants to kill the other assassins to become the top assassin, I want to be killing things with my beam sword and enjoying the cheesy dialog that seems like it was poorly translated from Japanese, but in reality is just poorly written. Not driving around a city in a crap-bag motor bike that steers like a sausage with wheels. I really don't enjoy what would otherwise be a pleasant gaming experience being sullied by game mechanics you don't need and don't fully comprehend. If you're having trouble padding out the game play to give it that cherry-zone of 20-40 hours of game play, just add in more senseless killing. Enough with the driving, already.

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Because I know you all love it when I rant, here's my opinion about the goings on with Conan O'Brien.

In case you haven't heard, apparently NBC has decided to move Jay Leno back to 11:30. Why? Because his ratings are in the toilet (which, according to NBC "is exactly what we were expecting," which, according to me, "is total BS."), which are causing the local news ratings to be low, which, in turn, causes the ratings for the Tonight Show to be low. Maybe it's just me, but the obvious solution here seems to be to remove the blood sucking leech, but apparently NBC thinks it's better to move it closer to the heart.

Now then, you should've been able to deduce my opinion about the situation by now, but just in case you can't: it pisses me off. Conan is really funny, and his comedy is smart. Leno, on the other hand, has been doing the same shtick for the last 17 years, and frankly it's getting old. Conan keeps his jokes contemporary, whereas Leno is still hawking headlines. With the internet, we get our fair share of news fails ( and jump immediately to the forefront of my mind).

Anyway, as it stands now, NBC is giving Conan the choice of moving to midnight, thus giving Leno only a half hour, or allowing him to jump ship. Again, this seems foolish, because it would make a whole lot more sense to truncate Leno's show and keep him in the same time slot rather than shuffling his dopey, big-headed, flat-falling jokes, thus inconveniencing the rest of NBC's employees. That way, when his show inevitably fails, nobody else is affected. As the tabloids tell us, Conan is really pissed about all this, and frankly I don't blame him. He's being completely jerked around.

What's my opinion? I think Conan should move to another station. Seriously. I think the only reason NBC is doing this is because they're currently 5th, and they're trying to find somebody to blame for their crappy ratings. Maybe it's things like this that are making people think twice about their choice in television. Fox apparently already has stated they would be interested in bringing him over there, but there's a whole mess of red tape they would have to slog through.

Links below if you're interested. Apparently Conan will be discussing the rumors on tonight's program, so hopefully we'll find out once and for all where he stands.
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Dear Brain,

Just because Liz gets logged off of the computer does not mean that our house has been broken into again. The chances of it happening again are very slim, considering you have more neighbors and you learned your lesson about leaving big boxes outside. Stop worrying, you freaking lunatic.

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I hate that I have nothing important to say. It seems like communication is a dying art form. I know it's not just me that feels this way. I mean, is it sad to think that I, as a person who was raised with computers, is starting to think that people don't communicate effectively any more? I can remember when my mom would tell me that I should write letters rather than send e-mails, and it's to a point where now I think people should send e-mails rather than text message. It's a crude form of communication to say the least. Just think about all the time you could save by simply picking up the phone and calling somebody. It drives me crazy that cell phones are just so... in your face. It really is to a point where some people probably wouldn't know what to do without them.

So, I don't know that this really had a point other than to say I think it's sad that I feel like I have nothing to say even though I do things on a pretty daily basis that are worth noting. It just doesn't seem like it's important any more, because not only does nobody talk, but nobody reads either.

I've also realized that I've abandoned all forms of traditional art that I used to be so adamant about. I think the last thing I drew (other than Transplant, which was in like... November) was a picture of Odin, and that was several years ago. In my first apartment in Denver. I really need to pick up my sketchbook again and just draw. I feel like I've probably lost the artistic edge I used to have.

There is no train of thought to this entry. I should stop before I go off on another tangent. I think I'm just in a weird mood because I'm all loagy from dinner.
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You know what's really frustrating? Customer service. Especially when your cancelling something you didn't want in the first place because Capital One is sneaky (as an aside, don't get a Capital One credit card. They call once a week offering some new stupid thing we don't need).

Seriously, I just got off the phone with one the aforementioned stupid things I don't need. I knew it wouldn't be painless. They usually say "well, we can offer you this reduced rate!" and you counter with "I really don't want the service, thank you. Please cancel," and that's the end of it.

Not this guy. We countered no less than 4 times with him offering a reduced rate and me saying "no, just cancel it."

I literally said "Please just cancel the service and don't offer me anything more. I don't want the service. I understand what it offers but I do not want it." He STILL offered me a reduced rate.

I understand that they're just doing their jobs, but when somebody says "cancel it and don't offer me anything else" that should be a hint that they aren't budging.

From now on when I cancel something like this I'm just going to lead with "I want to cancel and I really don't care what you have to offer me, because the truth is I got swindled into this service, and it's something I never wanted in the first place."

Evil credit card companies.
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I thought of something important to say.

This came up on the radio this morning, when a woman (I can't remember who. Some wacky republican lady) was making a big issue about the fact that Obama's middle name is "Hussein." Seriously? Why is this an issue? Oh, right. Because it's not. I really don't even get this whole mud-slinging concept of campaigning for any political office. If we just focused on the issues rather than resorting to "HE was convicted of a DUI when he was in college. Do you want HIM running your country?!" this whole election process would be a lot less infuriating.

I don't care if you're a democrat or a republican or what have you, the fact of the matter is you need to NOT get caught up in the BS of it all and just look at the issues. Then make an intelegent, informed decisson. I've always said (well, as long as the internet has been a prominent feature in the world) that politicians should only be allowed to advertise for themselves on their websites. That would greatly reduce the nonsense, I'm sure.

Also: vote. It's not that hard, I promise.
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Things of note of the past week:

There was the ice storm, obviously, that apparently still has a number of people without power. But it's down considerably from 500,000, which is good.

The Christmas party on Wednesday, at which I won an ihome but also $415 just for sitting there. Okay, not really. Our team leader picked the key that freed Santa, so we split $2500 amongst 6 people.

I also got a fat (and phat) Christmas bonus of $300 on Wednesday.

Got paid on Friday.

Got my first set of covers approved for author review. Once they make that cut, I'm going to post them on my website and possibly deviantart.

Carla came into town yesterday. Have I mentioned lately that she's one of my least favorite people? She has a negative attitude about EVERYTHING. It didn't take her 24 hours to start cleaning our house and telling us what we're doing wrong and bitching at everybody for no good reason other than just to be bitchy. She has everybody walking on eggshells and is just this HUGE catalyst and ends up making us all yell at each other for stupid things like vacuuming at the wrong time or something. We're seriously considering getting a hotel just so we don't have to be around her anymore.

She's freaking out about the fact that we don't have any Christmas decorations, and she made us run around OKC looking for a tree, when we had one in the attic, we just couldn't find it. I knew it was in there, and I actually found it a bit ago, so maybe that will ease some tension.

Really, if it were up to us, she wouldn't be allowed to stay at our house, but since this is Liz's mom's house, too, we don't have a choice. However, once she moves out, Carla isn't allowed here. Ever.

That's all from this front. How's everything with you?
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Boulder Students Protest 'Under God' In Pledge of Allegiance

Leave it to Boulder to do something outrageous like that.

I personally am of the opinion that if they really don't like the pledge of allegiance and the fact that it references God, then you don't bloody well have to say it. It even says in the article that it is an option, it is only presented as a choice. There's no law saying you have to recite the pledge of allegiance. There's no law that says you even have to stand up while it's being read.

Frankly, these students are just dicking themselves. They're the ones who are walking out on classes, and the only ones who are going to be negatively impacted by this are going to be them, because they're likely to miss the first minute of a lecture because they choose to leave class! It's idiotic to walk out of a class because you don't like the pledge. It's not about God, it's about allegiance to the country. The phrase 'Under God' is only even in there because everybody who founded this country believed in God!

Like it or not, our country was founded by Christianity. This is something that dates back 200+ years and it's not going to change because a group of uppity know-it-alls have nothing better do than to protest things for the sake of causing an uproar. It's not that big a deal. You can just plug your ears, or listen to your iPod while the pledge is going. Just because you personally don't believe in God or one God doesn't mean that the majority should have to change.

I'm sick and fucking tired of things being changed because the minority is upset, and we're trapped in an age where everybody has to be right and nobody can be offended. We're all too worried about stepping on toes to even worry about bigger problems!

So, I'd like to hear some feedback on this one. I want to know where the people who read this blog stand.

You, specifically, I want to hear your opinion.

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